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17.11.07 – Dolores’ concert in Russia

Dolores O’Riordan has visited Russia with concert! Russian fans are so active! There made a lot of photos (more then 200), many video-audio-records in high quality. We will share by it a little later. Russian forum is crazy of it. She was there. We made 2 portraits of her and gave it to her. And also we ordered a special medallion with her face and also gave it to her. And we gave her 45 daffodils with words “… and the daffodils look lovely today”.
We hope she will return someday to our country and I will be there too.

• We learned a food poisoning occured and two canceled most expected Italian gigs. We have sent a letter to Dolores. There we express our deepest regret on the occasion of this incident.
• Download 149 photos from russian concert in our Gallery (other photos will be uploaded there later)
• Video & audio from concert will be on the site a bit later. Keep visiting our site.

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17.11.2007 in category News | No comments
Posted by Dess

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