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Письма 1999

Назад в Главное Меню
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January 5th 1999

Hi, how’s it going?
I hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year. I’m still stuffed from eating far too much turkey, ham, chocolate, sweets etc. (If I don’t get back to the gym soon, I won’t be able to fit behind my drumkit!)

I hope you all enjoyed the performance at the Nobel peace prize concert in Oslo. It was our first time on stage in over two years, so we felt a little strange at rehearsals the day before, but by the time we got to perform we were really excited. We played a new song called “Promises” from the forthcoming album, titled “Bury The Hatchet”. (Release date still not known!). (There, now you know the new album title!)

It was a great buzz playing again, and it encouraged us all for the upcoming tour. I don’t have the exact dates yet, but we are definitely going “World-wide”!!! We begin rehearsing on the 15th of January and we will be flying around to various countries doing Radio and TV interviews and performances. We are hoping to start touring in late March or early April. It’s going to be a very busy year for us but we are really looking forward to it. I will hopefully be able to update more often as there will be loads more happening.

Oh, before I forget! The “Pictures” section is repaired and will be back soon, and then shortly followed by some new ones.
So, it’s bye for now!




January 12th 1999

Hello again! Some news fresh in:

February 15th: The video for the song “Promises” will be spread to broadcasters around the world. (Directed by Olivier Dahan, director of “Salvation”)

February 22nd: Radio release date for the song “Promises”.

March 29th: “Promises” available as single in the stores.

…more soon!



January 28th 1999

Hi again!

Just want to let you know that this web site is now also accessible at www.cranberries.com . Previously this address was used solely by Island Records/Polygram, to promote our latest releases.

I mentioned before, major work is going on to change the “look” of this web site. There will be some new features too, but I won’t spoil all the fun and tell you too much about it now! It should be ready around the end of February! (give or take a week or so).

Currently we are all in the U.S.A., promoting the new album via interviews for radio and press.

We all feel a great buzz of anticipation,….things are starting to take shape. We hope you are looking forward to the release of “Promises” as much as we are!

More soon!


-Fergal at Live Rehearsal’s, Dec. 1998.


February 17th 1999


We have begun rehearsals again today (15th Feb) (Woo-Hoo!). We spent the last few weeks doing interviews for TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers in various countries. In fact, we were last in Germany where we played journalists a rough copy of our new video for “Promises” . We just got the finished version today, and it looks really great!! It is probably the funniest video we have ever done.

Remember, the radio release for “Promises” is on the 22nd of this month!

Single cover for “Promises”
Available March 22nd 1999

We hope to have the “New Site” up and running by the end of this month. That’s it for now. Talk to you soon!



March 11th 1999

Just a quick note to let you know what is going on.

We have posted the catalogue numbers for the new single, as well as the content details (b sides, et cetera) and also the respective release dates. You can find these under “Discography” – “Singles”.

We are going to Dublin tomorrow to perform on the “Late Late Show” (on RTE, Irish Television) where we will be playing 2 songs, “Promises” and “Zombie”. Then, on the 5th of this month we will be in Cologne, Germany , appearing on the TV show “Viva Interactiv”, where we will perform “Promises”. Last week we were in Paris, France where we also did 2 shows for French television.

There has been a huge response to the free concert ticket competition, and we will soon let you know who the winners are. Thanks for your participation!

More news soon! The new look for this web site is still under construction, so please bear with us on that.




March 22nd 1999

Some of this is a bit late, sorry,..but here is what’s going on:

On Friday 19th March we were in Bologna, Italy to perform on Taratata. We performed “Animal Instinct” (another song from the new album), “Promises”, “Linger” and “Zombie.”

On 21st March we were in Milan (yes, you guessed it, Italy) and performed on the Quelli Kil Cacio TV show, where we performed “Promises.”

We are in London this week and will be doing the following:

- 24th March. Live on Simon Mayo show, Radio One. Performing 3 songs live between 10.00 am – 12.00 noon.

- also 24th March, recording an interview on XFM radio at 3.00 pm approx.

