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Письма 2001

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January 25th 2001


This is the spirit of Fergal!. I’m speaking from beyond the grave…..ooooohhhhhhhhwwwwww!!!!

Actually I’m still alive, albeit a bit embarrassed by the length of time it’s been since I’ve written anything! But to be honest there hasn’t been much going on, so I’m just going to invent a load of bullshit!!!!

Hold on, I’ve remembered something! None of the Cranberries ever did anything musically with Ramstein. We’ve been hearing loads of stories about Ramstein and us but it’s a mystery to us! What else? Hmmm. We didn’t release a Greatest Hits album in Turkey, or in any of the other wonderful countries of this glorious sphere on which we live. I reckon it’s a bootleg, so drop us a line to tell us if it’s any good.

We have been writing away in our rehearsal room and we have the bones of six or seven songs plus a few rough bits and pieces, which could possibly become songs; we’ll have to wait and see.

Dolores is still hanging in there, she is due in a couple of weeks. All is well and there will be much excitement, by the way we’re taking bets, Boy or Girl??? You’ll hear it first here….. (probably).

A while ago I mentioned that we would be having our song “Analyze” in the soundtrack of the movie “Sweet November” – (Cherlize Theron/Keanu Reeves ). Unfortunately this is not happening due to the timing of the release of our new studio album, scheduled for October 2001. Many factors go into this process, the record company, the film company, the director, the evolution of the soundtrack. In this case, we (the band) gave approval, but the record company wanted to wait for a film closer to the time of release of the new album.

As you know the new look website will be ready soon. However, keep sending us your ideas on what you want to see on the site. We would also like to know what type of merchandise we should make available from our site. We will also be adding a guestbook for information and mailing lists.

One last thing,…unfortunately one of our computers holding precious email from some of you out there had a bad break down and some unanswered email was lost forever! We know that some people are awaiting a response. Please email us AGAIN if you haven’t heard from us!

Oh, also..The “Bury The Hatchet-Complete Sessions” album will go on domestic release in the USA from March this year. The listed price for you US folks will be $19.95. As you may know, this album has only been available there as an import, selling for a higher price.

That’s about it then, talk to ya later,



March 7th 2001

Taaa Daaaah. Here it is . Our brand-new site!!!!!

We hope you find lot’s of new stuff to “experience” on your journey through “Cranberry-land”. We will be adding more and more on a regular basis, running more competitions, rooting beneath our beds for old tour programes, itineraries and other bits & bobs. If you have any suggestions please feel free to e-mail us, we would greatly appreciate your input!

Now, the official bit over with, let’s get down to the fun stuff. As you’ve heard there was another arrival to the Cranberries camp in the form of Molly. I was out to visit a few days ago and both mother and baby are “flying it”, very happy and healthy! We finished up rehearsal about two weeks ago, for a couple of months. We will resume, a few weeks before we go back into the studio in April just to polish up the new songs and I can’t wait. I get restless when we have too much time off!! Although, I’m not bitching, the holiday will stand to me when we’re halfway through a tour.

Anyway enjoy the new site and I’ll write soon.

Take it easy,

- Fergal.


April 9th 2001

Hi it’s me again.

We are back rehearsing (thank God!). I was starting to get a bit demented. Noel came back from London on Monday. He is delighted with himself (as is to be expected) although the sleepless nights are starting to kick in!! It’s definitely worth it though.

I went to see “The Stereo MC’s” playing in Limerick last week, what a gig, they were fantastic. It was their second gig in seven years (the first being the previous night in Galway) although going by their performance you wouldn’t suspect it. Well worth checking out if you are in the mood for a good boogie!!

We’ve been looking through your e-mails and a few people were asking for advice on what to do with their demo tapes. The best advice we can give is to search the net for the names of the “A&R” people of the various record companies around the world (not just in your own country) and send them your tape (or cd), making sure to put the song you think is best at the beginning of the tape. Also send a photo taken by a professional (if you can) and an information sheet with contact phone numbers. You should send the same to managers of bands that you like. You can also try sending your demos to music magazines and newspapers. Another idea might be to try and get gigs opening up for bands that are coming through your local city or town. In this case the promoter would be the person to contact. That’s about all I can think of.

If anything else pops up I’ll let you know. Thanks for your continued interest.
All the best!

- Fergal.


May 1st 2001

Hey there how’s it going?

