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Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany (04.06.03)

Перевод: Dess

Review #1 (Астория II, Лондон, Англия, 02.06.03)

Привет всем!.. Мой парень и я собирались на поезд в Лондон, но у нас была 2-часовая задержка:-( У меня была лишь 1 мысль: “Я хочу быть напротив сцены, я хочу быть напротив сцены”, я по-настоящему нервничала из-за того, что у меня может не получиться попасть туда, но получилось! Это было замечательно быть прямо напротив сцены в таком маленьком зале!

Я была счастлива, когда Долорес спустилась со сцены, чтобы прикоснуться к нашим рукам! Концерт был по-настоящему замечательным! Мне действительно понравилось! Новые песни были чудесными, хотя они еще не до конца сделаны. В конце выступления мы вышли и ждали, ждали, ждали… Мне нужно было в туалет… и предсталяет? Да! Да! Они уже ушли, но я увидела Ферга на другой стороне улицы и побежала к нему (не оглядываясь на машины) Я попросила его сфотографироваться, и он согласился! Но… у меня не было с собой фотоаппарата… Я дала ее кому-то другому, когда пошла в туалет.:(:(:( Я побежала обратно за камерой, а Фергал был все еще здесь. Он чудесный! Я также сфотографировалась с Майком (он очень милый), но не сфотографировалась с Ноэлом.:( Мне понравился этот концерт, он стоил того, чтобы съездить на него!

Целую, Барбара (aka Little Dolores)

Review #2 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

The gig at the Astoria was awesome! This was the first time me and my mate Dan had seen you guys (he almost got Delores red T-shirt we were that close to the front)!! Was so surprised when you played ‘Loud and Clear’ and ‘Pretty’ as I adore both songs! It was hard to take pictures as many people had their heads in the way but I got a couple of good ones that will be going up on my wall I dont agree with taking cameras off of everyone we have all paid for a ticket and have some write to remembering the occasion visually in the furture. Anyway great gigs guys hope to see you again Bex xx

Review #3 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

Hello, I saw you guys at the astoria last night and you were brilliant, the venue was strangely cosy. I have just read the concert review and have noticed the poster specifically advertising the London Astoria show (Monday, 2nd June) pictured at http://www.cranberries.ie/nonflash/news/londonastoria.html. There weren’t any selling at the concert and i would really like it if you could tell me how to get hold of one. i would really, really, really appreciate it, please, please, please. i also have another query. at the Manchester gig in decemner, delores through out some teddies, i thought i saw one on the right hand of the stage (our right), but she didnt throw it out. Was it one of the gifts someone had thrown to her or did she just forget to throw it on?!(webmasters note: The Teddy came from a fan and was redistributed by Dolores! Also, the London poster was never printed in large quantities, and no extras were printed for us!)

Review #4 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

I’m a french fan who traveled to london in order to see the cranberries, just 3 days before the begining of my exams. Not very serious but I couldn’t miss the only concert of the year (for me)..Yeah why did you choose to put your tour just when i have to go to my exam..:-p So monday 2nd june, we ( Mully, an other french fan) and me were in front of the astoria at 12.00am, determined to be in the first row, in front of the scene ( yeah we are 1st row addicts..). We queued 7 hours. During the queue we met a lot of French fan (where are you english fans?There was a lot of foreigner!). It was really pleasant! Special greats to Mully, Fabienne, Seb, Mickael and Stephane.What can I say about the show? It was FANTASTIC, THE best concert i’ve ever seen from you (it was my 5th concert). Just a question: why did you cancel a song in the tracklist? I really liked the 2 new song, especialy “In it together”. I’m sure it will be really appreciated! I loved it! Monday, there was a REALLY good audience, salvation was fantastic too!! And Dolores came to touch our hands. So did she with mine, and she must have recognized me since she came nexter to me and I kissed her!!She stayed a few second in front of me! I was the only one who kissed her!! THANK YOU Dolores, I can’t express all my feelings..But i want to THANK YOU for this concert! Please go in France!! Lots of love Laura ( the girl with the red LEVI’S T-shirt in the 1st row ;o) )

Review #5 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

Hi to all the band, Since The Cranberries weren’t coming to us on this tour we decided it was worth it to go to them. I first saw The Cranberries in Paris Bercy when the dvd was filmed I loved the performance so much that I jumped at the chance to see them in my home town Glasgow in December last year. By now I was hooked so me and a few friends flew down to London to see you because we didn’t want to miss out. We weren’t disapointed. A great performance as usual, I loved your ever changing t-shirts Dolores!! I am looking forward to new material “In it together” and “Astral Projection” sounded great. Come back to the Uk soon!! Elaine from Clydebank XxX Lainey X

Review #6 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

Hi guys ! My name is MULLY I’m French fan and London Astoria gig was the third I saw . There’s no words to describe what I’ve felt during this show …No words to describe my pleasure to see and ear you one more time . Show will always remember… We ( Laura and me ) have been waiting for 7 hours when the doors were opened… It was long but luckily a lot of french fans were there and it was great to talk with them.I don’t know why, but sometimes Dolores frightened me, especially when she stared at me that’s why I just touched her arm when she came down the stage to greet the public…This show was so great …Hoping to see you soon IN FRANCE this time ;-) .MULLY© Crazy French Fan PS/ Special Thanks for Laura, Mickael , Seb & Fabienne from London ;-)

