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Name: Joanna E-mail: Country: Poland
The Cranberries are great!!! Greetings from Poland!
Thursday 13th 2008f November 2008 09:09:35 AM
Name: Steve E-mail: Country: USA
Counting down the days until her next tour.
Monday 15th 2008f September 2008 02:19:49 AM
Name: tornike E-mail: Country: georgia
hi guys.i love dolly and the cranberries.i'm a huge fan.this site is really good.russians rock.
Sunday 03rd 2008f August 2008 02:02:09 PM
Name: mg E-mail: Country: canada
I wanted to share with you the fact that your song with the Cranberries, "ode to my family" is one of the few 'things' that allow me to cry in this world. Thank-you for that. Between Ode, and the King Singers acapella version of "Greensleaves" I have had a good cry about my father dying. Thank-you
Saturday 24th 2008f May 2008 03:52:16 AM
Name: Laura E-mail: Country: USA
Any pics of the December 8, 2007 concert in El Paso, TX?
Wednesday 30th 2008f April 2008 12:40:16 AM
Name: massimo E-mail: Country: Italy
for record dvdrip concert Dolores O'Riordan Live Teatro Caupolican of Santiago de Chile 2007 click link under
Tuesday 11th 2008f March 2008 06:43:45 PM
Name: Irsan E-mail: Country: Indonesia
It's wonderful! Luckily i found this site, when i was working with my final project to finish my study as a CJ. I love to write about The Crans and hope they will re-united again soon.. Keep up your good work, Dess! Warm Regards, Irsan Jakarta, INA
Thursday 06th 2008f March 2008 12:22:48 AM
Name: Cranations E-mail: Country: Indonesia
Happy Anniversary!!! It's been two years this site exist, and I'm joined this site not far from it. This will always be the biggest The Cranberries fan-site ever! Keep up the good work guys...!
Saturday 23rd 2008f February 2008 06:05:16 AM
Name: Dess E-mail: Country: Russia
Kris, I'm the admin of this site. If you have any questions, write to e-mail
Sunday 17th 2008f February 2008 12:18:00 AM
Name: Kris E-mail: Country: germany
Hey there, nice site, i have a german site.... one question, could someone help me to find out the management? Chris
Monday 11th 2008f February 2008 06:49:53 PM
Name: Akire E-mail: Country: Chile
I love Dolores, I love your voice... she's the best!!!!. hope retours soon to Chile. I love your site...thank!!. A kiss from Santiago of Chile
Wednesday 16th 2008f January 2008 09:57:40 PM
Name: Erica E-mail: Country: USA
Hi, I was trying to download a video, and it says your account is suspended.
Friday 14th 2007f December 2007 02:32:58 AM
Name: marra E-mail: Country: maldives
This site is kewl!!! And Dolores O'Riordan, i love her amazing voice, the way how she sings and her style.. im a big big big fan of dolores..
Monday 19th 2007f November 2007 10:42:51 PM
Name: evelyn.zombie E-mail: Country: CHILE SANTIAGO
Sunday 02nd 2007f September 2007 06:58:05 AM
Name: Daniel E-mail: Country: Argentina
Hi guys, we attended to the amazing concert at the Gran Rex Theatre in Buenos Aires, Aug 21, 2007 and we have the concert on DVD contains 17 songs of the show. It was taped with a proffesional camera from the audience, and have good quality of image and sound. You can watch one of the songs at youtube in our site: If you need more information and if you are interested, e-mail us: Thanks, Daniel
Monday 27th 2007f August 2007 12:35:03 AM
Name: anna-marina scott E-mail: marinaki763@hotmail Country: cyprus
great job u've done!!! i've been searching for this material but didnt know were to get it!!! i'm really happy i found this site!! keep it up!
Friday 27th 2007f July 2007 05:04:29 PM
Name: Demon E-mail: Country: Russia
Winrar -
Wednesday 18th 2007f July 2007 07:09:32 AM
Name: Patty Smith E-mail: Country: usa
whats rar. what program should i use to hear the bootleg songs??
Sunday 15th 2007f July 2007 11:12:33 AM
Name: Stefan E-mail: Country: Germany
Hello everybody! I just want to let you know, that I had the chance to visit Dolores' cologne-gig last wednesday! Wow - what a great and amazing show!!! I stood in the first line - what a moment for me! DOlores was only some meters next to me (I wouldn't have thought, that there will be anything better...) But then I got the luck to meet Dolores in person about 1,5 hours after her concert! Oh my dear - she is soo lovely! Of course I took a million of photos and she gave me some autographs (on the CD, and the ticket etc.) And in the end Don (her husband) took a photo of us two... Oh my god - I'll never forget that great day in my life! P.S.: I've a question: how many "Are you listening"-CD's are sold already? The link at the news doesn't work...
