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Greek Theater, Los Angeles CA, USA (05.07.02)

Review #1 from Lionel (Greek Theater, Los Angeles CA, USA, 05.07.02)

Hello Fellow Cran Fans!!

I like this Cran Club Site & I’d like to share w/ everyone my Cran Story!! Ive been a HUGE HUGE HUGE Cran Fan since I was 15 (Im 24 now) & they’ve been my ultimate favorites since then!! U OH MY GOD, A DREAM of mine came true on July 6 @ 1am, I met Dolores in Los Angeles, YAH!!! A life goal of mine has been acomplished U What can I say? Dolores is so sweet, nice, kind & of course BEAUTIFUL in person! Lets start in San Francisco though. That show was AWESOME!! We had FLOOR TIX & I was under Dolores ALL night long. I know all Cranberries songs by heart and sang along w/ her to all of them, she kept smiling and winking @ me. I loved when they played “When Youre Gone” cause she saw me sing to her, “And in the day, everythings complex, theres nothing simple, when Im not around YOU” That was COOL!! It was the first time I heard “The Stars” so I didnt sing along to that one but did bounce around, its a cool song! The Warfield is such a cool place for a concert, small & nice…I was SO close to the band!! I managed to grab a sunflower that Dolores threw out to the crowd, I WAS SO STOKED ABOUT THAT!! What a FUN FUN FUN show, worth every mile we drove to get there & more!! They played “Go your own way” WooHoo! They did great w/ just having done a show in Vegas (which I tried to go to too but couldnt) the night before.

After the show, we waited til like 12:30am by the tour bus waiting for the band to come out. Noel & Mike came out & went kinda too quick into the bus for me to even ask for their signature. Fergal came out (What a kick @$$ guy) and he signed my Cran Shirt U Dolores never came out that night, she left earlier in another bus to L.A. =( I wasnt as close to the stage in L.A. like I was in S.F but they were just as good that night too!! The Greek is very nice, out in the open surronded by trees, very cool venue! They played “Loud & Clear” that night, which they didnt in S.F. The stage set-up was REALLY cool…Los Angeles loved them, we were on our feet ALL NIGHT! It gets better, this is the night I met Dolores!! I waited til 1am…my friends could not wait w/ me but I was determined to MEET DOLORES & I DID!!! Security kept saying that “the artists have left already” but I knew they were lying cause the same tour bus was there that I saw in S.F plus another one that was a different color. I waited & waited and finally I see a little lady pop out w/ security all around her holding herself on that cold night! IT WAS DOLORES!! I was the only fan left by the buses, I had a few minutes w/ just me and her, and told her I LOVED HER, & let her know I was following them all over California to see them! That made her kinda happy which made me EXTREMELY happy! I took a pic w/ her & she signed an extra ticket we ended up w/ and my shirt! She hugged & kissed me a couple of times & I was in heaven…VERY nervous but in heaven!! I didnt realize that her husband, Don, was also there..OOPS! He saw me all over his wife, hehe! I had to say HELLO to him & shook his hand, he just smiled @ me! My time w/ Dolores was PERFECT. She told me she would dedicate a song for me in San Diego too!! Soon, some people that were hanging out on the other side of the venue & soon realized that Dolores was there, they came running quickly! I thanked her, hugged & kissed her and said GOODBYE, I’ll see ya in San Diego! I had a gift for her in S.F & didnt have it that night =( I made it a point to give her the gift that next night in S.D. She kept my marker too, WooHoo!! The guys rushed in their bus & never came back out, so I couldnt get Noel & MIkes autographs again!


Review #2 from Xneox13 (Greek Theater, Los Angeles CA, USA, 05.07.02))


I just wanted to say i saw cranberries in Los Angeles July 5th. This was my first time seeing the cranberries live. I got pit tickets (front row) and i got to kiss dolores’s hand. She also threw a bouquet of flowers and i grabbed them. So it turned out to be an experience i’ll never forget.


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