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Другие Разделы

Museumsmeilenfest, Bonn, Germany (01.06.00)

Review #1 from Anita Frolow (Museumsmeilenfest, Bonn, Germany, 01.06.00)

When I arrived at the Cranberries open air concert in Bonn on the 1st of June 2000, a lot of people stood already in front of the entry. But I forced myself forwards, and so I stood at least in the first line again (Like on my first Cranberries – concert). The first song, the Cranberries played, was “Promises”. Dolores was in a great mood. At “Animal Instinct” I threw a letter for Dolores on the stage. After “Loud And Clear” she picked up the letter. She took a white towel and rubbed her eye. Then she came to me. Fast I took a little red heart-shaped pillow out of my bag and threw it in Dolores’ arms. For that she threw the towel in my arms. On the heart-shaped pillow I wrote: “For my Dreammother Dolores”. Dolores read this. At “Linger” she looked at me again, smiled and nodded. The concert was totally great. The Cranberries played even the Song “Go Your Own Way”. They played all songs you wanted listen to. After the concert I ran to the backstage-entry. As always everything was shut. A few fans waited full of hope Dolores would give autographes. There I met two guys, who lift me up so I could look through a window, where the Cranberries gave an interview. I called Dolores’ name and she looked to the window. But a security-man put down the sliding shutter. A little bit later I looked through another window. Mike stood there and opened a bottle of champanger. He smiled very nice into my camera. Suddenly Dolores came smiling into the room, but a security man put down the sliding shutter again. I was so sad. Why Dolores didn’t came outside and gave autographes? A black Mercedes-Benz stood behind the barricade with which Dolores drive away. She came outside and stood next to the car. She talked to some people and smoged (Dolores was two months pregnant, but she didn?t know it). When Dolores sat in the car, the barricade was opened. The driver turned on the lights and startet the car. Because I stood just a few metres in front of the car, the security-men dragged me on the side. The car passde by on me and I still took a picture. Suddenly I ran behind the car. The security-men recognised this and they ran behind the car, too, to take me away from it. I tried to open the sidedoor where Dolores sat. But it was shut. Always again I shouted Dolores’ name. She said something and did any gestures, but I didn’t understand. The cardriver tried to shake me off. He droves faster and stoped suddenly. That he did as long as I couldn`t hold me any longer on the car. So I crashed on the street. Dolores looked back and then the car droves away.

—Anita Frolow

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