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Другие Разделы

The Meadows, Hartford, Connecticut (22.08.99)

Review #1 from Elisa (The Meadows, Hartford, Connecticut, 22.08.99)

OMG!!! It was awesome as always. Unfortunately I was seated in the upper orchestra which is pretty far away!! It will never compare to my front left position at the Hammerstein Ballroom where Dolores and Noel were like right THERE!! But it was just awesome to feel the pulse of the opening instrumental piece and to feel the anticipation of just hearing them live again!! The moment the curtain opened and they came out my three friends and I stood up all ready for the concert as “God Be With You” started to play.

Everyone behind us (at a concert mind you) started to scream at us to sit down. For some reason we were stuck in the over thirty section!! I noticed other people were standing and dancing also and they were getting the same reaction. I was just about to get really pissed and say something back when Dolores, oh how I love her, Dolores was like “Why is everyone sitting?” I think she realized that a lot of people were being real jerks and she’s like “You guys can sit up you know?!” I was like “YES, YES, YES!! You tell em’ Dolores!!” The lady behind us was soooo pissed as with the rest of the group. But once that ws over we really started to enjoy the concert. The set is just fabulous. For those of you who saw the first leg of the tour, the lightning towers that light up are still the main theme. The back up singer is standing at the left on top of this tall boulder type thing that stretches the length of the stage, it dips in the middle a little and that is where Fergal is with the drums and then it goes up again and this keyboardist that does practically nothing (Dolores plays her own keyboard) stays there…. They have different light themes that come up and reflect on the set, like ferns and daisies!!! There’s two towers, one on each side, with the lightning bolts, and then two that hang from the ceiling, one large and one small… they reminded me of bug lights. Dolores started out in a see through gray dress with flowers print!! It was beautiful.. halfway through that outfit she , as always, showed her feet :)

After “Go your Own Way” they turned a fog maching on the stage (AWESOME :D ) And she came out in a striped patern shirt and black pants and sang “Pretty” in the fog after addressing it to all the women. For the encore she returned in a white long tee and white see through long dress!! The whole show was just awesome.. and for those of you who know Dolores’ “liar” jig…. SHE DOES IT!!! I think it really bothers that leg she hurt but, she still did it.. she had to stretch after and kept hopping on her right leg and stretching again!! :P ”" But, it was fantastic. Her dancing was superb and the singing was out of this world. She tried to keep the crowd up as hard as she could but, people in CT suck!! I’m sorry I grew up here and I know that everyone just has a terrible attitude about everything! That’s why I’m moving to Georgia in two weeks. Everyone kept sitting down and screaming at those who chose to stand and people were getting drunk and pissed off and I didn’t see anyone as into the Cranberries as myself and my friends except for these scattered groups here and there and in the front. People acted like the show sucked!! But it was a 9 on my part :) And it was fantastic despite how far back we were. I attempted to get an autograph at the end but, the security actuslly threatened to get cops if we didn’t leave so I knew it was time to go. They said that “Dolores was already gone in a Cadillac and on her way to the airport for Tokyo” Yep, ROFLMAO!!! I think they were trying to get us out of there because she really was coming out and just was tired and stuff but, the show was worth everything… someday I shall see her!! And Noel (the cutie) and Mike (Love him) and Fergal (whom my friend absolutely went crazy for when the shirt came off)

For those of you who would like to know the set list I wrote it down as the concert played so IN ORDER!!!
1. God Be With You
2. Promises
3. Animal Instinct (didn’t play well with the crowd :P ”")
4. Ode To My Family
5. Sunday
6. Linger
7. Wanted
8. Salvation
9. Go Your Own Way
10. Pretty
11. You and Me
12. When You’re Gone
13 Daffodil Lament
14. I Can’t Be With You
15. Waltzing Back
16. Zombie
17. Ridiculous Thoughts (AWESOME)
18. Dying in the Sun (Can’t tell you what happens but, OMG it was just out of this world… don’t want to ruin it for you but… OMG!! there’s a sun that’s all I’m saying)
19. Shattered (on stools)
20. Just my Imagination (Dolores forgot they added this song and almost forgot to sing it :) LoL)
21. DREAMS!!

Hope this is helpful, useful… anyone else go?

—Elisa HotLog

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