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Письма 2000

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January 24th 2000

Hello there!,

That is if there is anyone still there! I’ve been unwinding for the past month or so. Trying to slow down after a year of going all out is not easy, and the best laugh is: as soon as you unwind, it’s time to go out on tour again!!! But we love it.

We were out in Dolores’ house last week listening to the show we played in Paris, we recorded it for a Video and DVD due to come out in a couple of months. It sounded great (if I may say so myself), normally live concerts tend to sound very thin and top heavy but I couldn’t believe how full it sounded. We have yet to see the film footage to go with it , but we are really looking forward to seeing it, as it is the only time we can see what the show looks like from your perspective. Oh yeah since we are talking about the gig, I read a few places that people were asking about the music we played before we walk on stage. It is from the soundtrack to the movie Kundun.The music is written by Philip Glass and both the Movie and the soundtrack are well worth checking out.

We are going to be playing many festivals around Europe this Summer. I will put them up as soon as they are confirmed, also we hope to go to South America at some stage and we have to fit a new Album in somewhere so it will be busy, busy, busy. We actually will be recording in August, but we will probably do a few demo’s between now and then just to get a rough idea of what we are at.

O.K that’s about the size of it. I’ll try not to leave it so long the next time , but I always say that don’t I ?!!!

Take it easy,

- Fergal.


March 27th 2000

Hi, how’s it going?

I’ve been busy changing nappies (diapers) for the last three weeks!!! Yes, you guessed it. My wife and I had a baby boy, Jacob, on March 2nd (two days before my birthday,woo-hoo!!!).I’ve been running around like a “headless chicken who won the lottery” since he was born. I must admit, I haven’t felt this good in years!!

The band have begun rehearsing again, about two weeks ago and everything is going great. We have been preparing for our upcoming concerts in Puerto Rico and Mexico. We are really looking forward to visiting Puerto Rico, as it will be our first time there, so we will hopefully get to see some of the sights. The last time we were in Mexico, it was “Berrymania” so I’m sure we’ll have a ball there again!

As well as rehearsing for the concerts, we have been writing new songs and they are starting to take shape. We are due to begin recording a new album in August with Stephen Street. It will be great to work with him again, he always managed to capture something magical in our music. We hope to have it ready for release early next year.

Now, what else is there? Oh yeah, We have been working with Storm Thorgerson again on cover-sleeves for the new DVD we were telling you about. This DVD will be called “Beneath The Skin”, and it will contain our live gig in Paris last December, as well as other videos, interviews and some behind the scenes stuff.

We also plan to release an Album of B sides in the next few months, called “The Complete Sessions”. It will include the entire “Bury The Hatchet” album as well as all of the B-sides recorded from the BTH sessions. .

Well, I’d better go, I can hear a little cry in the background, aahhw.
Talk to you soon, -Fergal. (P.S. All the text above has slightly changed once today. Right after I uploaded the news onto the website, I had more news,..so the text above was slightly edited!)


April 16th 2000

How goes it out there in ‘Berry-land?

I’m sitting in our dressing room in Mexico City; last night’s show went great, we really had a ball! Brilliant audience here, as expected. Although I must apologise to all of you, as you had to wait for a few hours. Half of our equipment was stuck at customs in Miami and it didn’t arrive here ’till 8:00 and we had to delay the show ’till 9:00. But I was speaking afterwards to some people who had seen the show and they all said it was great. So hopefully tonight will be as good if not better (there’s always room for improvement!!!!).

There is a camera crew filming tonight also, because the two shows here were sold out and there were many people who couldn’t get tickets, so this is for you!!It will be shown soon on T.V. Azteca so watch out for it.

Myself and Mike and Russ (our keyboardist) went out to the Pyramids here yesterday and it was amazing. We had a really cool guide called “Il Gorilla” who took us around for two hours, and then we had lunch with his family and friends. REAL Mexican food, nice and spicy yummm!! Dolores went out there today with her husband and they said that they really enjoyed it too.

