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Другие Разделы

Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany (31.03.02)

Review #1 from Anita Frolow (Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany, 31.03.02)

On March 31th, 2002 The Cranberries played live in the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt. We were waiting a long time until it was admittance, but of course it took still a long time until The Cranberries began their concert. We used the time to persuaded a security-man to allow us to take photos, outside the hall hang many pictures on which stood that taking photos is not allowed. When we got the “okay”, many fans took out their camaras and soon the concert started.

The Cranberries began again with “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” and the next song was “Zombie”. At the end of this song, Dolores guitar failed a bit and wrong sounds came from it. A bit desperated Dolores smiled at Mike. Probably the guitar wasn’t right tuned before the concert. Afterwards they played “Analyse” and “Time Is Ticking Out”. After “Animal Instinct” The Cranberries even played “Joe”, a song they didn’t play live for a very long time., loke Dolores said.

Beside they played “Ode To My Family”, “Loud And Clear”, “I Really Hope” and “Desperate Andy” before they went on with “Pretty” after a short break. Dolores wore really beautiful clothes and after The Cranberries playes “Daffodil Lament” the fans rocked up by “I Can’t Be With You”. At “when You’re Gone” all fans listened to the beautiful voice of Dolores. After “Free To Decide” they played “Salvation” and Dolores and the fans rocked and sang. To me it was like this concert was much louder than the others. Right after that, they played my favorite song “Ridiculous Thoughts”. Dolores changed her clothes again and came back in a quite cool dress and a mask in front of the eyes and played “This Is The day”. Until now Dolores didn’t react to my letter which I showed her everytime she looked in my direction. A girl, who stood next to me, asked a security-woman, if she could give Dolores my letter on the stage, but the woman just said she wasn’t allowed to do it. The stage was really far away. Dolores even said:”You are so far away”, when she stood at the mike in the middle of the stage. So I couldn’t do anything except trying to throw the letter on the stage. When Dolores went in my direction at “Linger”, I did it. With a smile on her face she picked up the letter and said with her sweet voice:”Danke schoen mein Schatz”. And this even in german! Actually I wanted to take a photo because she was so near but I couldn’t, because suddenly Dolores said:”Hey, I know you”. She threw kisses to me and said” Thank you” again.

The next song was “The Concept”, where Dolores wanted to play keyboard too. When she wanted to begin, there was just a quite sound. I think it was very unpleasant to Dolores. While a man from her crew made it allright, Dolores talked to the fans. Afterwards The Cranberries played “Promises” and fineshed the concert with “Dreams”.

After the concert my friend and me ran behind the hall, because we wanted to meet Dolores. Everybody from the crew said, she’s already gone. Then we met Steve de Marchi (he plays guitar at Cranberries concerts) and he also told us that Dolores is gone. Now I believe it too. We talked a while with him. My friend took a photo of Steve and me. Then he disappeared. Mike, Noel and Fergal were just in the tourbus and drove away. We waited nearly two hours and talked to many people from the crew. They were so nice. One of them took us backstage and we were even allowed to go on the stage and look around. I found the tracklist. Dolores had another one than Mike. The order of the songs wee different and on the list were a few songs The Cranberries didn’t play. But it was really a very great concert, also I still didn’t met Dolores.

—Anita Frolow

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