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Shoreline Amphiteatre, San Francisco, CA (18.09.99)

Review #1 from Matias Walkoski (Shoreline Amphiteatre, San Francisco, CA, 18.09.99)

It’s been awhile since my last post (I’m not going to tell you the whole story about that in this mail). The webcast is just finished and I’m so excited that I want to write some words right know!!.

First of all I updated my cransite so that any visitor to my site could visit the webcast (they will have time to visit the site on another ocasion ;) ).Not to mention that the address given in cranberries.ie was incorrect (at least when I checked it) but the one in cranberries.com was OK, so the problem was fixed.

The Show: Let’s make it clear that I’m gonna write about it,as it was seen on the webcast (you will have to ask someone who was on San Francisco for more precise details).

They started the webcast with some Michel Jackson classic and then some techno music with images from the outside of the theatre. Then it was time for the Collective Soul show. When they were finished it was time for some comercials and then the band ‘Pound’ played a couple of themes. (I think they swap the order of the bands at the webcast, because it was obvious that Pound played before C.Soul). Some interval and finaly they started with the cranberries; they started with

PROMISES (they didn’t broadcast that song from the beginning) :_(

Well i’ll transcribe you the set-list from this show:
-Loud and Clear
-Animal Instinct
-Ode to my Family
–>dol playing on her KORG M1 keyboard
-Sunday –> a ’speedy’ version, dol on an acoustic Taylor (SORRY, It was in fact a GUILD acoustic guitar!!)
–> yet another ’speedy’ and ‘hardcore’ version
-Desperate Andy
-Go Your Own Way
-When you’re Gone
–> Just AMAZING!!!
-I Can’t be with you
-Waltzing Back
-Ridiculous Thoughts

-Dying in the Sun –> DOL on PIANO
-You and me
-Just my Imagination
-Free to Decide

(END of Concert)

-They used a recorded version from Ave Maria (DOLORES VOCAL) to end the broadcast and then some comercials.

Dolores changed her dress 3 times during the concert; she started with a black Jacket and a kinda blue dress and she ended on a white dress (sorry i’m not good describing fashion ;o) She was with black short hair and her main instrument was her classic ‘red ES-335′ (I guess) Gibson Guitar..

Well I hope this short description of the show is for someone usefull.

—Matias Walkoski

Review #2 from Cody Schaedler (Shoreline Amphiteatre, San Francisco, CA, 18.09.99)

It was three days before my birthday and I was totally psyched to be seeing my first Cranberries live performance despite being a fan since their first album. I waited in line outside of the strip club next to the theater for 2 and a half hours, and when I got inside I was more than ready to hear the Berries rock. But no, another hour of waiting was to come. Some guy next to me was treating my 14 year old sister to an alcoholic beverage; but who am I to object? Then, after around an hour and a half, out comes Jude, the epitome of suck. For one thing, everyone around me was going,”Who are THESE guys?” and naturally I knew there’d be an opening act, but I didn’t think it would be this. So, 30 painful minutes later (I didn’t really comprehend the passage of time during this ordeal) they pace off stage to a chorus of mixed cheers and boos from the onlookers (including me, positioned inches from the stage). It was a great thrill to be so close, as I originally thought I would be confined to a seat for the duration of the show. So, finally, the lights go out, and the laser show starts, which means they’re finally ready to go. I’d always heard they started their shows with sort of a foreign melody (something lifted), and tonight was no different. I can’t really place what I heard, but it sort of sounded like “Intermission”. After listening to boring Jude for a half hour, I was more than ready when the lights came on and the opening crash of Promises erupts, with Dolores within grabbing distance (an exaggeration, but I did grab her hand right before Dreams) and the rest of the band shrouded in shadows (oh well). I immediately was thrilled to see that Dolores had shaved (or cut, I guess it’s not really “shaved”) her head again, replacing her previous somewhat less appealing guise. I never understood how she did Salvation with all that hair. But anyway, it was a huge thrill just to see everyone there, Dolores in her clogs, breaking out the moves during Loud and Clear, mixed with some delightful acoustic during selected tracks (I don’t remember exactly which, I know You and Me).

