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2008.02.17 – Places in hit-parads and nominations

- Dolores O’Riordan’s Song “Ordinary Day” has got an active support of admirers borrows and is 1 place on radio Radio 31 (Kazakhstan)! Continue to vote for a song!
- On Radio Maximum Dolores’ song “When We Were Young” has fallen with 8 to 16 place. So let’s vote actively! Let’s lift again a song on high places.
- Solo album Dolores O’Riordan “Are You Listening?” Has been nominated in a nomination “ Best Irish Female ” (details Here). And yesterday results of voting have been announced. Unfortunately, Dolores has not won (Cathy Davey is the winner). But all the same it is pleasant, that Dolores was among applicants for a prestigious rank is already a recognition of her musical merits in solo creativity. The theme is discussed at a forum Here.

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17.02.2008 in category News | No comments
Posted by Dess

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