Monday 18th 2007f June 2007 12:37:24 AM
Name: kai de los santos E-mail: Country: philippines
i love your site... hope to see more photo of dolores..
Friday 15th 2007f June 2007 10:23:51 AM
Name: Cranations E-mail: Country: Indonesia
Finaly, I can go through this site
Tuesday 05th 2007f June 2007 12:53:20 PM
Name: Spongebob E-mail: Country: Italy
I love Dolores voice!!! She's the best.. Your album is very good.. my favourite songs are Apple of my eye and Human spirit... but all are beautiful!!!! bye bye..
Friday 01st 2007f June 2007 02:49:52 PM
Name: alan E-mail: Country: brasil
i love cranberries !!! i love dolores so much !!! it's a pitty !!!! don't come to Brasil !!!!
Thursday 17th 2007f May 2007 08:24:51 PM
Name: Maurice O'Connell E-mail: Country: Russia
come on Limerick !
Thursday 17th 2007f May 2007 02:47:30 PM
Name: sherin E-mail: Country: egypt
hi please vote for my baner at thanks
Wednesday 18th 2007f April 2007 12:57:21 AM
Name: V E-mail: whatever at yahoo Country: usa
Little Dolores O is really if your a vocal, and singer songwriter lover and historian, one of the handful of most talented females ever to sing/write on stage and on albums. She is a rock and roll Hall of Famer in waiting, she demands to be listened to and studied, she is a "Couple in a lifetime" Genius, beauty, spiritual wonder, that I'm sure pleases heaven in many ways...... She is a gift from above for us to enjoy...... God Bless her, and her kids, and she amazing spark-plug ways......... Cause I just sit in the hills of Ohio,USA and be amazed............ Wow , go girl go..........
Tuesday 17th 2007f April 2007 06:34:49 PM
Name: Ivelina Dimitrova E-mail: Country: Bulgaria
Hi everybody .. It's so good site .. I like so much Dolores's music,and I am happy to know that I am not alone .. Be happy !Kisses from Bulgaria
Wednesday 11th 2007f April 2007 09:47:30 AM
Name: taha E-mail: Country: morocco
hi grear web site good luck we love Dolores O'Riordan
Thursday 05th 2007f April 2007 12:53:23 AM
Name: sherin E-mail: Country: egypt
great site
Friday 23rd 2007f March 2007 08:22:44 PM
Name: Marino (amoreninho) E-mail: Country: Brazil
Happy Birthday!!!! I hope to be here with you next year to share this moment again.
Thursday 22nd 2007f February 2007 01:16:01 PM
Name: Faithful_sign E-mail: Country: Indonesia
wow, congratulation for I'm just knowing that this site just made 1 year later (I thought it were made by a long time ago) . Great, 1 year and already had some big collection of Cran-stuff. Go keep up the good working
Thursday 22nd 2007f February 2007 01:06:19 PM
Name: Yiannis E-mail: Country: Greece
Hello from Greece! This is a great Cranberries website! I love the amazing design and content, thanks!!!
Wednesday 21st 2007f February 2007 02:36:51 PM
Name: Emrah Colak E-mail: Country: TURKEY
my name is Emrah. and i love dolores so much. and most people love her. but they cant just like me. coz i love her as same as love drink water eat apple pie. i love you. coz when i feel love i listen her. when i feel so bad i listen her and feel good. she makes me relax. she is brilliant. she is fantastic and good looking. i cant love anyone same her. i hope one day i ll meet her and say "hey love u baby".
Sunday 11th 2007f February 2007 01:12:23 PM
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Friday 09th 2007f February 2007 04:11:18 AM
Name: James E-mail: Country: New York City, U.S.A.
This site is amazing!There's enough info to keep me sitting here for days LOL I was so into her in the 1990's I'm still waiting for her to make a huge come back. Great work!
Tuesday 06th 2007f February 2007 06:38:28 AM
Name: violet E-mail: Country: serbia
I'm glad that you exist. Dolores rise me up.