Then 26th March, we will perform live on TFI Friday. (a TV Show)

Back soon,



March 24th 1999

….just to say that we will be performing the song “Promises” live tomorrow the 25th of March on “Top Of The Pops”, which is broadcast on BBC Television in the United Kingdom. more soon…



April 4th 1999

Hi, how’s it goin’ and Happy Easter!
I am sorry I haven’t written anything for a while. We have been really busy flying around doing interviews and TV shows etc,…but…it won’t be long now and we will be off to London to do our first REAL concert in almost three years. We are all really looking forward to it, but also a little bit nervous, but that’s okay, it gets the adrenaline pumping! We are only doing about six shows around Europe, and about eight or nine in the U.S. and Canada, but we will be doing more in August and into next year, so hopefully we will see you then too. When we go on the road I will get some photos for you to see, and I will try my best to keep you informed of what’s going on.

We are rehearsing every day at the moment, (so we don’t make any mistakes and get embarrassed!) and the songs are sounding great. If you get to see the show, you may notice two new guys on stage with us. On guitar and doing backing vocals is Steve DeMarchi, and on keyboards is Russell Burton. We decided to use two session musicians to get a bigger live sound.

You may have noticed that www.cranberries.com has changed recently. It used to link to this site, but now the guys at Universal Music have created something new. I really like it, so check it out! It has all the info on the new album, sound files, video clips an all that stuff. I suppose now you are wondering which is the official site. Well, the best way to explain it would be to say that this (www.cranberries.ie) is the “personal” official site, and the other one (www.cranberries.com) is the “corporate” official site. At least now you are spoiled for choice, and can regularly check for changes on both. Some bits of info will be there and not here, and vice versa. We are still working on the new look for this site, it is taking longer than expected but in about two weeks it should be “cooked”. Some of the changes to this site will be that, for one, we will no longer put in links to other unofficial pages, as it has become impossible to properly monitor the content of those pages. Also, the FAQ section is coming out, as it was never really used ; the questions pretty much get answered in the latest news anyway.

Well, that’s about it for now, more soon..



April 16th 1999

Hello from Hamburg!

Just to let you know the first two shows have gone really well. I will write more about these shows as soon as I get a chance – things are REALLY busy at the moment.

Here’s a list of our set list (at the moment anyway!):


Sorry for the late notice, but I’ve heard you can see us live on the internet tonight, Click here to find out more. We are also appearing on Top of the Pops in the UK tonight.

More soon!



May 5th 1999

Hi it’s Fergal here again.

We are in New York at the moment (May 5th 1999) sitting backstage and I’m in the mood to write some stuff (if that’s ok with you !?!)

Everybody is feeling really well and spirits are high,we had a great time touring in Europe, all the people who came to the shows were great and it was really great to get to talk to some of you.We were a little nervous before the London show because it was our first time on stage in nearly three years but after the first couple of songs we clicked back into the swing of things.

We arrived on American soil just over a week ago and we did some T.V. shows and so far we’ve played in Washington D.C., Philidelphia and Boston and all three shows went great.It’s amazing the way you just click back into playing and touring again so quickly. We have pretty much been at home for most of the last three years, so none of us were too sure how we would cope with being back on the road and also how people would react to our new stuff, but we met fans at nearly every show, so that encuoraged us a lot!!!!!!! It’s great, there is an excitment back in the band that hasn’t been here for a while.And believe it or not we are actually jamming around with some new songs which is always a positive thing.Well, I’ll sign off for now, Dolores,Noel and Mike also sent their best wishes and we’d like to say thanks to you all for all of your support.
Thanks a million,



May 30th 1999

Hi there,

We are still in Los Angeles doing various bits and pieces.We were all out at dinner the other night and we were talking about the past month or so and everyone agreed that they were so surprised by the reaction to “Bury The Hatchet”. We would like to thank you all so much for your support, we really appreciate it. This tour that we’ve just finished is the most fun we have had in years, so it’s a good indication of what’s to come for the next leg.

There are lot’s of poeple asking what countries we are coming to over the next year, all I can promise is that we are going to try to get to as many countries as possible,but we are wary of getting worn out again so we are taking it step by step. We will keep you posted in the touring section of this page.

