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Camden, New Jersey (17.08.99)

Review #1 from Jason Boyd (Camden, New Jersey, 17.08.99)

I went to the Cranberries concert on August 17th, 1999 which was in Camden, NJ and NOT in Pennsylvania like basically every other web site said. Anyways, The concert was great. Collective Soul came out first and I normally don’t listen to them but now I am starting to get into their music. I went with three of my friends and had seats in the second row. I saw the Cranberries on their last tour and had really crappy seats so I figured this time to go all out. The Cranberries finally came on stage after much anticipation by my friends and I. They played many songs from their previous albums and not much from BTH. I was pleased with that though because I love their older stuff. I really cannot remember in which order they played some songs but I tried to remember……here goes…
God Be With You—This song was absolutely mezmerizing. I had never heard the song before but recognized it as the one on The Devil’s Own soundtrack. They opened with this. I bought the soundtrack just so I could hear this song.
Promises—Another great song but I was suprised to hear it so soon in their concert. Nevertheless, it was masterfully done. Excellent vocals and instrument playing along with spectacular lighting made this one of my favorites of the night.
AnimalInstinct—Dolores said that this song is mainly about how she has grown as a mother and caring for your child is an inborn instinct within all mothers. Again, it was well done.
Ode To My Family—When she started this song everyone cheered at the sound of her voice. Dolores cracked up a little bit when that happened but continued with the rest of the song. Everyone was singing along with lighters in the air.
Sunday—Another older song. It was great though. I love it when they make songs much faster. They seem much more enjoyable that way.
Linger—When Dolores introduced this song one of my friends didn’t know what song she was singing. I almost punched her in the face. How could anyone not know this song? It was a crowd favorite and everyone sang along. She even let us sing for a little while. The lighting was great on this one too.
Wanted—When we first heard the opening chords of this song everyone roared. This is the pivotal song of the night. It got the whole crowd out of their seats and jumping in the aisles. Again, it was played faster than usual and I loved it.
Salvation— I thought I died and went to heaven when they played this song. It is one of my favorite songs and it was great to watch them perform it in person. I especially loved the parts where the lighting focused directly on Fergal slamming away at the drums. Another crowd favorite.
Go Your Own Way—Dolores said that this was a cover that they did for a tribute album. About a month ago, my mother bought the tribute album and she told me that the Cranberries were on it. Normally I do not get into Fleetwood Mac but the way the Cranberries covered this song was excellent. I stole the cd from my mother because I loved it so much. I had to buy her a new one for her birthday :( Anyway, it was great to hear Dolores sing this one. Even though it wasn’t one of “their” songs, everyone loved it.
You and Me—Finally, after a long “old stuff” section of the concert comes a new song. You and Me was well done. Dolores’ voice was in top shape for this one.
Still Can’t—Yet another one I was dancing in the aisles for. This is a song I thought they would NOT play on their tour but, they proved me wrong.
Waltzing Back—This song was absolutely awesome. They used some kind of echo on Dolores’ voice during it that left a chill down my spine. It was great though.
When You’re Gone—Another song I was surprised to hear. It was well done too. Great lighting that really set the mood for the song. Everyone, with lighters ablaze, sang to this one as well.
Daffodil Lament—This is a song on NNTA that is truly underrated. They played it on their last tour and it was great. This time around it was monumental. When Dolores reached those high notes everone was awestruck at her voice. After this song the Cranberries went immediately into…
I Can’t Be With You—This was played fast and it was great. The crowd was jumping up and down nonstop for this song. There was a complete roar after this song finally finished.
Zombie—Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they play this hit. It was great. She really belted out this song. She had the crowd participate with Zombie during the “tanks and bombs” part.
Ridiculous Thoughts—Another one of my favorite songs that Dolores sang perfectly. She really impressed my at the end when she carries her notes. She has a tremendous voice that is not recognized enough.

They left for approximately 15 minutes. During that time, The crowd cheered so much that it actually hurt my ears. Finally the Cranberries returned and the crowd became even louder. Fergal and the Hogans came out and they started their encore with..

Dying In The Sun—Dolores showed up on her white piano from the TTFD tour with a bright yellow sun rising behind her. This was really peaceful to watch her sing this. BR>Shattered—One of the best songs on BTH. Weirdo lighting and her singing made the crowd sing slong to this one. You could actually hear the crowd singing every word to this song.
Liar—A song that is very underrated. I stumbled upon it a few years ago on the Empire Records soundtrack. It’s a great song to dance to. Apparently Dolores feels the same way, as she did her infamous Irish jig on stage during the end of the song.
Just My Imagination—Another great song from BTH. This is going to be their next single and it should do very well because of its simplistic sounds and lyrics. Not too hard like Promises was. This is sure to be a future hit.
Dreams—They ended the concert with their greatest hit to date. Everyone in the entire theater jumped up when they heard this one and let and a wild roar. I got goosebumps when I saw Dolores reaction. Apparently she loved it. They played this song well, everyone sang along and danced wherever there was free space to move.

All in all, it was a great night. The Cranberries were EXCELLENT in concert. They had spectacular lighting on this tour that made their songs even better. I cannot wait for them to go on tour again for their next album. I bought the tour book and was completely entranced by it. I loved all the pictures in it. Especially the ones of Dolores with her long blonde hair ( I guess I have a thing for blondes…he he he) Still though, Dolores is equally as attractive with short brown hair like she had on this tour. Snaps to the Cranberries on a show WELL DONE!!!!!!

— Jason,NJ

Review #2 from Andrea Cadeddu (Camden, New Jersey, 17.08.99)

Hi, first of all I want to congratulate with you for this wonderful site you created. I’m from Rome (Italy) and I’ve been very sorry about the fact that the Crans came to Italy after three years (I had the ticket for the concert in Rome of 1996, but they cancelled it), but they had their concert in Milan. Then this summer I went to work in New Jersey and I didn’t miss the chance to see them live in Camden.

It was maybe the best experience of my life. First the Collective Soul played for one hour, but I was just waiting for The Cranberries. When finally the curtain opened for them I couldn’t believe to my eyes; Dolores appeared in all her beauty singing “God be with you” in a delightful way. It was a terrific scene and now I know she really deserves the nickname of “The Goddess”. I was about ten meters far from the stage, so I could see them really close to me. The best moments of the concert were this one I told you, then when they played “When you’re gone” (my favourite song) and a lot of stars appeared on the background and you could see 5000 lighters shining in the dark; another exciting moment was when they went back on stage after the “fake goodnight” and I saw Mike and Noel sitting with classic guitars and Fergal with a keyboard, I really was wandering what was going on when suddenly a sun made of yellow bulbs came out from the back and showed Dolores, dressed in a long elegant dress, sitting at the top of the stage with a white piano who started playing “Dying in the sun”. It was really amazing. There were about 7000 people at the concert, everyone screaming at every song, there has been a general shout when She took the red guitar and everyone realized she was going to sing “Zombie”. As last song they played “Dreams” and in the end I saw Fergal as I never saw him before: he took the chair he was sitting on and threw it on the drums, destroying everything,unbelievable!

After that he threw to the people the black gloves he was wearing and everything was over. A music was playing “Ave Maria” that Dolores sang at Pavarotti & Friends when I was getting out of the hall. It was really great. Now the Crans are coming back to Italy; They are not coming to Rome, but I don’t care because I think I will go to Bologna to see them again.


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