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Ra’Anana Amphitheatre,Tel Aviv, Israel (27.06.00)

Review #1 from Chen (Ra’Anana Amphitheatre,Tel Aviv, Israel 27.06.00)


U won’t believe what has happened to me in the last 24 hours!!!!!!

I went to concert and i was in the first row….the concert in israel was great…. the audience rocked!!!! Some boy jumped the security and managed to get into the stage in the middle of “i can’t be with u” and dolores ran off a few meters till’ the security people took him off….

Anyway after the concert we went to the gates trying to manage to get in but in israel it’s like if u know someone so u can get in….so if u had a connection u manged to get in…and we didn’t…. dolores car took off and we ran after the car and she was sleeping in the car like a child…!!!

We were very disappointed…and we decided to go to their hotel… we got to the hotel and spoke with a guy who worked there he was very very nice… (the truth is that no one pay to much attentions to the band…) anyway we sat in the lobby and then we saw the guys and we took a pictures and stuff.. dolores wasn’t there she went to bad… and we decided to wait till the morning. The boys went out drinking or somethin’ and we went out eating… we got back to the hotel and we saw 4 guys that we already seen on the stage…we spoke with them and we sat with them…one of the guys was MOR (mort)that’s his nickname he was dolores’s big brother,one was Bob and he told us all kind of stories ie. dolores likes to see her audience,their staff names dolores husband as “the satan” (he said it that no one will hear…),dolores once baked him pizza in 2 am, and he said that she has a nickname but he wouldn’t tell us….(all the details that i wrote came out off the whole conversation and not as questions…) there were another 2 guys, one named Seth’ and i don’t remembr the other.

While we sat there, guess who came??? the guys!!!! they sat with us they were drinking (Bob was the only one who stayed from the 4 guys )…and the guys sat with us for about 45 minutes or even an hour…there were with 3 more friends of them that drank and drank…anyway, mike was drinking a lot and he didn’t spoke with us a word…fergal and noel are so , so great. fergal is so small and he talks a lot, noel is so charming… by the way Bob said that the new song is really great, fergal also agreed!!! (fergal took my email addreess).

Anyway they said that dolores will be up by 9 in the morning but she didn’t… we waited till 14:30 and we saw fergal and noel in the swimming pool… the people who work in the hotel were great; they checked for us when the cranberies are going to leave the hotel/if dolores ordered something from room service/we got dolores’s room number/ etc.

We started to feel sad and mad and we wanted to go home but suddenly dolores went down to the pool with orange swiming suit and sat with noel/bob etc. I guess noel talked with her and told her about us so after a few minutes she came to us (we sat with the lifeguard) she seemed angry but she wasn’t. She said ” O.k let’s take pictures, autographs and get it over with”…it souned pretty ugly…but after that she was nicer..my friend congratulate her for the baby and dolores was like surprised and she asked in a laugh “how do u know it” (she was suprised and kidded) and stuff…she is so so so thin u won’t believe it!!! everytime she was speaking on something that related with her, her face was shining…


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