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Wembley Arena, London, England (28.11.99)

Review #1 from Andrew Clifton (Wembley Arena, London, England, 28.11.99)

Wow what a gig, first Cranberries concert in London for 4 years and well worth waiting for. Straight into the old albums stuff with a nice mix of new stuff. Atmosphere really got going during “Zombie” and the final encore was, of course, “Dreams”! The sound was loud and clear throughout and the backset stunning.

Support was “Monty” – average stuff from young girl band.

Roll on the next time!

—Andrew Clifton

Review #2 from Ariel (Wembley Arena, London, England, 28.11.99)

Hi! It’s Ariel, I was at the cranberries concert at Wembley in london! They really rocked and it was great. The atmosphere was very relaxed and fun.

I like the intro!!! It got me into the concert.
Promises suddenly was rocking and Dolores’s voice was brilliant! It’s a great way to start rocking! The backing vocalist needs to shut up already! He is very annoying. Loud And Clear rocked while Dolores was dancing and guitars kicking also Ode To My Family and Linger and Sunday were moving. During some songs the energy level is so high, it’s like I’m in heaven!
Daffodil Lament gave us some cranberry Dolores drama!
Desperate Andy, you can really feel the passion.
Zombie and Ridiculous Thoughts stormed in. Mike and Noel were cool during pretty. Dolores was pretty.
Salvation!!! Wow, it definitely rocked. It’s weird when people don’t always stand. How can people sit in salvation? Fergal and the band were really happy and in Just My Imagination.
When your gone and Free To Decide were moving.
Dying In The Sun is brilliant.
Delilah rocks live!!!
Dreams was beautiful the audience sang louder than Dolores. This was the best!

Wow, the stars! In this stadium, the music was not loud and clear but the atmosphere was so great. In zombie, we all clapped for Dolores! They know how to give strong moods and Dolores was dancing a lot! The Cranberries are my favorite band. They rock forever! I got a winter, loud and clear hat! They are in touch with the audience even though the set list could be changed. Definitely a great gig.


Review #3 from Caspar (WWembley Arena, London, England, 28.11.99)

It was a great concert, for sure.

They started out with “Promises”. It sounded a little strange to me. It is quite a hard rock song with lots of guitars, and I think it is a dangerous song to start with. The sound from the loud speakers sounded of a little too much to me.The guitars almost choked Dolores’ voice which was a shame….. But anyway, the concert was started, and they went along with lots of different tunes. The main part of the songs was from the first album (“Everybody else…”), actually,they played almost all of the songs from that CD during the concert. Of course, they played some tunes from “Bury The Hatchet” too – and then not so many from the two other CD’s.

The songs which caused the biggest applause from the audience were “Zombie”, “Linger”, “Dreams”, and “Ode To My Family”. People almost got madduring these songs!!!

Well, after the main concert they played a few encores. Dolores started out with “Dying In The Sun” which she played all by herself at a big piano, with a lot of yellow lights shining down at her from above. It was a very beautiful moment, and the crowd was very quiet, while Dolores’ voice floaded out in the room…. It was OHH so beautiful and sentimental!!!

Well, anyway they played a few more extra songs and after about 2 hours the show had finished. It was, for sure, a great experience (to experience) Dolores and the band LIVE!!!

This was just a brief concert review from a Cranberries-fan in Denmark!!!

Lots of greetings

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