Before we got here we were in Puerto Rico for the first time. We arrived there on Wednesday night and we did a quick rehearsal on Thursday. A few of us went out to Old San Juan with some friends that work with us, and did a bit of a pub-crawl; it reminded me a little bit of New Orleans, although everyone we met said it’s much better at weekends. Friday night was the gig, our first in a few months, and to be honest we had a really tough time because the sound on stage was crap. There was a deep “wooooh”type of drone going on for the whole show. Everyone was a bit pissed off afterwards because we thought the audience could hear it too, but luckily we spoke to a lot of people who said there was great sound out front, so that helped cheer us up!

Ok. I’d better go and start warming up as we are on in less than an hour, so I’ll talk to you soon,
Bye, -Fergal (Mexico City, April 10th 2000)


April 17th 2000

Hi, How’s it going?

We are in Cadiz in the South of Spain. We were supposed to play the Esparrago Festival last night(15th April) but unfortunately the promoter cancelled the show because of the weather. We were all sitting in the lobby of the hotel, ready to go when our tour manager walked in and said that he was talking to the promoter and that it was unsafe to play the concert as the wind and rain were blowing directly onto the stage and there was a danger of electrocution. So, we said we would wait here until today (16th April) to see if conditions improved and we might be able to play this afternoon, but we’ve just been told that it’s not going to happen.

I feel really bad for all the people who were camping out.Our crew were down at the festival site all day yesterday and they said the mud and water was everywhere.So, our appologies to you if you were there, but I’m afraid the only person to blame is Mother Nature! Hopefully we can come back to Spain later this year and play somewhere else!

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, hopefully I’ll have better stuff to talk about next time,

talk to you soon,


(Cadiz,Spain 16th April)


June 10th 2000

Hello there!

Yes, I know, it has been a long long time since I last wrote, my apologies, but we really have been busy. Right now I am on a small holiday, and as soon as I return I promise to write some more detailed stuff. There is however something important that I want to talk about right now.

A week ago on June 3rd, we were supposed to play a show near Leipzig in Germany, at the Woodstage Festival. As many of you may already know, we decided not to play the show. I understand that many of you were, and probably still are very angry or disappointed that we did not play. Let me try to explain why. We arrived at the venue, to receive bad reports from our crew. Firstly it was apparent that the security for the band could not be guaranteed. The backstage security to put it kindly was very lax. There was no guarantee for our safety, and our concern in the band goes mainly for our female front person Dolores. As well as the security issue, we also had a problem with the size of the stage. It was too small for us to set up the show we want to deliver. Upon booking the show, we were advised of completely different stage conditions. With these things in mind we decided not to play the show. Poor security was the main reason for our decision. Our sincere apologies to all Cran fans that made the journey to see us. We hope you will understand.

I also have an apology to our Scandinavian fans. We did a show in Umea, Sweden that we did not at all list on our website. This was not intentional, simply an oversight on our behalf. Ooops! Sorry. We will punish the webmaster.

Also, SPANISH FANS, some news for you. We have added an extra show in GIJON on Wednesday 26th July at the City Festival. We hope that this will also in some way make up for the cancelled Esparragorock show.

I am afraid I have some bad news for our Turkish fans. Our show there has been cancelled, as the promoter backed out. This is a situation beyond our control. It’s a real pity; we were so looking forward to playing in Istanbul. That’s it for now. Many thanks to you all for your patience with us and this website.

Slan for now,



June 20th 2000


I’m home from holidays, apologies again for my lack of writing but we’ve been really busy, and when I’m not working I’m up to my ears in babies pooh!! But I’m loving every minute of it. Anyway enough emotional warbling Lawler you gobshite.

All the gigs have been going really well, I don’t think we’ve had a bad gig this leg of the tour (fingers-crossed). We had an absolute ball down in South Africa. It was our first time there and we were treated really well by everyone. We even have a new song with the possible title of “Down In Capetown”, the lyrics of which are about the trip down there through Dolores’ eyes.

On the subject of new songs we have been working away in between concerts and we have about ten or so. We hope to have around twenty-ish songs when we go into the studio in August. That way we have extra songs to choose from and you have extra songs for B-sides!! We are really looking forward to recording again ’cause the new stuff is staring to take shape and you can get a rough idea of what it’s basically going to sound like, but the fun of recording is that they change so much with all the different layers. It’s been a long time since we worked with Stephen Street and he always managed to capture that special something, so roll on August.

