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Другие Разделы

Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA, USA, 13.05.02

Review #1 from Edward Randazzo (Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA, USA, 13.05.02)

Hi Gang!

I just wanted to say a few words about the Philadelphia concert last night. What a show this was to witness! Dolores and the boys know how to tear up a stage! As you can tell, the set list was just perfect and everything about this show was top notch. My seats were incredible!! (Thanks Gene!) (Sect: Pit/Row AAA/115) Right up next to the stage! WOW! Dolores and I had eye contact the whole time! (Yes, Dolores that was me who yelled “I Love You” right before Animal Instinct HAhhahaaa!

The Tower Theatre is a grand place to see a show! The crowd was lovin’ every minute of this night! My thoughts are so jumbled right now just thinking about it! But I got to see this group with an amazing bunch of friends and I am So thankful! Magic I tell ya! I did also manage to get a gift I bought for Dolores backstage. (I hope you enjoy the book sweetie!) Oh and thanks to Mike for giving me the set list!

Anyone who was in Philly knows what I mean about May 13th! This show ROCKED! And a nice surprise was “Dreaming My Dreams” Dolores, you looked great too! (Loved that mask!) Good luck with the rest of the tour guys! Hope to see you again soon! A special thanks to Gene, Doug, Joe, and Chuck… My ears are still ringing! HAhahahhaaaaa! Let’s do this again soon! Oh and Paul, it was a pleasure to finally meet you!

All the best!

Edward Randazzo

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