We are back in Dublin recording the second half of the Album. We have most of the songs completed, there are just a few bits of backing vocal and percussion to be done before we start mixing. We ended up recording seven songs and yesterday we did a cover of an Elvis number called “In The Ghetto”. They all turned out better than we were expecting, and to be honest I’m blown away (goosebump-city), although now we have the awkward situation of having to choose which songs go on and which stay off the record. Not an easy decision!!

It’s been great working with Steve again, everyone has been in great spirits and really positive, which makes recording go so much smoother.So, it’s off to London next week to mix and then we have to decide which songs are going to be singles and start choosing video directors! The album is still scheduled to come out in October this year!

We are going to be doing a promotional tour until Christmas 2001. Things like TV appearances, radio and magazine interviews etc. And Next January (2002) it’s gig-central (touring) for a year and a half!! Yee haw!

Alrighty then, I’ll bid you farewell!

See yuh later,

- Fergal.


June 25th 2001

Hello there!

This is Mike here in Ferg’s corner! (I think this is my first ever contribution to the website!) I just got a home computer, and I am still checking it out and trying to teach myself what this email and website stuff is all about! I must say, it’s a handy way of getting information fast and when you want it! (when you can find it, that is!)

So, I am going to test the email and send this to the Webmaster to put up on our site. Here’s some news:

We are going to London this week to shoot the video for “Analyse” (which you know will be the first single from “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”). The Director will be Kier McFarlane, who has worked with artists like Tom Petty and Janet Jackson. In 1993, the video for Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” won the MTV Video Music Award for “Best Male Video”. Shooting starts on Thursday the 28th of June.

Well, that’s it really! Everyone is in great form, and really looking forward to the release of the new album and also getting back on the road touring and gigging! I can’t wait!

Oh, by the way, you may or not have heard that I am going to be a dad soon! We are expecting in October!

Good luck!



July 19th 2001

Hello again!

Yes, I know, it has been AGES since I last wrote, even Mike added a bit since! (Thanks Mike!) Apologies to you all, I have just been really busy with the preparation for the upcoming album, promotional tour, and all that goes with it!

As you know, the video shoot got delayed, and will now take place on August 3rd and 4th. After that we are off to North America to do various promotional appearances around the USA and Canada for the rest of the month of August, more details on exactly when and where later, but I can say that we will be in Los Angeles, Boulder, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, and Canada. When we play live we will be doing semi-acoustic performances. September should see us in Europe, doing pretty much the same thing. By the way, thanks for participating in the survey,…there were some surprises in the top 10, especially “Empty” and “Ridiculous Thoughts” as acoustic favourites! Anyway, as I said, we will let you know more details on those appearances as soon as they are confirmed.

The HTML version of this site is still being cooked, and should be up and running by the start of August. The current “OPEN GATE” section of the site will change to “WUASTC” (short for?) and it will feature all things to do with the new album! Excited?

By the way, if you are a Formula 1 fan, I can only recommend that you go see a race live! I was at the Silverstone Grand Prix in England last weekend to support the Jordan Team, and boy, what an experience! The sound from the engines just takes your breath away! Woo-hoo! It seems faster too, than it looks on TV.

Seeya later!



August 1st 2001

Hello! Hi I’m baaack !
I’ve been on holidays for the past few weeks in Italy. I’ve just walked in the door of the rehearsal studio and decided to write a few words. Rainer just told me that the HTML version of the site is ready to-day so hopefully a lot of people who have been having trouble with the flash version will enjoy a stress-free visit to Cranberry-land.

…writing this message at the webmaster’s computer..August 01st 2001.

Everyone is in good spirits and ready to get stuck in for the next two years or so. We are rehearsing for the next couple weeks and then it’s off to “the good ol’ U.S.A” for a few gigs and lots of interviews (which includes Canada). I must say I can’t wait , I enjoy my time off but I’m starting to get itchy feet again, I reckon I have nomadic blood in me somewhere!! Mike’s just after arriving so If you’ll excuse me I’m going to join him in the kitchen to chew the fat as I haven’t seen him in a few weeks.

As usual you can check out the official news in the NEWS section.
See ya later! – Fergal.

P.S. Many thanks to Sebastian Clayton and all the gang at Digital:CC in Dublin for doing such a nice job on the HTML site!


