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Jones Beach, Wantagh NY, USA (14.08.99)

Review #1 from Thomas P Morgan (Jones Beach, Wantagh NY, USA, 14.08.99)

Collective Soul was very good. I knew most of their songs so that always helps. Plus they played U2’s I Will Follow. There was a thunderstorm threat the whole night and I was praying it wouldn’t rain hard and dampen everyone’s spirits as Jones Beach Theater is outdoors. God heard me and the rain held off for the whole show.

The Cranberries opened with God Be With You as the curtain went up and as it played I got goosebumps. Dolores had on a dusty rose/pink long sleeve dress with some kind of black cape thing over her shoulders and head. Dolores then said hello to the crowd and mentioned that we might get a storm but she hoped not. God heard Dolores too! Dolores then took off the black cape from her head, then her shoulders to reveal the full dress. Dolores had her hair in the familiar very short and dark look. They did an absolutely perfect version of Promises and it was very melodic and again I got goosebumps. This time partly from the song and partly from the wind kicking up. Animal Instinct was great and harmonic as they took it down some. The crowd loved Ode as many people knew that one. Dolores was in fine voice and clear. Sunday was next and was good. Linger followed and the crowd finally came alivefully as 14,000 people sang along and again it was melodic. Next came my favorite Cranberries song which is Wanted. Neil and Mike played it perfectly and Dolores was loud and clear on this song which always seems to end too soon. Fergal was great. I was smiling from ear to ear. Salvation followed and it was probably the best song they did all night!! It was played to a mezmerizing strobe light show and great background. It was on this song that Dolores finally started dancing as she was playing instruments on most of the other songs. Go Your Own Way was next and the crowd knew that one and loved it.

Dolores then changed into black shiny (leather?) pants and black tank top with silver design and did Pretty. It was beautiful. You and Me was done very well and is a beautiful love song. Dolores smiled at the end. Daffodil Lament started slow and finished strong and I Can’t Be With You not many people knew. Waltzing Back was great and there was a cool after effect to Dolores “ah ahh” (I call them half yodels). The background was red and it was cool. Great song! Zombie was good and a crowd favorite and Fergal was going wild at the end and Dolores on guitar was kicking!! Ridiculous Thoughts was excellent and they finished up the set nicely.

The encore started with Dying in the Sun and Dolores was on the piano in a white fluffy dress bottom and a leopard skin top. It seemed like she missed a note on the piano at first but the rest of the song was good. Shattered was beautiful and Just My Imagination had alot of people humming and moving. Liar was a bit slow as not many people knew it. Dolores looked like an Angel or a China doll or a bride on top of a wedding cake in the white fluffy dress bottom! She danced and did the Irish jig right before and during Dreams. Dreams was done perfectly and had the crowd going wild! Dolores voice on this was incredible! It sounded just like the CD. Fergal wailed at the end of Dreams and almost pushed over the drum set!!

Summing it up, it was a great show! Dolores didn’t talk to the crowd much it seemed but she was in perfect voice. She does this new half yodel half chirp type thing with her voice and it’s great as I don’t know how she does it. She also didn’t seem to dance as much as in the past. The best part of a ‘Berries show is watching her dance IMO!! Neil and Mike were great and didn’t miss a thing and Fergal was solid. The good thing about Jones Beach is they have two huge video screens so you could see details and facial expressions if you’re not relatively close to the stage. I had good seats but still the video helped. I have to say that Cranberries fans are the best!! Very polite and decent people we are. No pushing or shoving or nastiness was found at this show. Peace everyone and I hope you enjoy the tour!

Thomas P Morgan

Review #2 from Jessica Zacher (Jones Beach, Wantagh NY, USA, 14.08.99)

Okay, so this was my first Cranberries Concert ever and it was amazing. The Cranberries have been my favorite band for about 2 years now and this was the first time I got to see a show of theirs. It passed all of my highest expectations. Dolores grabs the audience and puts on an amazing performace. The great thing about the band is that their music is a reflection of theirs lives (especially of the events in the life or Dolores). Their style of music is set yet alwyas changing. Each CD gives a different feeling. The amazing thing is that they can play songs from all of the CDs and it all sounds so perfect together. Overall, it was the best show I have ever seen and I cannot wait to see the next!

Jessica Zacher

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