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Другие Разделы

Garden SAC, Holmdel, New Jersey (13.08.99)

Review #1 from Mark Babey (Garden SAC, Holmdel, New Jersey, 13.08.99)

WOW! Back from the show tonight, the Cranberries were just awesome. In the beginning it seemed like the sound was drowning out Dolores but the sound improved big time as the concert went on. I missed the first half of CS, but they had the crowd rocking toward the end. They definitely worked the crowd and had a lot of fans there.

As for the highlights:
Ridiculous Thoughts – simply rocked. Dolores tore this song up nuff said
Go Your Own Way – really got the crowd going. They really did a good job with this one.
Pretty and Sunday – not necessarily my favorite songs, but Dolores really impressed me with her delivery on them
Shattered – was spellbinding. Great background on the stage for this one. Dolores simply shined here. Her dress was perfect.
Daffidol Lament – Dolores never sounded better than on this song. A real highlight, probably this one and
Ridiculous Thoughts – were the two best.

The crowd didn’t seem that in to it in the beginning, mainly because a lot of them had never heard Promises or Animal Instinct before. They definitely warmed up to them as the show went on. Dolores had the mic to the crowd for several songs. She said it was the best audience yet (although I don’t know how many previous shows they’ve played on this tour so far) The crowd got quite loud before they came on for their encore.

Songs that I hoped to hear but didn’t were Loud & Clear, The Rebels, Free To Decide,Fee Fie Fo, and Everything I Said. Songs were focused from the first and latest CD. I found it interesting that they only played Salvation from TTFD. Don’ t have tix but I’m seriously considering driving up to the Jones Beach show tomorrow.

—Mark Babey

Review #2 from Ralph (Garden SAC, Holmdel, New Jersey, 13.08.99)

This was my first Cranberries show, and trust me it will not be the last. It was so much fun the crowd was great and what else can i say Dolores is so hot. The band played tight and once again Dolores voice was amazing. I personally like Bury The Hatchet and to hear Promises and Animal Instinct live was way cool i also like Dying In The Sun when she was on the piano and the rest of the band were sitting on stools near the front of the stage. Needless to say that i am hooked. I really enjoy the site very nice job. later,


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