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Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy (08.06.03)

Review #1 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

Hi, ecco le foto del nostro primo concerto in trasferta direttamente da Bolzano dopo avere aspettato mesi( novembre 2002) per potervi riascoltare per la terza volta. E sarebbe seguita la quarta volta di Milano dove eravate i supporter dei Rolling Stones. Il suono dalla seconda fila dove eravamo, io e la mia amica Helga, non era granche. Ma non importa perche la vostra performance e stata eccellente, dopo, Milano dove tu, Dolores, hai superato te stessa e su quel palco infuocato ed enorme, sei stata divina. Ora quanto dovremmo ancora aspettare per vedervi di nuovo in Italia? Va be’ vorra dire che faremo la seconda trasferta nel cuore dell’Irlanda, Limerick. Hai ricevuto le calzette con le farfalle che abbiamo tirato sul palco di Bolzano mentre cantavi just my imagination? Chissa??? Alla prossima volta. Siete grandi. Saluti Lorenza ed Helga.

Review #2 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

CIAO!!!! I was in Bolzano for your amazing show! like the others shows dolores you were fantastic! i’ve seen Noel play his guitar very very strong! wow!!!!!! i want to thanks 2 special girl, new friends, Ale & Ale from Sicily, thanks for your friendship and company!!!Dolores: i espect with impatience the Duets with Zucchhero! bye to all!!! Ciao Cranberriesitalia team and all friends of the chat! Dolores, Fergal, Noel, Mike i wish to see you soon in italy again!!! Frank – Modena – Italy

Review #3 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

Hi My name is Martin and I am from Poland.Last Sunday I was at the Cranberries concert in Bolzano (1200 km from Poland).This was my fourth concert during last 1,5 year ( two concerts in Berlin and one in Katowice in Poland).Like all of previous gigs this concert was fantastic. The more that the Italian audience was brilliant too.They were very similar in their reactions to the Polish audience and completely different form German one which was so cold and absolutely without any emotions. Because I was able to take a few pics during concert please find enclosed some of them.

Review #4 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

Hey, Cranberries!!!!!! I saw your Gig in Bolzano and it was awesome as usual (this is my 4th). I like the two new songs, maybe with more guitars they could sound even better, you know. Anyway the concert was fantastic, there was a great energy in the band, so thanks Ferg, Mike, Noel and Naturally Dolores (I think that your new “long” hair are really cool, and wet are even better ehehe, anyway thanks for the water you splitted on us, it was a really God’s gift, is it the right word???) I really enjoyed Promises, really powerful. So what more can I say………maybe I was a little bit disappointed ‘cos you made only 21 songs……. And if I can give you an Idea, Stop with pretty………. I am really bored with that song….Ok it’s not bad but you have more than 30 songs better that “pretty”. This is my only two “disappointment” eheh. For the rest, There’s no need to argue anymore…… the quality and the energy of your concerts is always better….. so I thank you, Cran……..I think that the reputation of a Rock band is made from the Concerts, so there’s no doubt that you’re really a rock-legend . Thank you, guys,Thank you Dolores, in a world of GArbage music, you’re Pure Oxygen!!!See you next year………and try to make a great Cran-Rock-Album……you can do it!!!!!Davide (aka “Ballybricken”) Reggio E.P.S. Dolores, next time, you can split on us Guinness instaed of the water.. ;-) ……Keep on rockin’ Dol!!!

