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Другие Разделы

Out in the Green Fest, Switzerland (09.07.00)

Review #1 from Alfredo Meyer (Out in the Green Fest, Switzerland, 09.07.00)

Cranberries closed this 3 day festival together with almost 30,000 visitors where The Corrs, Alanis Morrrissette, and others also played. The typical autum day, with a short drizzle and our mud splashed nickers escorted our anxiety of watching Dolores on stage. We were an hour standing and holding on the security fence, so that our place remained untouchable while the roadies brought the equipment and other stuff. It was planned that they should play at 19:45 hs, but as usual it delayed for a couple of minutes that seemed endless.

Suddenly a kind of arabic music started as an introduction with a strong percussion that was increasing it?s volume…. and now Cranberries was onstage and the ovation began, shouts and euphoria. Dolores got short laced boots, a black ?jet cloth? trouser, a black diver and when he raiced her arms, one could see the belly piercing and also a grey jean jacket. The others were also as usual… very static, specialy the bassist.

I can?t remember the opening song, but I remember the second was Salvation. And then, they played one fron their first LP – was it Linger? I can?t remember that much. I had such an emotion, that I just singed and tooked the hand of my girlfriend. Dolores moves from one side to the other on stage, she looks the public a lot and she often dance shaking her hips and arms. She thanked us for staying although it was raining… after a couple of songs, she took her jacket off and also the diver and she had a black T-shirt. I saw on one of her shoulders a new tatoo, that I haven?t seen before – not even on the Just my Imagination video where you can see her shoulders. Songs like Zombie, I still do, Wanted, Ridiculous Thoughts… and the classics lists goes on. She was in a Top moment with her voice – she really demonstrated what she is: a trully singer. Noel changed guitars practically on every song and you almost could know what song he was going to play acording to the guitar he choosed – for example, the old red guitar for Zombie. Before starting to play a new song, he said that ?till now his favotire album was Bury…

After an hour and a quarter, came the pause – and then they played tree more songs, closing the act with Dreams… everything was over, just memorys… another nice moment in our lifes. Thank you Cranberries for alowing us to be in your lifes for at least an hour and a half!

—Alfredo Meyer

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