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Другие Разделы

История группы 1996

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After Christmas, the band mixed the album and delivered it to the record company. Next came the cycle of videos, press interviews, band rehearsals and by early Spring, the third Cranberries album ? ‘To The Faithful Departed’ was released with “Salvation” as the first single. The album would go on to sell six million copies.

Shortly after, the band went back on the road for another, by now, gruelling world tour (100 date tour) re-visiting cities they had played in less than a year before.

“We had no life,” says Noel, looking back on what he feels was the worst period of the Cranberries career. “The band was our life. We just lived to do the band. And that’s really no way for anyone to live. No matter what you do, you need a break from it at times. We just didn’t want to be on that tour, from the very start.”

“It was unfair to the fans”, Mike adds. “We didn’t put in our full effort. We were pissed off in the dressing rooms.”

Then in May, during a show in Hobart, Australia, Dolores landed badly on the same knee as the one injured in the skiing accident. The pain was intense. On medical advice, the first part of this world tour was cancelled.

Part two resumed later in the year, with a 43 city tour of North America, but not before Noel tied the knot with his girl friend, Kathryn Nash, in Limerick. Time for a honeymoon and a little breather for the rest of the crew.

It was during the U.S. tour, shortly after appearing at the MTV Awards in New York City, that Dolores is once again advised to pull some shows and rest. She is feeling tired and looking weak. There is speculation in the media that she is suffering from Anorexia. The rumours are denied. No one really knew what was actually happening. But one thing was sure ? things weren’t getting better.

In October, on the eve of the third leg of the already dishevelled tour, the band met at Dolores’ Kerry home and decided to pull the rest of the circus. It was a tough decision. But for them, it was the right decision and way overdue.

“It was the best thing we ever did,” says Dolores.

“It was mental,” says Noel. “We’ve said it to ourselves, that if we’d gone through with that whole tour, and not taken the break, we’d probably have finished the tour, and split up. By that time it was almost seven years straight ? non-stop.”

“It’s like the old cliche,” Dolores says. “A kid wants to become a rock star, so they become one, they become famous, and rich, beyond their wildest dreams. And then what does this famous rock star do? They whine their ass off in public, about their new life and the pressures and the strains. And that’s just what we did. And of course everyone slated us for it ? and we probably deserved it ? but we were just being honest about how we felt at that time.”

For the rest of the year, the four members of the band went their separate ways. Fergal and his girl friend Laurie trekked through Thailand and the Far East. Mike moved to Manchester attending football matches. And Noel and his wife Kathryn opened their own restaurant in Limerick.

Dolores took a long holiday to the Caribbean, before returning to her house just outside Dingle in Co. Kerry. She later recorded a new song called, “God Be With You”, for the film “Devils Own”, starring Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford, fuelling rumours that the band had split. But that was not the case. Dolores was inspired by a trailer sent to her house by the film company.

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