After that she walked off stage for a minute and came back in that little hot pink top she wore in some earlier shows, and Salvation got the crowd jumping (for a little while; I think I was the only one really going off through the whole thing, although at 6′5″ I’m too tall to really jump, I just lifted up on my toes to simulate jumping; my calves were spasming later that night). It was such a great night. At their break the crowd never stopped clapping and screaming (although I was a bit more reserved during the stoppage). I didn’t pay as much attention to the songs leading up to Dreams, the closer (although I should have, b/c I really like When You’re Gone, really all of them). I don’t know why. Some loser guy next to me repeatedly shouted “Play Forever Yellow!” even when Mike shook his head No again and again. Some people never learn. Before Dreams, Dolores started playing some stuff that sounded new (I’ve heard everything they’ve ever played and it didn’t sound familiar; incidentally I was lobbying for one of my personal favorites, A Fast One). But she stopped after about 10 or 15 seconds and said she “hadn’t gotten all the lyrics yet.” So then I saw some guys reaching out their hands, and I figured this might be a good time to push their asses out of the way and make a good night even better. So I reached for Dolores’ beckoning hand, missing the first time, feeling devastated, and then she decided to try again, and I grabbed onto her. She felt soft and feminine, as one might expect (c’mon people!). Releasing her, relishing the fact I had upstaged everyone else present in the auditorium, I exploded into wild jumping for Dreams (as she shouted “Dreams!”) with a bright white light shining in my eyes, exposing the floor of the theater. At the close of the song, they thanked all who attended and made their exit, and the audience was treated to a recording of Ave Maria as I walked off in semi-contained excitement. The greatest show on Earth…


Review #3 from Kristen Loomis (Shoreline Amphiteatre, San Francisco, CA, 18.09.99)

Collective Soul, the opening band, was really great also. When they finished their songs they thanked the Cranberries, because this was the end of their tour together. During the intro music, which must have lasted 5 minutes or more, the audience cheered and screamed. I didn’t sit down once for this entire concert.

Before “Loud and Clear” Dolores said that this song is basically telling the tabloids to get a life. Dolores introduced “Desperate Andy” by saying something like “You know those big hairy guys who are all tough on the outside, but are really soft on the inside?”. And then for a few seconds during the song, the people backstage made some guy stand on the stage as Andy (I think it must have been one of the sound crew).

Dolores made it seem like “Ridiculous Thoughts” was going to be the end of the concert, so when they finished, everybody started cheering really loudly, and some people actually LEFT at this point! Everybody clapped,screamed, waved lighters, and drumed the chairs for a good 10 minutes, before the Cranberries came back. When they did, Dolores was in a white satin dress, sitting on a white piano that rose from the back of the stage. A big yellow sun effect light shone on the stage, and she sang “Dying in the Sun”.

During “Free to Decide” they used some really neat strobe effects, also for the ending of “Ridiculous Thoughts”. She had the audience sing quite a bit of “Dreams”, their ending song. This was a really awesome concert, and one that I had looked forward to for a long time. The Cranberries didn’t let me down!


Review #4 from Ken Grummett (Shoreline Amphiteatre, San Francisco, CA, 18.09.99)

We flew in from Alaska Saturday afternoon for the show that night and it was well worth the trip. The concert started with a rocking set from CS that got the crowd pumped up. The Cranberries set list was the same as the previous US tour dates. The sound was excellent and Dolores was in top form and looking good. I love that Irish accent of hers. The highlight for me was during the encore when they played ”Dreams” and Dolores was dancing all over the stage in a flowing white gown. ”Dying in the Sun” was also a very close second. My only complaint was that Dolores kept wanting the crowd to sing. This was not that big of deal but I came to hear them sing not the crowd. All in all it was an excellent concert and I can’t wait to see them again.


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