We also did a gig in Prague which was our first ever and we were really impressed, but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to see any of the sights, as we flew home right after the show. So maybe next time.

We played in Sweden for the first time in about five years and it was excellent! We went on-stage at 12:30 am and it was still kind of dusky, as it doesn’t get fully dark there at this time of year. After the show we went back to the hotel for a few drinks and I saw the sun rise at 3:00 am,….. weiirddd!!

Well I’m off to rehearsal again now, we are just dusting ourselves off after our holidays, and also brushing up on the new stuff; so I promise I won’t leave it so long the next time (but I’m sure I’ve said that before, so your faith in me is probably deteriorating rapidly!).

The Tour page has been updated today too to finally name the last remaining unnamed venues.



July 11th 2000

Hello there,

We are on the plane(July 8th) to the Belfort Festival in France. All is well! We had a ball in Tel-Aviv and Greece last week. It was our first time in both places and the weather was incredible. We had a good few days off so Noel, Mike and myself went out partying with some of our friends that we work with. I have never seen clubs like the ones in Greece, over 1,000 people, on the beach, 70’s disco music, open ’till 7 am, and the drink was free!!!!!!!!! The people there treated us really well. Betty Ford’s is looming in the distance. Although, I did swim for at least an hour a day, so that combats the drink a little, plus I gave up the cigarettes again.

Anyway here’s the important stuff. The gigs in Tel-Aviv, Athens and Thessaloniki were some of the best gigs we’ve done in ages. Everything just seemed to come together and we were all on form. The best thing was that in Athens the gig was down by the Harbour and there was a big road that was about 80 feet above the stage, so during the concert there was about 2,000 people watching us from the road for FREE!!! I love it. It’s great when stuff like that happens because unfortunately the promoter is the one in charge of the ticket prices, so it was great to see all these people who maybe couldn’t afford tickets, watching “The ‘Berries” for nothing.

We also did two Festivals in Germany and to be honest they were a lot better than I expected. A festival is always different from your own show because 1st of all it’s not your gig, so not everyone in the audience is there to see you, which takes the pressure off, but on the other hand you have a whole new bunch of people that hopefully you can introduce “The Cranberries” music to. So it’s always a challenge, and a challenge is always good. I was talking to some of the lads from “Therapy” for a while. I had met them a few times before and they are really nice. I also saw the guys from “Gomez” there too but I was too embarrassed to say anything to them. I’m a bit of a fan of there stuff.

Tonight at the Belfort Festival “Macy Gray” is playing so I hope to see her as I like some of her songs, but we have interviews so we’ll see.

Well I’d better go,

See you soon, Fergal. P.S.(July 9th)


I didn’t get time to put this up last night but you are going to be happy about that ’cause, before we played “Animal Instinct” last night Dolores told the audience (in French) “I wrote this song after having my first baby, I’m now due my second”. Woo-Hoo!! Isn’t it amazing? She is almost 12 weeks pregnant and she is still rockin’ out!

The gig was great by the way, there was about 25 thousand people!! It’s a feeling like no other watching that many people go crazy in front of you!
I finally bought a digital camera so the photos will be coming very soon.

- Fergal.


July 29th 2000

Hi, it’s me the bearer of bad news again.

OK where to begin?? First of all we’d like to apologise to anyone who came to Zeebrugge in Belgium to see us, we didn’t make it there in time to play because our plane had broken-down and we had to wait for another one to arrive. So by the time plane no.2 arrived we had lost our slot to play.

And there’s more, as you have already heard we have cancelled our remaining four gigs. Dolores went for a check-up to her Gynaecologist and was recommended to get a lot more rest. She was flying from Ireland to the gigs in various parts of Europe and most flights were at least 2 1/2 hours long, so that’s 5 hours flying a day plus a concert. It’s hard enough to do that shit when you are fully fit, not to mind being 4 months pregnant. We have always said that health must come first, so apologies again to anyone who was due to see us, I’m sure you understand. The important thing is that both Dolores and her baby are fine. Don’t worry, we will be touring again when we finish this new album next year so we will DEFINATELY play these shows then.