Review #5 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

HI!I WAS IN BOLZANO THREE EVENING AGO…AND I HAVEN’T WORDS…THERE AREN’T ADJECTIVES FOR DESCRIBE THAT SHOW…YOU ARE REALLY SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THERE ARE SOME PHOTOS ABOUT THE SHOW IN BOLZANO IN THIS MAIL.I HOPE YOU LIKE THEM.I’M THE GIRL WHO HAVE WRITTEN THE STREAMER THAT DOLORES HAVE NEAR HER IN THE PHOTO dol&streamer!that streamer say:we are the children of your music and we know that you are a great mother!!!!!becose also i don’t know you everyday i pray , i think and i hope for you …. your music and your words and your essence are in myself…and everyday they light me….!!!i love you. ALISON

Review #6 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

Dear Cranberries and dear Dolores, I saw you for the second time two days ago in Milan, (The first time I was in Treviso) and I have to say you`re always more and more brilliant, fantastic, wonderful!!! I took some photo to send to you, but unfortunately the security sequestrated my tape…it was the saddest moment of my day. I know that it is no legal, but I only wished a little memory of you, even if I will always have you and your music in my heart! See yo soon Katy P.S. Dolores you`re simply indescribable!!!to take temporary possession of someone’s property until they have paid back the money that they owe or until they have obeyed a court order

Review #7 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

Hi Dolores & guys, I was in Bolzano last night and as usually I was directly in front of you ( I recived in my face the glass of water by Dolores!!!).Thank you so much for the great energy that every time you put under my skin and heart!!…..and compliments for your new ASTRAL-spell,I already know it will “complicate my life”…..by Alessandro

Review #8 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

An Astral picture, Space Fergal and Double Dolores, and Believe (Become)…from the show in Bolzano. Ciao! Sergio Mantovani (webmasters note: If you save the picture, its in a much larger format)

Review #9 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

Heres a review from local Bolzano (Bozen) radio station “Suedtirol 1″. First, it’s in German, then below our attempt at the English translation! (Please don’t write and ask why German and not Italian! It’s a long story!)

Review #10 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

The Cranberries hautnah – mit Sudtirol1 Am Sonntag, 08. Juni war es soweit. Die irische Rockgruppe The Cranberries gab in der Bozner Eiswelle ein legendares Konzert. Zwar war bereits 3 Minuten vor 21 Uhr Show-Beginn, aber das Feeling in der Eiswelle war einmalig.Das Meet&Greet: Dolores O’Riordan, Judith Barbolini, Marion Hinteregger, Alex Lechner (v.l.n.r.) Eineinhalb Stunden lang rockten Dolores O’Riordan und ihre Cranberries die Bozner Eiswelle. Einmal mehr stellte die smarte Sangerin aus Limerick/Irland ihre gewaltige Stimme unter Beweis. Zudem wuchs die nur 1,65m gro?e Powerfrau uber ihre Grenzen hinaus. Mit Minirock und aussagekraftigen Tshirts (believe, become) hatte Dolores O’Riordan die Menschenmenge voll im Griff. Sudtirol1 hatte bereits im Vorfeld die 2 gro?ten Cranberries-Fans gecastet. Ein Meet&Greet mit vollem rundum-Service wurde geboten. Treffen mit der Band vor Show-Auftakt, Tshirts, Poster, DVD “Stars” u.v.m. Die glucklichen Gewinnerinnen waren Judith Barbolini aus Bozen und Marion Hinteregger aus Muhlbach. Beide durften jeweils mit Begleitperson und Sudtirol1-Moderator Alex Lechner backstage die Cranberries treffen.

Review #11 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

The Cranberries up close – with Radio Sudtirol1. On Sunday, 08. June, the time had come. The Irish Rock group The Cranberries gave a legendary concert in the Bozen Eiswelle. Mind you, the concert started 3 minutes before the scheduled 9pm showtime, but the feeling in the Eiswelle was distinctive! The Meet&Greet: Dolores O’Riordan, Judith Barbolini, Marion Hinteregger, Alex Lechner (pictured below from left to right) Dolores O’Riordan and her Cranberries rocked the Bozner Eiswelle for one hour and a half. And one more time, the classy singer from Limerick/Irland gave strong proof of her powerful voice. She also grew way beyond her 1.65 meter stature! With a mini skirt and “statement” T-shirts (believe, become) Dolores had the crowd completely in her hands! Sudtirol1 had earlier selected out the two biggest Cranberries fans in the area! A Meet&Greet prize incorporating a full “all-in” service was offered. A meeting with the band just before show begin as well as Tshirts, a Poster, a “Stars” DVD and many other bits and pieces. The lucky winners were Judith Barbolini from Bozen and Marion Hinteregger from Muhlbach. Both were allowed to bring one guest, and also accompanying them was Sudtirol1-Radio DJ Alex Lechner; all of whom met the Cranberries backstage.

