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2008.01.24 – Wonderful Fan-Art!

• It’s time for amazing things! Our dear Lisa sings 3 songs in Dolores style, she imitates Dolores voice SO GREAT! You know, it sounds just like Dolores sang in 1990-1991 demo-records! It’s a really wonderfull performance! Listen to all 3 tracks and you will see that it’s beautiful and really sounds like Dolores’ singing!
- Lisa – Umbrella (time – 4:31)
- Lisa – Gomenasai (time – 3:43)
- Lisa – Umka (time – 3:13)

2 Dolores portraits are added to section Fan-Art. Big thanks to Ainaven ELF! These 2 portraits were given to Dolores by our Fan-Club when Dolores performed in Moscow on 10.11.2007! She was really glad and amazed!

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24.01.2008 in category News | No comments
Posted by Dess

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