Speaking of the new album we begin recording on the 21st of August in Dublin. We have six weeks booked and we have about ten songs. When we finish after that we will take some more time to write and rehearse and then finish off the album. We said we wouldn’t rush or put any pressure on ourselves, so when we think it’s ready, then we will release it. I’ll fill you in on all the latest going’s on in the studio and I also have some photo’s from the tour which I’ll put up when Rainer our webmaster gets back from holiday’s.

That’s it, apologies again,

Talk to ya’ later,



August 22nd 2000

Well, I promised you some pictures and here they are. Recently I bought a digital camera and decided to try it out during some of our tour in Germany this year. The camera was also picked up and used by members of our crew. No photographers were used!! The next batch of pictures will hopefully be of better quality!! The pictures are in no particular order.

Click here for the pictures!!!



September 14th 2000

Hi how’s she cuttin’?

The spirits are mighty high. We began recording our new stuff on August 20th and it’s starting to sound “mega” already. We had eight songs practically ready to go when we got into the studio, and we re-arranged some of them when we were there. We were flying through them and the inspiration was flowing “big time”. We wrote two new tracks last week, one of which still needs the lyrics to be completed and we revamped two more old songs that had been around for a while (but we had never done anything with), so I must say, we are sitting pretty!!!

It’s fantastic to be working with Stephen (Street) again. He really manages to capture that elusive “x” factor when we play and he brings something to our music that hasn’t been there since the first two albums. We are all getting along like “a house on fire”.

I am bursting to tell you the names of the songs, but I think it’s better to wait for a while as it’s always nice to create an air of mystery. (I’m such a tease, sorry). We are going to finish recording on Friday week (the 22nd) and then we will mix in London for two weeks. Then the plan is to spend the next few months writing at home and in February Dolores is due to have her second child, so she will obviously need some time off. She is looking and feeling great by the way. So around April we plan to go back into the studio and finish off the second half of the Album, which means we will hopefully have it ready for release around late summer next year. Woo hoo!!!

Now, what other news ….oh yeah, Storm (Thorgerson) was over with us during the week and we were talking for ages about new ideas for the web page, and given his gifted vision it’s going to be pretty F*@*ing excellent!!! I’ll let you know more as it develops.

We’ve been listening a lot to the new ‘Richard Ashcroft’ album and a new album by an English band called ‘Coldplay’, and we got a Promo copy of the new U2 single ‘Beautiful Day’, all of which “Rock”. I’m also seriously anticipating the new ‘Radiohead’ Album which is due out soon, I’m hoping to catch them play live when we go to London.

That’s about all I can think of, I’ll get some more pictures soon,

Talk to ya’ later,



November 22nd 2000

Hey there! Hope you are all well. We are all back at home in Ireland now.

The mixing of the new recordings went really well. We were in London for two weeks and everything ran smoothly. Nine songs in all, two of which we played at the MTV gig in Dublin on the 11th of November last. “Analyse” and “Time Is Ticking Out”. It was a nice gig, very relaxed and cosy. There wasn’t much “rockin’ out”, as you will see from the photos (due any day now).

Dolores is quite pregnant. She was saying it felt a little weird to be onstage carrying that much weight, and she felt like jumping around but if she moved too suddenly her whole belly started to jiggle in a jelly-like fashion.!!??!! Ohhhoowww.

There is a possibility that “Analyse” will be used in a new movie coming out in February 2001, the name of which escapes my sieve shaped mind!?!! But I do know it’s a comedy starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, so at least you won’t have to wait ’till autumn 2001 to hear new material!

We have spent our time rehearsing since we got back from London. For the first few weeks we were preparing for the Dublin gig, but now we are solely concentrating on new songs. They are coming together really easily, I suppose it’s because we are under no pressure. Our new regime, “Take it eazzzy-mon” (Must be said with Jamaican accent to get full effect). And I must say it ’s working for us, we are having more of a laugh now than we have ever had. All the same I can’t wait to get back into the studio, but it will be worth the wait because everything will be well rehearsed by April and it will enable us to work faster.

Storm (Thorgersen) tells me the work on the new site is going very well and it should be ready by January. Some new photos are coming soon, we are just picking them out and stuff.
OK, that’s it for now, see ya later. -Fergal.

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