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2008.03.08 – Congratulate all women!

Dear Dolores O’Riordan and girls, girlies, women all over the world! On March 8, we would like to offer you the best and warmest greetings on behalf of all the men in this huge world and tell you what we think about you deep down inside, but unfortunately, seldom or never say that out loud. Each of you is exquisite, special and extremely charming. You’re so patient while bearing the brunts of life, tolerating all the whims of your men, but still your eyes stay ever young with the years passing by just like your souls as well. Let every minute of your life be bright and exciting, let men always embrace you with care and loving tenderness, and their eyes shine at you with the never-ending admiring glance!

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7.03.2008 in category News | No comments
Posted by Dess

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