August 21st 2001

Well here we are in the good ol’ USA about to go to Mortens steakhouse for “A big thick shteack” (must be said in an Irish accent). We are really enjoying ourselves, getting to meet loads of fans and playing a few special intimate shows. There was an airshow in Chicago the other day but unfortunately it rained for the whole thing so visibility wasn’t the best, but it was still pretty exciting. We are in Minneapolis at the moment. We did a couple of acoustic songs at the radio station here WTCZ. It’s different playing stuff accoustically but doing stuff like that helps keep it interesting for us. It’s a bit of a challenge. I must admit it’s tough being away from our families, but being a cranberry is such a big part of our lives that we would go insane if we were to stay at home all the time. Plus we seem to be making a lot of people happy, so I think it’s definately worth the bouts of sadness you get daily. You’ve just got to shrug it off and get on with it. It helps when we get to meet people after the show and they tell you that they have listened to the ‘berries since way back when. It’s the same with the thousands of e-mails we receive weekly it’s just so encouraging. A sincere THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!! Anyway I’ll go before I start getting too emotional. Oh yeah I’m going to see U2 in Slane (Ireland) on Saturday so I’ll let you know how it went. Talk to ya’ soon,

- Fergal.


September 18th 2001

Hi there ,

I was planning on writing a bit last week but I’ve just been too down. The incidents in New York, Washington and elsewhere in the USA were the most horrific, saddening images I have ever seen. I’ve felt sick and numb since then. I would like to offer our sincerest sympathy to anyone who was affected. All we can do is pray that these people are found before they murder more innocent people.

Well, we can’t let these spineless bastards ruin our lives, so I will try to be positive. The last time I was talking to you I was about to go to see U2 in Slane castle. It was without a doubt one of the best concerts I have ever seen. I unfortunately missed Coldplay because of the traffic, and arrived about ten minuites before The Red Hot Chili Peppers went on.

I had never seen them before and they “rocked” in a big way. I wouldn’t mind seeing them in an Indoor venue though, because it was bright when they were on stage, although, they had no trouble getting the crowd going!
It was just starting to get dark when U2 arrived onstage. I’ve seen the”Joshua Tree”, “Zoo TV”and “Pop” and I think “Elevation” is the best tour of the lot. The show is all about enhancing the songs and the music. Their other tours were great but then it was more about the “show”; it’s more personal this time around.

We are off to Amsterdam at the weekend to begin more promotion. It’s hard work to be honest, but people seem to be very positive about it. I’m looking forward to playing live again, there’s nothing to compare to that buzz.

I hope you like the Remix of “Analyse”; we are going to get DJ’s we like to remix all of the singles. The Orb remixed “Zombie” way back when, and it was fairly cool, so we have wanted to do more stuff since then. It’s good fun to see how they are interpreted by different DJ’s. I’ll leave you with that and I’ll talk to you soon,



October 3rd 2001

Hi again ,

Greetings from Paris France. The promo work is going great, and things are moving along nicely.

Yesterday, (as you may know) we did an online webchat on www.UNIVERSALMUSIC.fr (FRANCE). I know that we advertised it on our website, and I also know that many of you participated! The people in the studio where we did the webchat said that it was their busiest one ever! We arrived a little late, as we got stuck in traffic, but I found that it went very quickly, and it was not possible to answer all the questions! But, the main reason I am writing this is to say that we did not realise that the answers would only be put online in French! Sorry about that, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do, I suppose.

Here’s my offer. Send short questions to cranberries@elive.ie, write “Question For Fergal” in the subject line, and I will pick the best questions and do my best to post all the answers right here as soon as I get a chance to answer them, when I get back home next week! Is that fair?

Anyway. We are still in Paris, where we are performing for “Hit Machine” which is being taped to go out on TV on channel M6 in France next Saturday. Their website is here.

Tomorrow we are in London performing “Analyse” for the tv show “Top Of The Pops” which will broadcast at a later date to be confirmed. Then, the next one of big interest I suppose will be appearing on “CD UK” this coming Saturday morning LIVE on ITV at 11.30am(ish). Check out the CD UK schedule here: CDUK



October 9th 2001

Hi again ,

I have been bombarded with questions from all over the world, since I offered to answer questions last week. Thanks a lot! Well, I am trying to read them all! Many questions are repetitive, but I am trying to answer them all. Today I will start with the first 20 I picked off the pile, and the answers are in no particular order. More answers very very soon (maybe tomorrow!). Here we go:


A1. “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”, “This Is The Day” and “I Really Hope”.


