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Другие Разделы

La Riviera, Madrid, Spain 28.10.02

Review from Many-Many Fans (La Riviera, Madrid, Spain, 28.10.02)

I was lucky to win the Meet & Greet Competition and I shared with my sister the prizes. When I met The Cranberries, I couldn’t believe it! I had been very nervous all along the week before the concert, because I’d been waiting for news to know where to pick the tickets and the passes. But nobody from the Spanish promoter office Iguapop phoned me!! Finally, my sister and I decided to go to La Riviera a few hours before the show… When we arrived, we saw a man at the door who was delivering invitations. I asked him if there was something for me and YES! I was given an enveloppe with my name on it and with everything inside. Thanks God I asked him!!We met the Cranberries 5 minutes before the went on stage. Dolores, Noel, Mike and Fergal were patient, close, kind, signed CD booklets and took photos with us. But, to be honest, I wanted more. It’s only my fault, because I’m a FAN and I dreamt I could speak and talk to them for a while, quietly, like 15 minutes. But it happened all SO FAST!!! We were too many fans (eight!!) in a small room (the catering place), and there were so many people around (the tour crew and the Spanish promoter) that I couldn’t enjoy that moment! I’m very happy and very grateful, but I wish I had talked to them for some minutes, instead of taking photos with them and asking for autographs. I understand everything is not possible.I had bought presents for everyone. I offered Dolores a framed picture of her beloved Elvis Presley playing the piano, Noel: a CD of Celtic Spanish music (from the band Luar Na Lubre), Mike: a funny T-shirt, and Fergal: a book about Spanish food. None of the boys could open their presents, because they had very few time… but they told me they would. I gave Dolores hers already opened, because I wanted to see her reaction to the photo. She LOVED it, she said “I will put it in my studio!”. She thanked me and gave me a great hug. ;-) After being with us, they went on stage inmediately. I wonder what happened with my presents. I hope the people from the crew kept them… They came straight from my heart, so I hope they didn’t get lost… The concert was great. What can I say? The crowd and the audience were at Dolores’ feet. She even spoke a few words in Spanish. The band seemed comfortable and happy on stage, maybe because it was a small one and they were close to one another. It was a good selection of their greatest hits and less famous songs, like “Put me down” or “Dying in the sun”. I recommend everybody to see them live, they play so strongly… The Cranberries’ music is unique. I’m waiting for their new album… I want to know which new musical direction they are going to take. I’m sure they won’t disappoint me, because I trust them so much! Love, Jose Luis Ricart.Here some pictures of me with Dolores and Noel:

Madrid,29th of October,2002 Hi you guys: How are you? Yesterday I went to THE CRANBERRIES CONCERT in LA RIVIERA. Dolores O Riordan was awesome. The song “Zombie” was like AC/DC but in feminine. Her way of singing is incredible.And she?s capable to make 2000 people dance if she has to. There was A lot of people who couldn?t stop jumping. Myself included. The variety of lights was spectacular. Yesterday was the first time that I saw THE CRANBERRIES. I knew them in the year 1993 when I was in high school. The first album that I had is called “Everybody else is doing it so why can?t we?”. Is a brilliant album. Years later I bought “No need to argue”. The album was much smoother. Except “Zombie” that the rhythm of the drums was wild. I even saw the video in which she appeared painted of gold and she was crucified. One of the songs I liked is called “Animal Instinct”, the first time I heard it made me danced, and there’s been more than one time that makes me sing their music while I listen to it ont the headphones. I think is an excellent group. If I have to choose a number between 1 through 10, I will choose number 10!, because you are very good. Having the opportunity to see The Cranberries is unique, and because is been my first time, the concert was amazing, and having Dolores O’riordan as a lead singer of the group makes it special and unique.Thank you guys.IVAN AGUIRRE

I am Silvia, Two weeks ago I promised to my cousin that I was sure that some day I?ll meet the cranberries. Suddenly I thought that I could complete my dream, then I saved money and I went to Madrid (I had come from Canary Islands only to see the concert), then my friend said me that he had won the meet and greet of Madrid and he invited with him to meet them! 9 Ocotber was the happiest day of my life! They didn?t defrauded me, they did a impresionant concert, and, the most important thing to me, they were humans, honest and affectionate. Now I can say that the dreams can be reality. The cranberries, we love you forever!!! Here I send you my photo with Dolores!

Hi again.As usual, the best band on stage and one of the best concerts in my life, I was in the past tour gigs in Salamanca and Madrid, both were incredible, but this one has been superior, amazing, spectacular, the setlist perfect, the choices, the order, the surprises, Dolores was wonderfull on stage, the acoustic and the sound good, very good, I prefer little venues than bigger ones like coliseums or stadiums, you can feel the music and the band better in a small place. I enjoyed, really.I have no words, I?m happy, very happy, thank you, thank you very much, stay in every show you offer is a pleasure and a privilege. You are the best. Keep on good work. Regards from Spain.Diego.

I’ve just arrived at home after the show. It’s been great. Really great. Maybe too short but hey, I would have stayed there the whole night :) I was very excited about the show, since I missed half of the last concert because my sister fainted and I spent a lot of time with her at the infirmary, but it’s been worth the wait.I love all the songs that have been played, and I’ve sung, mostly cried out, every one of them. I’ve specially enjoyed Daffodil Lamment, Dying In The Sun, and Empty. The new ones were great also, specially Stars. And of course Dreams, the last song… Everybody wanted more, we all started to sing “oeeeeeee oeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oeeeeeeeeeee…” :D Thank you so much for the show. I’ll see you the next time! redge.

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