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Другие Разделы

Rudi Sedl. Halle, Munich, Germany (11.11.99)

Review #1 from Julia Seemann (Rudi Sedl. Halle, Munich, Germany, 11.11.99)

Well, as the arena was completely sold out( which was not the case with the seats), I really had a good time in the first row! Actually the concert seemed to be ill-fated because before the Cranberries even appeared on stage, one woman fainted. The emergency-men were immediately at hand and everything took a turn for the better.

Andreas Johnson and his band entered the stage and they really performed well apart from Andrea`s quite arrogant movements…I sometimes had the impression of a “sex-film”. (He ended every song with licking off his plectron and running his hand slimy through his hair…)

The Cranberries appeared on time after a quite impressing intro and inaugurated the concert with “Promises”.

The stage set was gorgeous as well as the special effects of the flood lights. ( When Dolores sang about Daffodils the spotlights created some…) You had the imagination that there was a huge iceberg and on it`s top there was Feargal with his drums. Below him, at his two sides, there were the two guest-guitar players (singer) and at the bottom Noel and Mike and in the front Dolores. She first wore a quite transparent (!) cloth, winded skillfully round her delicate body and a scarf round her head which she took off after “Promises”. Her hair was brown-coloured and short which gave her a quite natural appearance. I had the feeling that she came back to the Cranberries original old stile and refrained from the “long blond hair-miniskirt-copycat-stile” which delighted me a lot. She changed two times; first before she sang “Pretty”. There she wore black trousers and a short black shirt. One could see her belly- piercing now.

After the break they started with “Dying in the sun” with Dolores sitting at her white piano with her back to the audience and Fergal, Noel and Mike sitting on chairs in front of her, watching and admiring her. This creates a very special and moving athmosphere. A big glaring sun was seen behind Dolores. With songs like “Ridiculous Thoughts” or “Delilah” she really made a supreme effort while she became silent and peaceful when singing songs like “You and Me” or “When you are gone” thinking of her son or the mortality of a human`s life. One of her first songs was “Loud And Clear”. The paparazzies were still in the hall, trying to catch her best posure with their cameras, when Dolores introduced the song by explaining “loud and clear” her views about the press with quite vulgar but genuine statements…

During the concert Dolores never lost contact with the other band members. They glanced and smiled at each other and whispered a few words to the others or they kind of encouraged each other with their instruments. It wasn`t seldom that she stood in front of Feargal and even waved in his direction, dancing completely in tune with his rythm and smiling at him.

The Cranberries recieved two presents: A paper with several pics of the band and written speeches and a tape which I myself threw on stage. The Cranberries live-performances have only one but important shortcoming: The contact between Dolores and THE AUDIENCE really leaves much to be desired! She actually encourages the fans to sing along with her but she doesn`t really give us the impression of really noticing us. She seems to dwell in her own world.

All in all the Cranberries performed about one hour and 40 minutes. After the concert I tried to catch them at the side exit but they drove by in a little bus with the window panes toned down on their way to the airport.

—Julia Seemann

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