A2. Yes, we had a great time in South Africa. It was our first time there and it definately won’t be our last!!!


A3. It was written about our first visit to South Africa.


A4. We are all very proud of where we are from and I think Irishness is something that’s in you, no matter where you are in the world.


A5. Too many to mention, we all like loads of different bands and singers. For example I was listening to Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley last night for the first time in years and it just reminded me how incredible they are / were.


A6.Yes, we are in the process of designing new stuff at the moment. There will be some limited edition WUASTC stuff for sale soon too! Watch out for that.


A7. We have wanted to visit all the countries of South America for many years and we are on a mission to get there next year.


A8.We want to also come back to Australia as we had an absolute ball the first few times we visited there.


A9. There are a number of ways songs are written. Sometimes Dolores will bring a piece of music (played on guitar or piano) to Noel, Mike and myself. Usually she doesn’t have all the lyrics at this stage. We will listen for a while and start adding our own parts. And eventually after rehearsing it for a few days it comes together. On the other hand Noel will bring a piece of music in to Mike and myself, and we listen and add our parts, then we will put it on a tape for Dolores and she will write lyrics and maybe add keyboards.


A10.There are a lot of poeple in the music industry who got into it because they loved music. There are also a lot of wankers who just see the money. I believe good will always prevail, maybe not in the short term but you have to be patient, optimistic and positive!! To quote a great Irish artist (Bono): “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”.


A11. I’m enjoying life to the full. Once you have a child it opens your eyes to a whole new side of life, although there are also a whole new set of worries!!!


A12. If I could answer that I would be a very happy man and I’d probably be working as a full-time preacher. All I can say for sure is that this life is to be lived. The simple fact is that we are all mortal and we could leave this earth at any time, so make the most of it folks!!!!!


A13. Yes, yes, yes!! We are definately coming to Spain for concerts next year. As soon as we get tour dates we will put them up on this website.


A14. I wrote about that on the 18th of September. See the archived pages at the top right there!! (click the arrow).


A15. It varies from album to album. There was a time when we were big in the U.K., and no one knew us in France. Now it’s the opposite, what can you do, it’s just the way of the world.


A16. Sometime next year.


A17. Eveyone is entitled to their opinion, silly as it might be. If we thought that, we wouldn’t still be doing this. We are really enjoying ourselves and we have just made a very special album full of beautiful songs so f*** them!! Ha ha.


A18. Maybe around the time of our greatest hits, although it would have to be really good. We are not the biggest fans of live records as you tend to lose some of the atmosphere.


A19. Go back and see answer number 17 and smile!


A20. The tour is planned to start in March. There are many emails from many countries all asking when we will be coming there. We will strive to get to as many countries as we possibly can. As mentioned before, we will announce all the dates and locations as soon as we know them!

More answers to more questions really soon!



October 16th 2001

Hello again ,

Finally, I got around to answering some more questions that you sent me. Once again, I just answered the first ones I came accross, and I will answer more soon! This time, I will not give the questions a number. Enjoy!!

Q. Hello! What would you (and the band) think of a tablature section on your website? Because playing the Cranberries is very well but sometimes you find many different version of the same song on the web, so if we could have the right one that would be fair, wouldn’t it? Thank you!

A. I will ask Noel and Dolores to write out the tabs when they get time. It’s difficult though to pinpoint all the chords because Noel (being a genius) makes up some of his own unusual chords!!

Q. We,the fans,are wondering if you guys will release a new dvd with all the videos of the Cranberries on it? We are seriously interested in that since every video is absolutely gorgeous and the Corrs have released 4 dvd’s already and the Cranberries just one (It is killer though).Will you guys consider it?

A. We will be releasing a DVD with all our videos more than likely when we release a Greatest Hits Album, but I’m afraid that is not going to be for a couple of years.

Q. How do people treat you there in Ireland?

A. We are treated very well at home here in Ireland. People are very supportive and always ask how things are going for us. It’s very relaxed here.

Q. When does it start, from where, and for how long exactly will your new world tour last?

A. We haven’t arranged our schedule yet but we are due to start touring in March 2002. We would like to begin somewhere warm as it makes tour-life easier, everyone is in good spirits and we get a chance to see a city/town on our day off.

