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06.09.07 – Happy Birthday, Dolores!

Today is the Birthday of our lovely Dolores O’Riordan! We wish you be yourself forever! You are so amazing and great! Your songs give us so much emotions! Thank you! You’re doing so much for us!
- We are glad to tell you, that Dolores has got the letter from russian The Cranberries’ fans for the first time! Our letter was recorded to CD with fans congratulations (thanks to Irishgirl). This CD is the gift to Dolores to her Birthday (6th of september). Cran-fans gave the CD to Dolores personally! Accoding to fans (who gave her CD), she was happy to get it. Now we are sure that Dolores will read our letter and find out that russian fans love her and can’t wait to see her!!
The last version of our letter you can read here.
And this is the card which we sent to Dolores: Postcard.

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6.09.2007 in category News | No comments
Posted by Dess

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