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Другие Разделы


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A year for new junior Cranberries. Fergal’s wife Laurie was also expecting their first child. In March she gave birth to a baby boy – Jacob.

Back to rehearsals, and then back on the road in April, with dates in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Europe. Just a few hours before playing in Cadiz, in Spain a massive storm hit the venue, turning the outdoor stadium into mush and making it unsafe to play. The show had to be pulled. It was one of just a handful of gigs that were cancelled on the whole tour.

As the tour rolled on, the band released “Bury The Hatchet – The Complete Sessions”, a double CD featuring – B-sides as well as Live tracks taken from a live show in Paris. For Cranberries fans, it was a must.

Plans were also put in the place for a new album – their fifth – to be recorded at Windmill Lane studios in Dublin – ironically, the location for their third album, “Faithful Departed,” which caught them at their lowest ebb five years before. But they weren’t afraid to go back to the scene of the crime.

Just as in the old days, the band was starting to stockpile new songs. They had time to develop these off the road as the tour brought them plenty of free time in between the shows.

Then, during the last leg of their world tour, as they were playing a show in Belfort, France, Dolores announced from the stage that she was expecting a second child. The baby is due in February 2001.

The last four dates of the tour were cancelled on the advise of the doctor, as Dolores didn’t want to take any chances during her pregnancy. The band returned to Limerick before coming to Dublin for album Number 5 in August.

“We want to finish this record before we think about doing another tour. We should know all that sometime early in 2001,” says Noel. “Sales don’t reflect how good a record is really. When we finish an album we know ourselves whether it’s good or not. Apart from that, what sells an album could be about what people are listening to, fashions, trends, and what kind of people are working in your record company at the time. It all plays a big role.”

The first half of the new album is in the can. The second half comes in April 2001. But before the new album, the band will release “Beneath The Skin – Live in Paris” – a DVD & VHS package featuring a spectacular show they did in Paris in December 1999. It catches the band at their very best.

Ten years down the road for The Cranberries, and by the sounds of things there are plans being put in place for years to come.

“As long as we’re happy doing it, that’s the best way to go,” says Fergal.

“People used to ask us how long we were going to stick together,” says Noel. “And that was when we had just started out!

“How long? Who knows? Ten years. Ten weeks. Who knows.” ” I think we enjoy it a lot more now,” says Dolores. “There’s a balance to it now. I put my whole life into the Cranberries. Now it is important to build in breaks that remind us how much we love performing together”.

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