Q. Did you participate in the production of the new lp?

A. We (all) always participate in the production of a record. With Stephen it’s great because he understands us so well and there is a mutual trust. He manages to get the best out of everyone and is very much into capturing an atmosphere.

Q. Do you go clubbing?

A. When we are on tour some of us will go out if we have a day off the next day. We have lots of friends working with us on tour so there is never a shortage of people to go out with!! Not really when we are at home, most of the clubs here (Limerick) are crap, it’s more of a pub kind of town.

Q. Just seen you folks performing on CD:UK, and noticed the hobo you’ve got on bass. What the hell has Noel done to himself? P.S – Get yourselves to York Barbican!

A. That was Deci, who is Mike’s bass technician! Mike’s wife was due their baby and so Mike was by her side waiting with baited breath. So, we asked Deci could he do it. We look out for each otha’.

Q. Could you explain to me the meaning of the video for Analyse? I find it very hard to understand.

A. The video for “Analyse” is the story of a man who travels the world looking for happiness. Eventually he comes back to where he began and realises it’s not such a bad place after all.

Q. The Cranberries visited Mexico. How did you like it?

A. We visited Mexico a few times and loved it every time. I would love to visit again for a holiday.

Q. Hello! My question is; does the possibility exist that some day you come to the Canary Islands (Spain)? Please respond to me as I need to know!

A. You never, never know. If not we will be close to there.

Q. Do you like the new album by New Order? They were one of your music influences, right?

A. I just bought their new album a few days ago so I’ve only listened to it twice, but I like what I hear so far. It’s great that they are still together after all these years.

Q. What do you think about the state of music today? Poor things with some exceptions, like you.

A. It’s getting better but you have to search a little bit more nowadays. It’s great to hear “Coldplay, Travis, Beck, The Strokes, Starsailor etc. being played on the radio. They are “real” bands that write their own music, and are individuals, unlike the pop sh**, where everyone tries to sound alike.

Q. On the new album “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” there is an absence of political matters. How’s that? You used to
write about political matters ?

A. If a subject moves Dolores enough she will write about it, but she (like the rest of us) does not like to repeat herself.

Q. I’m from Toronto and was wondering if you could give me any information about the Intimate and Interactive you’re doing at MuchMoreMusic on October 22nd. What songs are you playing? Are you letting fans come to see it? How do we get tickets?
I personally can’t wait to see it!! I’ve seen you guys twice now and would love to hear your brilliant music in such an intimate setting. Also, I thought I’d let you know (if you didn’t already)that the music magazine Blender by the makers of Maxim reviewed “WUASTC” and gave it 4 out of 5 stars!!!

A. Unfortunately we cannot do this now. Which is a big piss-off!!

Q. When did you start to record the new cd?

A. We began recording in Aug-Sept. of 2000, for four weeks and then we did three more weeks in April of this year.

Q. What do you think of the new songs on “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” ?

A. We are really proud of the songs on WUASTC. We try to imagine it from the perspective of someone who is not in the band. You know : “Would I like this album if I wasn’t in the band? “, and I must say (honestly) yes I definately would.

Q. When will you come to Brazil?

A. Next year hopefully. We have been wanting to come visit South America for many years, so sooooooon, sooooooooon!!

Q. I live in Recife, Brazil, and the people already listen to Analyse song. This song is a sucess!!! What do you wanna ask to this city?

A. Should we try and have a concert there???



October 30th 2001

Hello ,

Here’s a few more answers to your questions! For older answers use the archive above!

Q. You used primarily live songs as bonus tracks for WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, are you reserving songs you already wrote for the next album?

A. NO, we usually use the extra songs for b-sides. Or if a song suited, we might put it in a video.

Q. I know you guys (and Lady Dolores) did an unplugged session on MTV a few years ago,can we expect such a gig in the future, maybe on CD? Or are you planning a Best of Crans CD maybe?

A. We used to do a little acoustic or “unplugged” set during our live show and we were considering re-introducing it to the tour next year. Good idea??

Q. You said previously that you recorded two songs during the recording of “Wake Up” that had actually been written long before, but never used. Which two songs were they and when were they written? Some people have been guessing that one of them is “Chocolate Brown”..?

