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Arena, Berlin, Germany (13.11.99)

Review #1 from Anita Frolow (Arena, Berlin, Germany, 13.11.99)

On the 13th of November 1999 the Cranberries gave a concert in the “Berliner Arena”. Already at 5 p.m I stood in front of the hall and waited. Admittance was at 7 p.m and I ran into the hall immediately and took place in the first row. At 9 p.m Noel, Mike, Fergal and Dolores went onto the stage and sang “Promises”. Then they played “Animal Instinct”. Dolores wrote this song two years ago, when she had her first son. The next song was “Loud And Clear” and Dolores rocked. Every time when she was near me, I screamed as loud as I could. I had a letter for her and held the letter out to Dolores, but when she passed near me without paying attention, I was sad. But the concert went on. When she sang “Ode To My Family” Dolores stood at the keyboard and demanded the fans to sing. After Dolores had changed her clothes the Cranberries played “Wanted”. By the song “Pretty” Dolores went carefully over the foggy stage. After the song “Salvation” she passed near me again. But this time I screamed louder than before and held the letter out to her again. Suddenly Dolores bent down, smiled at me and threw kisses at me. She pointed at a security-man. I should give him the letter for Dolores because she couldn`t get it. But I had already thrown the letter onto the stage. Dolores took it and laid it down by the drummer. She took a blue towel and went slowly along the stage. First she passed near me, but suddenly Dolores turned around and looked questioning at me. I just nodded and Dolores threw her towel right in my arms. After that the Cranberries played still a few songs. Playing the long-awaited song “Zombie” Dolores stood with her guitar at the mike again and let her fans sing. The song “You And Me” Dolores sang with a lot of emotions. After “Desperate Andy” Dolores changed her clothes again. Now she was dressed in a beautiful white dress. Dolores accompanied “Dying In The Sun” with the piano. Many little lights shinned at her and shaped a sun. It was delightful when Dolores sang this song with her angelic voice. After “Just My Imagination” the Cranberries played their last song, called “Dreams”. Dolores gave her best and rocked for the last time. Then she said “Goodbye” and the Cranberries left the stage. At the end of the concert the song “Ave Maria” was played from a CD. Dolores sang this song with Pavarotti.

—Anita Frolow

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