Saturday 20th 2007f January 2007 09:08:19 PM
Name: RobertJ E-mail: Country: Country
Very interesting and very pretty website. Good luck and keep up good work. Best regards. Robert
Saturday 13th 2007f January 2007 03:22:33 AM
Name: MB E-mail: Country: K-Pax
Megs, I know you're paranoid, because so am I. You're right about the "getting into trouble" thing, so I'll answer the rest by the "Changed"-one, probably tomorrow. At least soon. And I hadn't really paid attention to it before, but I love the new mainpage here where you can go to both "site-parts"!
Tuesday 14th of November 2006 05:36:22 PM
Name: Meg E-mail: Country: US
Mel I'm paranoid. I think you should know that by now. You probably know that there isn't much I can do about the whole 'thing.' I don't want to but I do. I try not to but I still do. It's hard for me cos I don't feel like I can talk to a lot of people in this world and its so easy to tell you everything.SO WE DON'T GET IN TROUBLE I'LL ADD THIS: DESS YOU KNOW I LOVE THE SITE AND I MIGHT (IF I HAVEN'T ALREADY) SUBMIT A POEM FOR YOUR POEM SECTION.
Monday 13th of November 2006 07:28:35 PM
Name: MB E-mail: Country: K-Pax
Megs, 1. How could I ever be pissed at such a thing...!? 2.Nothing will change my opinion of you. 3. There's NOTHING that can make me want to stop talking to you. . Why? Because I love you. Please do keep that in mind! Deal?
Monday 13th of November 2006 05:12:35 PM
Name: Meg E-mail: Country: US
Nope it didn't work.... I'll try again but I don't think it will.
Monday 13th of November 2006 04:18:28 PM
Name: Meg E-mail: Country: US
First off: Ernest, I'll try that but that didn't work the first time so it probably won't work now....Second off: Melly..... no.... I didn't want you to get that but sooner or later I was gonna have to say it cos it wasn't doing me any good to keep it in. I hope you aren't pissed about it and I hope it doesn't change your opinion of me or make you not want to talk to me anymore.....
Monday 13th of November 2006 04:16:02 PM
Name: MB E-mail: Country: K-Pax
Hey Megs, I DID get your e-mail, and even though you practically didn't want me to get it, I'm really glad I have it! And I've missed you, I hope to see you soon again!
Monday 13th of November 2006 01:59:25 PM
Name: asjemenou E-mail: Country: ^ For Meggie mou. I hope it works now my dear?
Monday 13th of November 2006 07:58:29 AM
Name: Grrr Meggie/TPIV mad E-mail: Country: US
I got a message from Ernest on myspace saying that we could use the forums through other means.... well it didn't work. I also thought I read on the front page that everything was fixed.... maybe I read wrong....
Monday 13th of November 2006 07:24:27 AM
Name: The One and Only Meggie!! E-mail: Country: US
WTF!? The site's forums are still down.... too bad... I miss them.Ane Melly is back? I'm shocked... I thought she might never come back.... hope she didn't get that email I sent her...... anyway love ya Mel and glad you're back!!
Monday 13th of November 2006 06:31:51 AM
Name: Diegp E-mail: Country: Chile verdad que todo el material que tienen es muy bueno, asi que no me queda mas que darles las gracias por todo lo que aqui pude encontrar, mucho tiempo me pase buscando este tipo de cosas... asi que muy agradecido...bueno espero sigan asi, y subien material tan buen y exclusivo...un gran saludos desde Chile....diego... =) Loud And Clear..!!!
Sunday 12th of November 2006 08:42:32 PM
Name: Demon E-mail: Country: Russia
Faithful_sign: We will restore it soon. Don't worry.
Sunday 12th of November 2006 03:46:18 AM
Name: Faithful_sign E-mail: Country: Indonesia
hei, what's matter with the forum?
Saturday 11th of November 2006 12:34:56 PM
Name: MB E-mail: Country: Nowhere
Is our forum out of the air for everybody, or is it just this computer? Oh no... Please don't tell me the content is gone AGAIN...!?
Friday 10th of November 2006 04:14:09 PM
Name: Megan E-mail: Country:
Hello, Good Site
Friday 10th of November 2006 09:32:22 AM
Name: asjemenou E-mail: Country:
I hope that the forums will be alive. All messages after November 2 till now have been disappeared. Also an important pm. It's not for the first time that many messages disappeared. I'm praying that everythings comes good with Melany's computer too.
Thursday 09th of November 2006 06:51:25 PM
Name: Milana E-mail: Country:
Thanx, good site!
Friday 03rd of November 2006 12:46:56 AM
Name: MB E-mail: Country: Space
Wonderful job, that picture up there. I love it!