A.The first is “Dying Inside” which was written on the tour for “No Need To Argue” in 1994. We tried recording it on the “TTFD” session and on the “BTH” session but, we never quite captured it, until now. The other song is “Do You Know”. This was written the first week week we returned to rehearsals after our year-long hiatus. We unfortunately had forgotton about it until the “WUASTC” session.

Q. How is it that you are able to play the same songs over and over again and still be able to feel the music and be into it? Do you ever get sick of it?

A. There was a time in 1995 when we got sick of the whole touring thing because we had done it for too long without a break. It is a very sad feeling for this to happen to someone who loves music so much. However we learned from our mistakes and now we tour for a few weeks and then take a week off. We also chop and change songs in the setlist every few days. When you are playing the song live you try to remember the feeling you got when the song was written or other times you focus on the audience and get their vibe. So it’s something we are aware of , but try to avoid!

Q. Why did you hire Storm Thorgerson for BTH and Wake up instead of having a nice picture of the band on your album covers (we’re missing them)????

A. We are all really big fans of Storms work and since we began working together we have become close friends with this genius of a man!! We chose not to have pictures of ourselves on the covers of the albums just for a change. We might go back to that again sometime in the future or maybe not!?!! There are some photo’s on the inner sleeve though.

Q. How many singles will “Wake Up…” have ???

A. Three or four..

Q. Is it true that the next single is going to be “Time Is Ticking Out”? if so will the track be remixed?

A. Yes, and yes!




November 29th 2001

Hey there,

It’s me and I’m feelin’ good. I’m off the cigarettes again so we’ll see how it goes this time.

We filmed the video for “Time is Ticking Out” a couple of weeks ago in Dublin. It’s kind of a “Wizard of Oz” theme, there was a lot of different set’s with sunflowers, poppies and of course the “Yellow Brick Road”!! No witch this time though. It should be finished any day now and be out before Christmas.

We have been rehearsing for the past few weeks, preparing for our visit to the U.S. in December. I can’t wait to play again. It feels like so long since we did a gig. All the interviews etc. are o.k. but give me a proper concert any day!! That’s what it’s all about.

We announced our first dates at a press conference in Madrid this week. So far, we have only announced confirmed dates. More dates will be announced over the coming weeks. We are starting in Copenhagen first. We have not been there since the Roskilde festival in ‘95. We have received many emails asking us if we are coming to Asia, South America and other markets…the answer is yes, yes and yes!!! The tour will travel the world.

There isn’t much else to tell you at the moment I’m just sitting here in my kitchen waiting for my bread to finish baking, although I’m a little bit nervous as it’s my first time ever so I hope it’s tasty.

Talk to you soon,

- Fergal

PS. Check out the Time Is Ticking Out (Club remix) by Marius de Vries using your web key. It is pretty cool and something special for all you club dwellers.


December 10th 2001

(written December 8th 2001)

Hello and greetings from Baltimore,

It’s lashing rain outside so I said what better to do than write a little note to say hello (although it’s interrupting my reading!!).

I’m 80 pages away from finishing “The Fellowship of the Ring”. It’s excellent by the way, but I wanted to finish it before I watch the movie.

The last time I was talking to you we were preparing for this promo tour. We are now smack-bang in the middle of it and everything is going really well. Our first gig in Boston was mad, it was our first time in more than a year playing in front of an audience of 15,000. Talk about a buzz and a half my neck muscles are only getting back to normal now, and to top it off we have another big one tonight. We tend to get a little carried away by the adrenaline sometimes (but I suppose that’s a good thing).

We recorded an acoustic performance in Philadelphia for Mix 95.7. The setting was an Irish bar!! “Uh-oh” I hear you say, but we managed to stay sober until after the gig. We met lots of people afterwards in the upstairs bar, and we had a nice chat while sampling some of the local “woodchuck” cider.

Not much other news. Really looking forward to tonight’s gig; “Train” are one of the bands playing and I really like their single, so I hope they are good. Actually “Coldplay” were on the bill in Boston and they were brilliant, it was my first time seeing them and definitely won’t be my last!

I’ll chat again soon, take it easy,


P.S. I made a bollix of my bread. I put in a litre of buttermilk instead of a pint (what can I say I’m a drummer, I’m not so good at counting!!!) But I am far from beaten. I shall attempt it again upon my return to “The Emerald Isle”. Fare-thee-well. I’d better finish that book soon it’s affecting my speech!

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