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Письма 2003

Назад в Главное Меню
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January 22nd 2002

March 18th 2003

(March 14th 2003) Greetings one and all! I’ve returned back from the brink of insanity bringing good cheer! I haven’t been writing for the last while because there wasn’t anything to write about really! We hadn’t been doing much up until about a month ago when we returned to the old rehearsal room to work on some songs we had been fiddling about with on the road.

We are currently in the studio working on those very songs and I am over the moon with how they are shaping up. We have ended up with about seven songs, which are close to finished, and we’ve only been in the studio for two weeks! We have decided to put the touring on hold for a while to concentrate on recording which by and large is a good idea as I believe if we had continued on the road we would have burned ourselves out again. The Rolling Stones shows in June are still happening though, as well as a few warm-up shows, (there’s one confirmed in Bolzano, Italy and one or two more to be confirmed soon) and that will be a refreshing little jaunt, and then we will be back into the studio if there is more recording to be done. In the mean time the plan is to continue writing new songs and recording them when they are relatively together. The results so far are really impressive and I think the band are doing exactly what we need to do, in that the new material is quite different from anything we have done before but still recognisable as The Cranberries.

Everyone in the band is in fantastic spirits and feeling the most positive for a long time. I had been really down when we returned home after the tour as I found it difficult to switch off, and then my youngest son got sick with glaucoma and has been getting a number of operations, so I’m afraid it was all getting on top of me, but thankfully his right eye is now fixed and his left is on the way to recovery. This recording session has definitely helped take my mind off things and what is the point in worrying as it doesn’t actually serve any purpose only to waste your energy, so lately I’ve been looking at the glass as half full and I’m glad to say it’s been working. Yes it’s true, we are human beings with real-life problems just like anyone else!!

It’s now Friday and the last day of recording, so we will be going home soon. We will be back writing soon and I’ll let you know how things are going.

Take care,


April 09th 2003

Hey there,

I am in our office at the moment waiting for the Hogan brothers to arrive for rehearsal so I said I’d write a bit of news, although I can anticipate that it won’t be much as there isn’t too much going on at the moment!

We are currently working on new songs with a view to going back into the studio in May to do some more recording. Dolores is on her way back from London today where she was working on some tracks that she feels would be more suited to using as movie soundtrack material rather than Cranberries material. She said it’s very moody / atmospheric stuff with mostly piano and vocal so I’m looking forward to hearing it. It’s healthy to do things like that outside of the band as it eliminates the feeling of being ‘trapped’.

We did a couple of songs acoustically at the launch of the Hot-Press yearbook in Dublin a few weeks ago. It went well although on the night the other bands played with a full electric set-up so I’m sure we sounded very mellow when we played. The songs we played were ‘Chocolate Brown’, ‘Dying In The Sun’ and ‘Linger’, all pretty mellow songs but there you go, it was good.

We’ll be starting rehearsals for the summer gigs soon, they should be a right laugh, and not too much pressure as most of them are with the ‘Stones.

And finally for any drummers / percussionists reading, I bought a Roland TD-10 V-drum module which I’m using with both Roland and Pintech pads and it’s working out really well. I’ve always wanted to get into that side of things but was a little intimidated by the technology, but now that I’ve sat down and got into it, it’s actually quite easy to work so it basically opens up a whole new set of options i.e. you have hundreds of drumkits at your fingertips! So off you go to your local music store for a demo, believe me you’ll have hours of endless fun!

That’s all for now,

Take care,



May 15th 2003

Hello there!

We are in our studio today rehearsing for the upcoming tour. The songs are all sounding surprisingly tight even though we haven’t played them for four or five months. We also have been working on new songs and hope to do some more recording in August.

I’m off to a concert in Dublin on Saturday to see “Radiohead”. They are playing in a venue called “The Olympia”, which is about a 2000 capacity. I’ve never seen them play indoors, and even though I’ve seen them play five or six times, I’m really looking forward to it as I’m a massive fan. I haven’t seen a gig since December (where I went to see “Aqualung” & Limerick band “Woodstar”) and that was before we played, so you can’t really appreciate those gigs fully because you’re not really focused, as your thoughts are on playing your own gig. But I shall be consuming the Guinness and be totally focused, albeit with a hand over one eye!!

Oh, I saw a preview for the Matrix Reloaded the other day and it looks mind-blowing. I’ve been reading lots of articles about it so I’ll have to book a babysitter for some night next week. The technology is absolutely incredible, but what I like most about it is the hidden philosophy and the little things that make you think, even after the movie has finished. A work of genius!

No other exciting news I’m afraid, but I?ll let you know how the gig went!

Take Care,



June 26th 2003

Hey, how’s it going?

We are home again after our quick flash through parts of Europe and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! Our own shows were great and we even got to try out a couple of new songs. It was brilliant to play in Belfast again, as we hadn’t been there for so long. Bolzano was great as well, it was our first time there and the audience were really receptive.

We have never been on a tour the size of the ‘Stones one and it was seriously exciting and at times, awe inspiring even! The stage and the behind-the-scenes production were an incredible sight to behold. It was like moving an entire village from city to city. We were treated really well and we met the band themselves a few times. I think I was star-struck for the first time ever, although when you relax and just chat normally, that feeling vanishes.

We also met AC/DC who played the show in Oberhausen. Brian Johnson (the singer) got on really well with Dolores and they even discussed the possibility of working together in the future. They (AC/DC) were incredible live, very powerful and seriously talented players. It’s really encouraging to see the experience of these two bands, who have been doing this for a lot longer than we’ve even been alive!! (almost). I would love to still be at it at that stage of my life. We are in our rehearsal rooms today working on new material, and we head off to Killarney to play an outdoor festival there tomorrow evening. The Counting Crows and New York singer / songwriter Jesse Malin are also on the bill. It should be good fun as we did a tour with Counting Crows a few years back. As ever, with shows on “the auld sod” (that’s Ireland to all you foreigners) we all have lots of family and friends going down for the night, so needless to say there will be mighty festivities afterwards. It’s also the last live gig this year as we will be off on holidays for July and then recording for the remaining part of this year.

That’s it for now,

Take care,


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