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Другие Разделы

Roxy Theater, Los Angeles LA, USA (14.08.01)

Review #1 from Albundy D. Lupercio (Roxy Theater, Los Angeles LA, USA, 14.08.01)

Well let’s see, first of all I wasn’t expecting to go, but I got the chance to go thanks to JOHN [main "zombie"], so I asked my cousin if he wanted to go and he said “of course”. If you read my review of the 9/16/99 show, that’s the same cousin I am talking about. anyways, we got there. Earlier in the day, I pleaded with the management (by phone) if I could take in a photo camera, they said (and I quote) “absolutely no one is to be let in with any photo and or audio/video recording devices, whatever they may be”. So I thought, oh well, so as my cousin and I were anxiously awaiting the performance, I must have seen at least 15 people with photo cameras, when they told me I couldn’t bring one in {man I was mad}. I thought “f*** it”, once I saw Dolores take stage, my mind went somewhere else. They wooed the crowd by starting off with their best selling single to date, “Zombie”. I think I remember Dolores saying somewhere that she still has “some of that baby fat”, [from her last pregnancy] and talked about that child (sorry I don’t remember what the child’s name is) and said that “Never Grow Old” was about that child. There were literally, some parts between songs were the crowd noise was so loud that Dolores couldn’t hear anything, that’s how much the crowd was into the show and appreciated how far The Cranberries have grown musically. There was the occasional shouts of “I love you Dolores” [she replied "I love you too"], “You guys rock” “F**k Yeah” etc……All in All, this show was a well organizes show, what I mean is that it was the best way to get people into the new stuff, and still sing-a-long to the classics, and by the looks of it, I still think The Cranberries are one of the greatest live acts out there. That’s my “2 cents!”

—Adam D. Lupercio

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