I’ve been speaking to lot’s of people after concerts that we’ve done, and everyone has been really cool and supportive of this web site, so THANK YOU!!!!!! That’s about it for now I’m going to try to get my hands on some interviews we’ve done and post them up here so, that might answer any questions you might have.

If you are wondering where the message board has gone, well…we tried it, and unfortunately it was being bombarded with unnecessary foul language and such like. We don’t want anybody to get insulted when visiting anything associated with this site. I hope you will understand.

Talk to you soon,



June 21st 1999

We are just having a little break at the moment, and will have more news soon! We will gather up some new info and pictures to put on the site as soon as possible! Sorry for all the waiting!

Bye for now!



July 19th 1999

Hi there,

Well I just got back from Italy where I spent three weeks relaxing with my wife. Dolores was in Canada for a few weeks with her husband and son; Noel and his wife went to the Caribbean and Mike and his wife were in Portugal. Everyone had a great time and the “batteries are recharged”.

Our tour manager is getting married in a few days so that should be a good day out. We have decided to release “Just My Imagination” in the U.S.A., so we will be doing the video for that at the end of this month, and then we go to Florida to rehearse for a week before we begin our U.S. Tour.

That’s about it I’m afraid (I’m so boring aren’t I ?).

Talk to you soon,

All the best,

- Fergal.


August 9th 1999

Hi there, how’s it going?

We are back in the USA again. We kicked off our new leg of the “Loud and Clear” tour in Tampa, Florida two days ago. It was great to play again after our eight week break, and we weren’t too rusty (I think!!?).

We have changed our set list quite a bit since the last tour. Dolores asked us if we would be up for trying “God Be With You Ireland”, the song she wrote for a movie (The Devil’s Own). It sounds very powerful so I think it will be a permanent resident in the set for a while.

We did a video for “Just My Imagination” in Dublin just before we came over here it will be released (only in America) in a couple of weeks.

I’ll see if I can put it up here for you. O.K.,. that’s about it , I’ll talk to you soon,

All the best,

- Fergal.


September 6th 1999

Hi , it’s me again.

We are in Minneapolis, and badly hung over I’m afraid!! We played in Chicago last night and it was a great gig so everyone was in flying form. As today is Dolores’ birthday we threw a surprise party after the show which continued onto the bus. We have about twenty or so people working with us on the tour and they are all really nice so it’s always good to have a night like that to help everyone relax after working so hard for the past few weeks.

I’m afraid I have to go back to bed now for a snooze so I’ll talk to you again in a few days.

Take care,

- Fergal.


September 27th 1999

Hello there!

We’re home, and we had a blast!!! We did our last U.S. concert in San Francisco on the 18th of September, and I’m glad to say, ended on a high; it was brilliant! We then flew to New York to do a T.V. show called “Sessions on 54th St.” It was really interesting, there was an audience of about two hundred or so people sitting in a circle and we played in the middle. We did about an hour set with a mixture of old and new songs. Later that night we all went out for a big meal and ended up in the hotel bar singing ’til five in the morning with a Japanese couple who had gotten married that day.

We have a few weeks off now to relax at home and then we are off to various parts of Europe to play on a couple of T.V shows and then we begin the tour of Europe, Yehaaw!! There is an equipment list for our live show on the way in a couple of days, it’s just being finished.

The competition for the signed disc is ending on the 30th of September. Winner will be announced mid October. Many thanks for all the entries. (There were LOADS!)

O.K. that’s about it,

Talk to you soon,

- Fergal.


October 10th 1999

Hello there,

We are still at home in Limerick, although we are working!!! We did a press conference here the day before yesterday to announce our first Irish concert since 1994. (That will be Millstreet, Co. Cork, Dec 11th) We are really looking forward to it as it is always very special to play in our home country. There are always lots of family and friends so it makes for a very emotional night.

I have some more good news which is that there are some more Cranberry babies on the way!!!!! Noel’s wife is expecting in February and my wife is expecting a week later. Woo Hoo!!!! It’s an experience I can’t wait for especially after spending time with Dolores’ son.

We travel to Paris on Monday for a few days to do some T.V. shows and then we are off to Milan, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Madrid and various parts of Germany. Doing T.V. shows is a completely different thing from doing a live concert because you are not in control of everything, but that can add to the excitement which is always good thing.

