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Auditorio Nacional, Mexico (09.04.00)

Review #1 from Phile Trekker (Auditorio Nacional, Mexico, 09.04.00)

It’s exciting!!!!….the show is today at 7:00 pm!!!!….. At 5:30 pm I take off the tickets from their cache and begin to get ready for the forthcoming gig with my friends, at the Auditorio Nacional wich is located in front of the Hotel where the band is hosted.

Nearly at 6:30 pm we arrived at the garage from the Auditorio and there we are given some papers where it is anounced that the concert will have a reschedule: instead of 7:00 pm, it will beging at 8:30 pm. For a moment we get a lil bit confused, but then I also remember the whole 6 years that we have to wait for “The Cranberries” to come back to Mexico and suddenly, the aditional waiting seems to be shorter….

People begin to accumulate on the outsides of the place, everybody is restless because we all want the show to start!!!….It’s possible to see dozens of sellers with cups, lighters, T-Shirts, etc… evrything related with the band.At the esplanade’s place, they have installed a platform from Coke…one of this event sponsors among others. They are giving away T-Shirts specially made for the event for fans who dare to stand up and do what the showmen tell em’ (in my case, I had to sing “Promises”… And I must admit, with great shame, that I also forgot the lyrics being up there on the platform!).

Finally, time has come… they open the acces to the building and having taken our seats, we have to wait again, because they tell us from the loudspeakers that the equipment is at the customs and they aren’t ready to start. It’s 9:00 pm and now, the lights turn off and the show begins…..First song is “Promises” and I think is a better sound than my performance on the platform 8)

Dolores shows up dressed with black slacks, short dark hair and a dark T-Shirt… she shows a surprise, because now she has a new tatoo a the same high from the normal one, but in her other arm. Is a very nice cross with much colour and bigger than the other tatoo. I like it 8)

Noel has deep blue jeans and a dark shirt with white tennis shoes. Mike wears also deep blue jeans and a dark polo alike shirt. Fergal has an electric blue shirt and dark trousers. On stage, there are also two additional musicians: a keyboard player and a guitarrist who also performs background choirs.

By itself, the concert was full of energy, and although from where the audience was standing it sounded perfect, one could see that both Dolores and Noel were a lil upset and making signals to the sound engineers for solving some technicalities wich I, personally, couldn’t hear. The audience shaked and screamed, danced and jumped with every single song….well, except with “Go your own way”, “que no muchos de ellos conocian”.

A lil break and Dolores came back with a black mini-skirt and a shirt. New songs, including “Zombie”,”Linger” and almost all the “Bury the Hatchet” set……while singing “Delilah”, it seemed that Dolores throat was gonna blow out becuase of the emotion she gave to the song… simple amazing.

I was carrying with me my photograph for them to sign it, but some security elements from the Auditorio didn’t alowed me to even pick it up so that Dolores could see it (and I was on the “B” line), under a warning that they would take it out. There was a mini break, and now Dolores was dressed with a water colour shirt….right after this mini break, she performed “Dying in the Sun”, and altough it sounded Ok, it was never as impressing as on the L.A concert, because there she got a piano. This is Fergal’s favourite song acording to his own words. The concert ends with “Dreams” , and although the public wants more… they don’t come back. The drop curtain falls and the light’s turn on.

After the show:
My friend and I decided to check the stage exit, from the outside of the building to see if we were lucky enough to get our pics autographed.After an hour, we see how the lucky ones that were on backstage this fall begin to go out, so time for them to go out is near…… Suddenly people stop coming out and the garage doors are opened.A bottles green suburban track with polarized glass comes out and everyone who were there, be stand up front, but it doesn’t stop. The others decide to go to the hotel and wait there, but my friend an I, decided to wait a lil more there. In a short term, the guys who were managing the lights and sound begin to come out and also the two guest musicians, so I take the initiative and I almost go in the truck in wich everybody were supoused to leave. I ask them if the band did alredy go or if it will take longer for them to come out and I explain and show them my pic with the band… I think I made them a funny impression, becuase they’ve told me that the band was almost ready to go and in a white Suburban!!!

A couple of minutes more and there they come two Suburbans!!!…and the white one, comes up front 8)…We stand in front of it, but it manages to pass from our side and it doesn’t stop, but for a moment so that the person who cames in front, could take a look to the picture we carry, anyway, that doesn’t make the truck to stop…. so a lil delusioned with our failure, we almost decided to leave. Something delays us a while, and suddenly more people comes out, so I “launch my attack” once again and ask them if they’re part of the staff……oh, surprise!!!!, they are from the record company….Y show ‘em the pic, and because they were the organizers of the first contest (wich we won trough the Mexican television and thanks of wich we could assist to the concert in L.A and there we could get a pic with the band), they accept to pass it on the band so that they can sign it. ….Wow!!.. how lucky we are!!!!…. next week I hope to managed to contact to pick it up and framed it 8)

The End of the Journey has arrived; now I’m sure that I want to assist at the gig tomorrow!!! I have to find the way to do it!!!!.

Don’t miss the report from the Monday 10 concert on April….there we managed to get backstage passes again!!!!…. don’t miss it, later on this website

—Phile Trekker

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