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Другие Разделы

Molsen Center, Montreal, Canada (28.08.99)

Review #1 from Jean-Francois Goyette (Molsen Center, Montreal, Canada.28.08.99)

As you know, I want to the Montreal show on August 28th. It was the best day of my life!!! The show rocked! I left for Montreal in the morning. At 6:30 PM, me and my mother (I’m only 15, but it still rocked even if I was with my mother cause she likes the Cranberries) were on our way for the concert. We arrived at the Centre Molson by 7:10 PM. I was supposed to go to the fan gathering that Danny was organizing but I never did find him among the 13 500 fans that were present that night. I looked around for about 15 minutes for him and the other peeps but I didn’t see any of them. We then went inside. I bought a few items at the souvenir shop: the tour program (turns out all those black envelope things they put the programs in were all in very sh*tty condition when they were shipped to the concert), the Bury the Hatchet pin and the new Animal Instincts blue t-shirt. The items were a little more expensive then the price that were stated at Zombie guide (tour program was 20$, pin was 12$ and the t-shirt was 35$).

When then got to our sheets which were wayyyyyyyyyyyyy up (but still, we had a pretty good view). I was so excited by the idea of finally seeing the band live. I’ve been waiting 3 years for this moment. We decided to have something to drink before the concert cause we had 30 minutes before Collective Soul started. I got many questions about the NNTA shirt I was wearing (such as if it was rare, were did I get it). I then realized that I should of sell it, by more cran stuff at the memorabilia shop and then buy a new shirt cause a store near were I live is selling one. When we got back to our seats, I reviewed the setlist and I read a little bit of the tour book.

Then Collective soul stated. They really did rocked the place but it was nothing compared to The Cranberries. I was surprised at how many songs they played that I actually heard before. After they were finished, the roadies started to arrange the stage for The Cranberries. It took about 30 minutes before The Cranberries but it was well worth the wait. The crowd did the wave. They kicked off the show with God Be With You. Dolores was wearing a blue dress with some 16 holes Doc Marten (I think) boots. I was surprised to hear most of the audience sing the song. I thought that I would be one of the only ones to know the lyrics for every song. After, they played Promises. It was simply amazing hearing everybody sing the same song. I don’t think that their wasn’t anyone in the Centre Molson who didn’t sing along to it. Then came Animal Instincts to which pretty much everyone sang along. Ode to my Family was next. The people attending instantly recognized the song. It was one of the crowd’s favorites. Between Ode and Sunday, things were a little quiet so I screamed ‘”SUNDAY!!!”. Unfortunately, I don’t think I screamed loud enough for the band to hear. Sunday is one of my favorite cran-songs so I was very happy to hear it. Then came the classic Linger (in which Dolores invited us to sing along) and then Wanted. I was surprised to hear how much Wanted rocks live. I never heard it live before (I don’t have a lot of bootlegs because I rather like official material). Usually, Wanted is one of my least favorite cran-songs. After came Just my Imagination.

Then Dolores changed into leather pants and a sleeveless leather shirt and performed the rocking Salvation. The crowd really went wild on that one. Go your Own way was next and the fans even knew the lyrics to that one. The came more calm songs: Pretty (really cool), You and me and the great surprise… When You’re Gone. An other of my favorites was next: Daffodil Lament. Their were lights that were like Daffodil illuminating the stage. It was one of the most emotional moments of the concert. The classic I can’t be with you was performed next. After came Waltzing Back (It made me think of my website for a moment). Dolores’ dancing was great on that song! The immensely popular Zombie was next. Everybody at the concert knew the lyrics for that one and the song needed no introduction. It was one of my favorite moments of the concert. Ridiculous Thoughts ended the show. It was really great. Its one of my favorite songs and Dolores’ dancing simply brilliant on it.