Review #7 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

Thank you so much for a *fantastic* concert at the London Astoria. We queued up for nearly 7 hours, and still weren’t the first in the queue! But it was worth the wait. You were all great and the atmosphere was fantastic. I was front row, which was amazing. I went to the Manchester gig in December, where you handed me a drumstick (was *SO* chuffed at that, thanks), and at Astoria you came offstage and shook my hand! I didn’t think it would be possible to make the concert even better than that at Manchester, but you did! As you shook my hand I told you that I loved you and you winked at me.. hehe. I love you all! Mike, I was the annoying one on the front row who kept looking at you and even got you to pose for me to take a photo of you! It turned out great by the way – you also made my day at the Manchester gig as I have your autograph. :o ) Well thank you all for an amazing night. I can’t wait to see you all in concert again, but until then you’ll be playing on my hifi :-D Take care and keep those new songs coming, they were great. Jenny xxxx

Review #8 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

Hi Dolores, Noel, Mike and Fergal !!! My name is Mickael from France, first of all, thank you for this great performance in such a small venue, it was awesome even if it was smaller than the Olympia in Paris. As you guys are not coming in France this time, i decided to come to you in London. It was a very long journey, i left my hometown at 7 am and arrived at 4pm in London at the Astoria(no time to visit). I really enjoyed the show and i think the new songs are great. I was just disappointed that you didn’t play Hollywood, Stars and You and me like you did in belfast last week…(why your concerts in UK are always smaller than in any other countries ?) It was amazing to see that in such a small attendance a big part of the fans were coming from many europeans countries and not only England ( what is going in London ?, in Paris or Milan it would have been sold out in 2 days !!!!). As the show ended, i stayed outside talking with other fans like Anna-Maria from Poland (yes, you’re popular there too) and walked around the corner hoping to catch someone, but nobody….and maybe one hour later as we were about to leave a bit disappointed, the backdoor opened and it was Fergal !!!! followed by Noel and Mike, there were only few people still waiting like i did, it was the first time i could see you guys in person ! even if it was my sixth show since april 2002, PARIS bercy, Paris Olympia, Strasbourg, Brussels, Amsterdam and now London, i was really happy and i want to thank you for the little time you shared with us, signing stuff and making photos, it’s nothing but it’s also a LOT, your kindness is also a reason why we like you so much, the fact that Noel remembered the face of my friend Stephane since the meet and greet in Manchester last december was very cool ! I still cannot realize how was the past day for me, i just can’t wait to see you on Sunday the 8th in Bolzano !!! 2000 Kms to see you there from my hometown, but i will be there with other french fans, I just HOPE you will play more songs this time like you did in Belfast !!! please make my wish come true !I hope you’ll have as much fun doing this tour than we have by coming to see you and maybe next time i will see Dolores too, who knows ??

Review #9 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

…to all the band for a great gig in London on the 2nd June.A very tight set (as usual), myself, my mum, my sister and my cousins thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!!! After Monday, I’m now eagerly awaiting your next release, as the two new songs sounded great, esp. In it Together…. We liked that one!I was wondering whether you had ever considered getting a backing singer in on the live shows (for Delores), because if there is one thing missing (and I’m not saying there is!), it’s Delores’ fantastic harmonies. If you ever do think about it, I’d love the chance to audition!!!Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the show, cos it’s now 2 days afterwards, and I’m still walkin’ around singin! Tanx for reading, Gem…xx.

Review #10 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

Saw the show on 2nd of June London Astoria. It was the best gig ever. Much better than when you played at the Hammersmith Apollo last year (although I’d of thought that was impossible). I think the seated venue wasn’t such a good idea. The Astoria gig was amazing. What more can I say except you nearly blew my ears off and I had to move to the back. Thank you Jon P (P.S loved the new songs, especially Astral Projection)

Review #11 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

hi delores we were stood in line as you turned into the venue in your silver car, we missed an photo oppurtunity as don your husband blocked our view. It was nice to see you first before anyone else.As we were entering the venue the security took our tickets and asked to look at my camera and i did not receive my camera back untill after the show. I was very dissappointed as their was other fans with their cameras in the venue. I agree with taking the cameras but should be taken off everyone. This is my 4th time and my wifes 2nd time seeing you and we both agree you get better each time (well i mean the whole band).Loved the way you came off the stage to meet the fans, pity we wasn’t one of them. Hope it all goes well for the rest of the tour and with the rolling stones. Thanks ever so much ,say hi to the lads and up limerick.Mr Flanagan, Basingstoke.

Review #12 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

Saw you at Wembley a few years ago – great BUT, like watching ants on the stage and had to rely on the big screen. It was fantastic to see you at the Astoria last night. We were right at the back but almost managed to get wet when you threw the water over the crowd. Loved the way you built the music up and wiped the crowd into a frenzy by the end. Can’t wait for the new album. Hope to see you back in London soon! Andy, Ripley, Surrey

Review #13 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

The London gig on the 2nd of June was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. I had been looking fowards to the gig for ages and it was sooo worth the wait! Every song that I wanted to hear was played- except for saving grace, I can live with that though as the concert was so fantastically great! Although I was dying with the heat, I wished you guys could have gone on and on and on!!Thank you so much for being fabulous! Please come back soon and do loads more gigs in England, Love you guys, Sam xxx

Review #14 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

Hi to Dolores and co, Last night at the London Astoria was fantastic as ever, it had loads of energy in the set, which included the usual crowd pleasers like Zombie and Linger but also a few new songs ‘Astral Projection’ which had great power cords and one which hasn’t even been recorded yet! By the end of the nite the whole crowd was singing and shouting for more even though the place was as hot as a furnace, no one wanted to go home. All the best James / London.

Review #15 (Astoria II, London, England, 02.06.03)

Hi there i recently saw the show you performed at London Astoria on 2 june 2003 and it was amazing!! The whole show was just unbelievable and i would like to thank you for making so. thanks again, ..you rock! Matt Palacio

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