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Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain (15.03.02)

Review #1 from Paula (Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain, 15.03.02)

Boy, whatta concert! They’ve played 22 songs and Dolores, ufff!, she’s got and incredible energy this woman, I’ll tell you:

First band was lombardi, a new spanish band so we decided not to see them and to go a have a look at the back door off the “palau” (palace in catalan) because we tought we could catch the crans on their van or something but we had no luck :(

Then weezer played and they warmed up the audience pretty well because altough they are not much popular around here they play really well and the people liked the ambient they were creating.

The third band was dover, wich are my favorite rock band here in spain and playing live they are the best in the world and they are also very nice. There we were our friend and I on the floor singing like crazy people and screaming and jumping, because also this boys (two boys and two girls) they spread their energy quickly and they warmed up the engines for the main stuff: the cranberries.

We were waiting too long and on the widescreens on the sides of the stage there were music videos on: incubus, marilyn manson, pod, etc… and suddenly wake up and smell the coffee starts… uff it was incredible because everything was dark and suddenly the guitars start to sound after that intro that the song has and all the lights turned on… Dolores was extra cute (“guapisima”) with a colorfull shirt and a very very short black skirt… crazy… the note of the night was in charge of fergal, because dolores ended the song, mike and noel ended too but fergal was like “in trance” and he was still hitting the drum because he was very into the song and then dolores walked towards him to tell him it was enough, that the song was over, to stop playing :) .

Then they played zombie, linger, uff so like to complete 22 songs. Mainly from bury the hatchet: animal instinct, you and me (“this is a song about love, amooore” – dolores), just my imagination and promises, for promises dolores wore a suit like a venecian carnival, well something like that, she had a sort of a long rose handkerchief on her head and a mask that covered her half of her face, pretty cute.

From everybody else they played linger, pretty (“a song about women”) dreams and waltzing back.

From wake up they played only 5 saong and that was perhaps the only delusion for the fans (there were also no fans on the crowd) this songs were: tito, this is the day, wake up, i really hope (one of my favorites and live is amazing ) and of course analyse that it sounds better live than on the cd.

From no need they played zombie, ode to my family, i can’t be with you and ridiculous thougths.

From to the faithful: salvation, free to decide and when you’re gone, wich indeed was very pretty.

Dolores on the middle of the songs she sang: barceloooooonaaaa and screamed “os quiero mis amigos” (I love you mi friends), they were having a wonderfull time, like us, and she didn’t stop jumping like crazy like if she were one of us, during the concert she tooked a bed sheet that had written “I love you cranberries” or something like that from some fans that were standing on the first row and she put it on a platform onstage so that she could read what it was written and she said “oooooh muchas gracias” (ohhhh thanks a lot). She changed clothes three times, after the shirt and the skirt she wore a suit with stripes and moles kind of strange with a trouser opened on the knies (was something sort of what men use on rio de janeiro carnival) it was white and black without sleevs, and the third suit was a shirt and a long skirt black, the kind of stuff it’s currently being used they’re kind of chiffon ( I don’t know if I am being clear) and that is what she wore underneath the pink “turban” from promises.

About the boys they were more or less normal. Fergal wore his famous black shirt wich he may have several from those because I don’t understand how it last that long :) . Mike was…. I really don’t reacall now, because I think I didn’t payed much attention to him because he was so quiet and like the show wasn’t with him, wich it did quite surprise me because it was noel who was moving, and he was like jumping backwards and forward… I was told he was quite shy!

Resuming it was one of the most exciting nights of my life, with ode to my family I even cried, because for me it is a very special song ’cause it helped me to pass trough a bad period of my life.

A big kiss

Review #2 from Tonillo (Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain, 15.03.02)

I’ll never forget that 15th March of 2002 on the Palau Sant Jordi (Barcelona). I’ve heard the cranberries live on TV, but I what I saw and heard that night, couldn’t be compared!!!! Dolores had an incredible clear voice, and the acoustic songs were the best! Mike, Noel and Fergal were also impressive. Everything was so big! It’s incredible how the live songs sounded, my hair goes up everytime I remember it!! They truley have the best live sound, (well worth the waiting).

This is the list of the songs they’ve played at the concert:

I can’t remember the exact order, but this were the 22 songs they’ve played.

Story from the concert, I can tell, that when Dolores was singing she tooked some drum sticks and she walked straight to the fans on the front row, wich were screaming and jumping, and while she touched them, one of them tooked a stick from her hand, and in the middle of the song she screamed: “no, no!” so then they give them back to her!

The Analyse song, was one of the better soundings during the whole night and it hasn’t the same rythm as of the CD version (W.U.A.S.T.C.), it was faster. Well, the truth is that all the songs sounded incredible live!! On Linger, at the final part of the song, Dolores started to scream Barcelona, till the song ended. Unforgetable!!!

I wish I could help with more details, but the rest was already perfectly described by Paula. All , in all, it was one of the best nights of my life!!!! Now I can’t wait to enjoy again of one concert, because of all the big things that the Cranberries have to offer! Without any doubt one of the very best bands to exist!

Greetings to all the Cranberries fans,


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