Review #12 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

Hi guys! On sunday I was in Bolzano for your show and it was great as usual (it my my 4th gig since april 2002).I came from Turin (500 km far from Bolzano) just to see you, but there were also guys come from Sicily!!!!!!!!You feel more relaxed than in 2002 tour, I can see Dolores laughing and enjoing…..it was great. I took some fotographs, so that I will remeber this day for a long time.Have great shows with the “old” Rolling Stones! Filippo Ciccone

Review #13 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

My compliments to DOLORES and her BAND!!!You were phantastic, incredible, I really liked the whole concert in the Palaonda in Bolzano, under a hot, humid feeling, jumping, shouting, crying,dreaming, listening to my favourite band.THANK YOU VERY MUCH COMING TO BOLZANO!!!And next time come on holidays in the Dolomites in winter, and I can teach you skiing with our ski school www.skidolomites.it !!!Big kiss, big hug to Dolores markus la villa – dolomites – italy PS: many of my friends would have come to the concert, but 80 % of them where on a long week end in Jesolo, until Monday, because in Bolzano we had a bank holiday. So for most of the people living in the province of Bolzano.Otherwise you would have had a full stadium, I’m sure!!!SEE YOU ON THE NEXT CONCERT AND “IN BOCCA AL LUPO FOR TONIGHT WITH THE ROLLING STONES IN MILAN”/Markus Valentini.

Review #14 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

Hellooooooo Cranberries!!! Your show yesterday was fantastic, amazing as always. WHOA!!!!! I have still clear memory on yesterday?s night and I am a little tired because I was trying to get in 1st row but I coundn?t make it. But I saw you from 3rd row and because I am small and skiny the crowd almost squeeze me when you played song Salvation, and everyone get crazy and start jumping and pushing. But I am strong too and I survive – of course :) This was my 4th time to see you live on tour. I was also in Vienna-Austria last february 2002, Zagreb-Croatia and in Treviso-Italy. I am from Slovenia and you have to come there some day too!!! I like your new songs Austral project and In it together I still remember some words from that song and the melody which is great. I like the start – Analyse, you surprised me because I thought you will play Wake up… song first because I heard intro of that song. I like all your songs you played – Daffodil lament, Loud and clear where I was also sing sooooo loud and clear :) ) and Ridiculous thoughts (omg I like that song), funny song Desperate Andy, my song when I am happy Just my imagination, Animal instinct, Linger, Dreams, This is the day,….. Maybe you have to play more often Turn away (that song I heard in Vienna and it was great), Still can?t, Sunday, Wanted, Chocolate brown, Go your own way. And I missed Stars and Wake up and smell the coffee yesterday. I also like Dolores clothes and boots. I like how she split watter of her head and her hair was all wet, that was cooool!!! We were wet in the croud too, it was very hot. Ok, have a great hollidays in the summer time and take care of yourself. And enjoy on Rolling stones tour :) ) YOUR BIG FAN FOR YEARS ANDREJA FROM SLOVENIA!!!!

Review #15 (Palaonda, Bolzano, Italy, 08.06.03)

Hi! First of all sorry for my bad English but I’ve been learning it only for two years now. I’m back home now from the concert in Bolzano – ITA. And it was great!!! This was the only thing I wanted to say to you. Thanks for such a great experience. As I said, thanks again and I hope the band enjoyed the stay here in the Alpes. Maybe they are going to play such a cool show again here. Yours sincerly Petra Goetsch, Naturns – ITA / BZ PS: Ragards to all the band – members, especially to Dolores

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