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Другие Разделы

Stadio G. Meazza/San Siro, Milan, Italy (10.06.03)

Review #1 (Stadio G. Meazza/San Siro, Milan, Italy, 10.06.03)

After a great night at the Belfast gig we were really looking forward to going to Milan for the Cranberries and the Rolling Stones. We had a fantastic time. Arrived in Milan on Monday night. We had a chance to look round Milan in the morning – saw the Duomo, the outside of la Scala and the Castello Sforzesco. It was very hot – over 30C. We set off to the stadium mid-afternoon to try and get a good spot.As you get close to the San Siro Stadium, you can really appreciate how frighteningly huge it is (about 60,000 people). We got there about 4 and there was already a large crowd queuing outside. We could hear the Stones still doing their soundcheck so we had to wait until after 5 before the gates opened. There was no problem getting close to the stage and we ended up fairly central about 2 mtrs from the stage. The Cranberries equipment was still being set up so I guess they didn’t get a chance for a soundcheck.The Cranberries walked on the stage soon after 7:00 in broad daylight, looking very relaxed. If they were nervous about playing to such a crowd then it didn’t show. Fergal just strolled up to his drums without any fuss. Noel stood at the front of the stage, ready to come in, looking very cool, as if he was waiting for a bus – and off they went with THIS IS THE DAY. From where we were the sound was good. Who needs soundchecks? Dolores looked great in light blue denim pants cut-off just below the knee – and a red patterned top. She had a fantastic belt – very dangly and intricate. (If you read this Dolores – where did you get the belt from?) Dolores really did well – she made use of the immense stage and runways – going out into the crowd on the central walkway and getting them going. The crowd around us were really enjoying the set – we were all dancing, waving and singing along. A couple of A1 idiots threw plastic bottles at the stage but Dolores is a real tough cookie and she didn’t let it put her off. (Later on I think some idiots also had a go at Keith Richard as he was walking back from the B-stage).Someone had brought a large Irish flag and Dolores draped it around her. She also had fun with a water hose – spraying the crowd with it. The Cranberries played 11 songs in total – highlights for us were DESPERATE ANDY, FREE TO DECIDE and PROMISES. The set was quite ‘rocky’, well chosen to suit a Rolling Stones audience. DREAMS to finish. Bearing in mind that this was essentially a Rolling Stones crowd, we thought the Cranberries did really well. They must have made a lot of new fans and reinforced their popularity in Italy.Thanks to the Cranberries for a great night. Maybe we can get to Killarney for the last gig of the mini-tour.

—Nigel and Pamela from Blackpool

Review #2 (Stadio G. Meazza/San Siro, Milan, Italy, 10.06.03)

Hi guys! Well, I think I have to say something about the gig in Milan. It’s not easy at all, but let’s try. I arrived at gates at 4:30 in the morning (or in the night? ). 12 hours waiting, and waiting, and wating. Finally they let us enter the stadium and the first row was ours. Another bit of waiting (but this time with the smile on my face) and then YOU appeared on the stage. I really can’t explain how I felt in those moments. You, Dolores, were fabulous. The guys played well, even if it was soooo hot (you were hot too). I was there ONLY FOR YOU (I think you read the sign, Noel & Steve for sure… I remind their faces ^_^) and you gave me feelings worth much more than the 75 euros I spent. The flag Dolores took was mine, thanks to my friends Monica & Beppe who gave it to you. Now I ask every people who was in San Siro “Did you see the flag Dolores took? It was mine!”. Unfortunately there was some things that made me feel bad… i.e. a drunk boy near us that I think made Dolores scared and some sick minded guys who threw bottles and on the stage. Luckily it didn’t hit nobody of you. The set list was good chosen and for how I heard, the public did appreciate. I think you gained some fans. What else? I’m already in a deep Cran-abstinence crisis, hope to see you soon here in Italy or where else in the world. If I can, there I am. 10 Cran – gigs in 15 months and counting…

—Mara a.k.a. IrishSoul

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