I promised you our equipment list (for all you techies!)

I’ll talk to you soon as now I am going to watch Ireland play Australia in the Rugby World Cup..

See ya later,



November 5th 1999

How’s it going? It’s the 4th of November and I’m at home on a day off. Dolores and myself have been flying home to Ireland because she isn’t bringing her son Taylor with her on the road for this tour, and I want to spent time with my wife because she is pregnant. Noel is flying over and back to London as he and his wife are having their baby there. Poor old Mikey is travelling on the bus because he doesn’t really like flying.

It is a much different way of touring for us but the cool thing is that you get to spend your day off at home. Although I must admit we were talking last night and we all agreed we must stay out on the bus a couple of nights for a good old party!!!!!

Anyway, enough rabbiting on. We played our first gig of the European tour on Monday in Rotterdam. It was a bit of a tough gig to be honest as we have two new sound guys, and everything sounded a bit swirly, but the audience was mega, so we just ignored the sound problems and got stuck in. Last night we played in Lyon and everyone agreed that it was one of the best audiences we’ve had. So if anyone that was there is reading this, thank you and we hope you enjoyed it! I’ve just spent the last hour reading some of the stuff that different Cranberry fans have been chatting about on the Internet. It’s really cool to read things from your perspective and it gives us ideas of what you do and don’t like. Also I just want to say, DON’T WORRY, we are NOT going to retire after we finish our 6th album. We want to keep the Cranberries going for as long as possible !!!

I just heard the other day that there are talks of some Australian and Asian shows in March 2000. As soon as I get confirmation I’ll let you know.

That’s it for now,

Talk to you soon.

- Fergal.


November 24th 1999


The competition for the signed Gold Disc ended a long time ago, and only now have we sifted through the entries, picked out the right answers, and drawn a winner. If you remember, the question was “What does Mike like with his Turkey?”. Well, the answer to that was “Cranberry Saw Us”, which is a little play on words as well as being the original name of the band. This answer was the only correct one to go into the hat and be drawn by myself (Fergal). We printed off each correct answer, crumpled the paper into a ball, and just drew one piece of crumpled paper out of a hat at random. The winner will be informed today, and until we get a response via email, we won’t announce the winner on this website. Fair is fair.
So, check your email folks!

Bye for now,



November 25th 1999


…and the winner of the competition for the Gold Disc is….Yvette Johns Putra, from Selangor in Malaysia. We sent Yvette an email yesterday, and her response was ” I want to say thank you so much to The Cranberries, the best band in the world. I am overjoyed at being the winner of the contest. I hadn’t expected this at all!”

Well done Yvette!



December 6th 1999

Hi, how’s it going ?

I’m still alive. I haven’t been writing too much recently as I’ve been concentrating on the tour, so apologies to anyone who has been waiting.

We are in Madrid and I think I’ve eaten too much “Paella”, I’m feeling a little bloated but there are two hours to go before the gig so, it should be digested by then.

All the shows so far have been great, thank you all for coming. We have been playing a mixture of songs from all four albums and the reaction to the new stuff has been fantastic, it still amazes me how fast people can learn the lyrics.

It’s been great flying home every few days, (the joy of waking up in your own bed is a thing you do not take for granted when you have toured for a long time!) I thought it would feel a little strange because I wasn’t on the bus, but I’ve had a few days where I stayed out here (in Spain) for a bit of a party which is always good for bonding!

We were discussing our plans for next year today and I can tell you that we hope to start recording some new material in May and we will definitely be doing Summer festivals around Europe and the Womad festival in South Africa. We are also trying to organize to go to South America but that has not been confirmed yet.

Woo-hoo! Great news today! In Belfast both sides sat down together around the table so hopefully they will be able to work things out and we will finally have peace in our beautiful country.

t’s now Dec 5th and we are in Barcelona . A few of us went out around the town for a while then we went to eat at the “Hard Rock Cafe” and did a little tour of the bars until 4.30am. But surprisingly I felt great this morning, there is something magic about this city. It is without doubt my favourite!! O.K. it’s time for me to start my stretching etc. before the gig so talk to you later.


Take care,

- Fergal (written Dec 4th and 5th)

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