Thursday 02nd of November 2006 09:17:38 PM
Name: Fedor Sumkin E-mail: Country:
This web-site is the coolest! Now I don't have to feel so intimated by science! You're a genius! I think I'll visit this site often
Tuesday 31st of October 2006 08:13:39 PM
Name: Demon E-mail: Country: Russia
asjemenou: You're welcome.
Monday 02nd of October 2006 04:57:54 PM
Name: asjemenou E-mail: Country: dreaming land
I also forgot to thank Demon!!!
Monday 02nd of October 2006 04:22:43 PM
Name: asjemenou E-mail: Country: dreaming land
Hey Dess , great that u put smileys here!! Love ur website more and more!!!
Monday 02nd of October 2006 04:20:58 PM
Name: MB E-mail: Country: Mars
Great work! I love this one:
Monday 02nd of October 2006 02:02:47 PM
Name: Dess E-mail: Country: Russia
Guestbook has some tags now thank to Demon. Our site team is working hard!
Monday 02nd of October 2006 01:48:50 PM
Name: Josyp E-mail: Country: Croatia
Sunday 01st of October 2006 07:00:47 PM
Name: cansu E-mail: Country: TURKey
Wednesday 27th of September 2006 12:26:31 AM
Name: MB_Number5 E-mail: Country: The Netherlands
Hey, I'm really glad to seen that your guestbook isn't hacked anymore! And the new site-design is really nice!
Wednesday 03rd of May 2006 11:44:30 AM
Name: Tyson E-mail: Country: USA
Great site for a great band. I appreciate it.
Sunday 04th of June 2006 11:03:52 AM
Name: nipster E-mail: Country: south africa
Hi,very good site actually came across it by accident but you guys did a great job .Enjoyed the info very much
Thursday 13th of July 2006 03:07:46 AM
Name: Yanshuo E-mail: Country: China
Friday 28th of July 2006 11:14:33 AM
Name: LABErry E-mail: Country:
hi!! i'm from mexico its a wonderful place congratulations!!!! see u AMIGOS
Wednesday 02nd of August 2006 12:26:36 AM
Name: astrid E-mail: Country: england
in one frace ,,,, this is great
Thursday 10th of August 2006 09:46:25 PM
Name: BROP E-mail: Country: MEXICO
Tuesday 29th of August 2006 12:28:24 AM
Name: Erick E-mail: Country: Mexico
Great site, the last cran - oasis, tks dess
Tuesday 29th of August 2006 04:10:00 AM
Name: Stephen McEvoy E-mail: Country: Ireland
FANTASTIC! Delighted the world hasn't forgotten Dolores!!! She will return as glorious as aver - Hopefully!! cheers!
Tuesday 29th of August 2006 05:39:43 PM
Name: David Royal E-mail: Country: USA
Hello, I love you website! I am rediscovering the Cranberries and your site is great. I didn't know Delores was releasing her own album. That's excellent!. Anyway, I am looking for one of the Cranberries' earliest recordings/songs called 'Pathetic Senses'. I had a copy on tape but the tape broke. :( Do have a copy by any chance? Do you know where I can get/buy a copy? Thanks. Please continue to maintain the site. I shall check back often. Cheers, DR
Wednesday 30th of August 2006 04:37:27 AM
Name: Tyson E-mail: Country: USA
I just wanna say I love Dolores O'Riordan, and she represents everything right with what a great person should be.
Wednesday 30th of August 2006 09:57:14 PM
Name: Stefan E-mail: Country: Germany
Hello! I'm waiting for Dolores' solo album, which she would bring out late spring/early summer 2006. But he! THe summe ris nearly over, and there's NO solo-album by Dolores yet! Has anybody any news?! Greetings from Germany... *STEFAN*
Tuesday 05th of September 2006 03:51:53 PM
Name: MiXi E-mail: Country: Japan
Hi there! Your 2 sites are the best site I have ever met! I found there so much video and audio! I'm a fan during many years, and I visit cran-sites during 5-6 years and I can say that your site is the best among all site during last 5-6 years! Keep make updates! I agree with Erick: "Great site, the last cran - oasis..."
Wednesday 06th of September 2006 06:32:32 PM
Name: Dess E-mail: Country: Russia
2David Royal: You can download song 'Pathetic Senses' there: I have only variants in mp3 of early tracks and the most of them are already uploaded on our site... If smb has questions you can always write to and I will answer to you! Thank you all for your support! We do our best to make our sites better and more interesting for you! Much more videos soon!
Wednesday 06th of September 2006 06:51:15 PM