But the fans wanted more… it simply wasn’t enough. After 7 minutes of clapping, whaling and screaming, Mike Noel and Fergal came out to play Dying in the sun. Fergal was playing the keyboard while Dolores was singing backstage. She came out to sing Shattered and to reveal a red skirt with a gold-type-of-thing sleeveless shirt. Then came Delilah (also one of my favorites). The last song of the set was next… DREAMS!!!!! It was brilliantly performed and it was amazing.

We then left. Outside, they were selling t-shirts (unofficial) for 15$ but if you were a suck up enough, the guy would sell it at 10$ (like he did to me). The colors of the shirt are very shitty but I simply couldn’t resist. We then went to go out and wait for the band to come out. My mother didn’t sleep very well the night before the concert and she was getting a headache. I saw a couple of people waiting beside a garage door and I asked a guy if he was waiting for The Cranberries. The guy said yes. He said also said “I don’t want to disappoint you but in ‘96, they only came out after an hour and a half”. We waited for about 20 minutes and then my mother asks me if it would be OK if we left. She said she was getting a headache and feeling really bad so I decided that it would probably be best if we left cause she doesn’t normally complain for anything and she knew how much this was important to me. I didn’t get to meet the band, but I did get to have the best night of my life. And for that, I am very thankful for The Cranberries.

I want to whish all the concert goes a lot of fun and I hope that you’ll get to meet the band. If you do, tell them I said hi.

Rock on cranfans!

—Jean-Francois Goyette

Review #2 from Luc Levesque (Molsen Center, Montreal, Canada.28.08.99)

I went to the Montreal show Saturday and it was great! I thought that could give you my point of view of the show! In general, it was a fantastic show done by the cranberries. God Be With you was a little bit messed up at the beginning but it was great to hear it live. Promises put the crowd in the show, it was the first song that the crowd got in the mood, I think. Animal Instinct was great and the crowd was thrilled to hear it, but the back vocal guy messed up the song in the chorus because he sang louder than Dolores.

Ode to my Family was great, but something wrong happened to Dolores’ keyboard at the very beginning of the song, so she pushed the keyboard away and the other guy that is with the band played his keyboard. Sunday, linger and Wanted were great as usual, impeccable! Hearing and seeing Dolores sing JMI live gave a new sense to that song for me. Now I see it as an happy cranberries song an less as a semi-country song. Salvation was great live and it was fun to do the Dolores dance when she sang the “unhunhunhunhunhun”.(like in the video) Go Your own way was one of the highlights of the show for me. It was sooooooooo great live, they really HAVE to put it on a single!

I really love the new intro in pretty, this have to be on a single too! You & Me was less fun and the crowd didn’t give a huge response to that song (warning: they should not release it as a single), but the special effect with the lights were great for that song (bedroom windows flying everywhere) When you’re Gone was appreciated by the crowd who love that song more than I expected. The lights were great on it. Daffodil Lament was perfect, it sounded angelic. I can’t be with you was pretty great too. I really loved that light flashing everywhere in Waltzing back, but the time between Dolores voice and the electronic echo in the song seemed a seemed a little bit too long. Zombie was, as expected, the song that the crowd love the most Ridiculous Thoughts was my fav of the show, powerful!

Dying in the sun was good, but it’s not really a song that you can play live. Shattered was magical. The crowd started cheering at after two or three notes. They really have to release it as a single, people like it! Delilah was better live that studio, like Dolores said, it a song that is kind of “arrrgh”:O) Dreams was great as usual and people sang along with Dolores. Dolores looked great. She had like a little electric blue summer dress. She started with boots, but took it of after. Between Go You Own way and Pretty, she put some black pants and a black top, she was really pretty! But her encore outfit kind of sucked. It was a dress with some red spangles and a black bottom that looked like some kind of modern dancer skirt. She looked like 40 in that dress, but still she was pretty and she sang great songs! :o )

At the end of the show, Dolores gave a special thanx to the Montreal audience to have supported them since the beginning and since like half of sales of BTH in Canada were sold in the Quebec province (where Montreal is) It was a great night!


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