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2008.11.15 – New Dolores solo album has been recorded!!!!

The Letter from Dolores:
Hi guys,

Hope you’re all doing well out there!! Things are brilliant here. I’ve got some updates for ya on the new record, the website, etc. It’s been pretty nuts on my end!! So much going on!

As for the album, we’re all finished recording and mixing now, and headed into the mastering phase. I’m really happy with the way the album’s turned out. Like always, I’ve written all of these songs from my heart. We also shot some video inside the recording studio while we were making the record, so you guys can share in some of those experiences with me. I’ll be uploading that footage to my new site when it launches (along with a bunch of other stuff.) I’ll be making an announcement soon with the official release date for the album, and the official date the website will launch!

So, about my new website!! I just took a look at the new progress today, and it’s really fantastic what the team has been up to behind the scenes.

I think my favorite thing about my new site is that it’s going to be a really interactive experience for you guys. Some of the features include my own social networking community that’s built right in, where you can create a profile, upload your own photos and concert videos, post blogs, create groups, chat live with other fans in my new chat rooms or post in the forums, etc. I just created my own account this evening, and uploaded my first new photo! Haha.

The team and I will be posting updates and uploading new videos, pictures, and tour news on the main page of the site, but members of my community will have access to a lot of exclusive stuff that non-members won’t have access to… and it’s totally free to be a member. :)

So after the new site is launched, I really hope you’ll all join up, create your own profiles, and then leave me some comments or send me a message to let me know what you think!

Anyway, that’s all for now. 2009 is just around the corner now! Really looking forward to seeing you guys on tour and sharing this new music with ya. Thanks for hanging in there with me. ;)


Dolores xx

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