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News archive

The site update is complited! (9.03.2010) - posted by Dess

We have finished site update today. We rebuilt site desing & structure. Site uses new CMS now. So it will be much easily to add & edit articles. We hope that you will like our new design. Stay with us.


2010.02.01. – Site is under construction (1.02.2010) - posted by Dess

We began to change site structure and design. Site won’t be closed, but some links won’t work for a while. Don’t worry, we will make the work in a week or two. You will get the best Cran-site.;) Stay with us.


2009.02.04 – Download a Super concert in San-Sebastian! (4.02.2009) - posted by Dess

You can download the great Dolores’ concert in San-Sebastian 2007 in DVD-quality right now!  This concert is uploaded online for the first time! And It’s in great quality!

Links of DVD-version of concert in Video-section. Size – 2750Mb, length – 1hour 13min.
It’s one of the best Dolores-Cran concerts we have ever seen! Enjoy! There are several screenshots:


2009.02.03 – Video-section is working AGAIN! (3.02.2009) - posted by Dess

Our site begins provide tons of Cran-Dol-video stuff again! Check out our video-section. It’ working again! We just begin to restore all stuff, so there will be much more video! Check the site for updates. More Cran-video everyday!

Right now you can download Dolores’ 2007 concert Avo Sessions + 12 live-videos

Really exclusive videos (including great-quality Moscow 2007 concert) will be available soon. Have fun! The Cranberries forever!


2009.01.18 – Download video of new The Cranberries’ performance! (18.01.2009) - posted by Dess

Download high-quality record of The Cranberries’ performance in Dublin (9 January, 2009)!:
Download video (115mb) – Linger, Ordinary Day, Zombie


2009.01.01 – Happy New Year (1.01.2009) - posted by Dess

Happy New Year, dear fans, Dolores O’Riordan, Noel & Mike Hogan, Fergal Lawler ! We wish you Health… So you may enjoy each day in comfort. We wish you the Love of friends and family… And Peace within your heart. Happy New Year!

BTW Dolores O’Riordan made a GREAT present for us:

- The release date of new Dolores’ album “No Baggage?” is announced today! It’s may 2009!

- The Cranberries will perform together at Dublin concert!
-  Visit new Dolores’ official site You can watch Dolores’ video-congratulation & new photos, to listen to cuts from new songs here. Don’t forget to register for exclusive content

Thank you Dolores for this great present! You’re the best!


2008.12.10 – New Dolores’ song cut at official site (10.12.2008) - posted by Dess

Dolores’ official site was under construction for the long time. At least we know the date of site launch – 00:00 of the 1 of January 2009! Visit and listen to the soundtrack. You can listen to the cut of NEW DOLORES’ SONG at the end of soundtrack, just wait for 2 minutes! It would be so lovely, cool, amazing song!!!


2008.11.28 – New Fergal’s Photos (29.11.2008) - posted by Dess

The last saturday photosession of new Fergal’s band “Velvetbox” is accessible.

Download new Fergal’s photos  Here.


2008.11.16 – Cut-video of new Dolores’ song! (17.11.2008) - posted by Dess

Dolores O’Riordan shared by the 32-sec version of new song with fans!

Download it here:

I’m asking now, please
Will you catch me, will I hide
I am begging on my knees
will you be there when I die?

Borderline, borderline.. (???)
Borderline, borderline, borderline…


2008.11.15 – New Dolores solo album has been recorded!!!! (17.11.2008) - posted by Dess

The Letter from Dolores:
Hi guys,

Hope you’re all doing well out there!! Things are brilliant here. I’ve got some updates for ya on the new record, the website, etc. It’s been pretty nuts on my end!! So much going on!

As for the album, we’re all finished recording and mixing now, and headed into the mastering phase. I’m really happy with the way the album’s turned out. Like always, I’ve written all of these songs from my heart. We also shot some video inside the recording studio while we were making the record, so you guys can share in some of those experiences with me. I’ll be uploading that footage to my new site when it launches (along with a bunch of other stuff.) I’ll be making an announcement soon with the official release date for the album, and the official date the website will launch!

So, about my new website!! I just took a look at the new progress today, and it’s really fantastic what the team has been up to behind the scenes.

I think my favorite thing about my new site is that it’s going to be a really interactive experience for you guys. Some of the features include my own social networking community that’s built right in, where you can create a profile, upload your own photos and concert videos, post blogs, create groups, chat live with other fans in my new chat rooms or post in the forums, etc. I just created my own account this evening, and uploaded my first new photo! Haha.

The team and I will be posting updates and uploading new videos, pictures, and tour news on the main page of the site, but members of my community will have access to a lot of exclusive stuff that non-members won’t have access to… and it’s totally free to be a member. :)

So after the new site is launched, I really hope you’ll all join up, create your own profiles, and then leave me some comments or send me a message to let me know what you think!

Anyway, that’s all for now. 2009 is just around the corner now! Really looking forward to seeing you guys on tour and sharing this new music with ya. Thanks for hanging in there with me. ;)


Dolores xx


2008.10.13 – Welcome Fergal’s new band ‘Velvetbox’! (13.10.2008) - posted by Dess

Fergal Lawler, the phenomenal Irish drummer from the Cranberries, is joining popular Canadian musical group, Velvetbox. Full infromation you can get HERE. We wish Fergal the best, and can’t wait to listen to Velvetbox’s songs! Cool news, Ferg!

Thank you very much for news-letter, Fergal! It’s a big honor to receive letters from such great people! And here is the letter:

Hi Dess,
I hope you are well. I thought I’d let you know that I will be playing drums again soon with a Canadian Band called ‘Velvetbox”.
Attached is the official press release.
Speak to you soon,


2008.10.13 – Download the Cranberries’ Audio-bootlegs (13.10.2008) - posted by Dess

Download 12 audio-bootlegs:

- Go Your Own Way 2002 – 105mb
- French Dreams 2002 – 72mb
- Irish Coffee 2002 – 92,7mb
- Live In Berlin 2002 – 94,2mb
- Dolores Watch the Stars 2002 – 121mb
- I Wanna Be A Star 2002 – 87,2mb
- No Need To Linger 2002 – 72,3mb
- Lucky Charms 1995 – 166mb
- Waltzing Back In Holland 1995 – 177mb
- Astral Attraction 2003 – 76,4mb
- Is This The End? 2003 – 64,5mb
- 9 years Later 2003 – 79,6mb


2008.09.25 – Download new Dolores’ song “Centipede Sisters” (25.09.2008) - posted by Dess

Dolores wrote a song for the kids canadian tv show “Roll Play”. The new song is “Centipede Sisters”.

Download new song “Centipede Sisters” here: Write your comments about the song in Forums, plz.


The centipede sisters,
The centipede sisters,
Let’s watch them interact,
As opposites attracts !

Liz stands up, Zil sits down
Liz might smile, Zil might frown
Liz says black, Zil says white
Liz says day, Zil says night

The centipede sisters,
The centipede sisters,
Let’s watch them interact,
As opposites attracts

The centipede sisters,
The centipede sisters,
The story just begins
With the centipede twins !

Liz jumps high, Zil jumps low
Liz walks fast, Zil walks slow

Round and round and round and round
They’re spinning round and round and round
They’re spinning round and round and round
Fall down !

The centipede sisters,
The centipede sisters,
Let’s watch them interact,
As opposites attracts

The centipede sisters,
The centipede sisters,
The story just begins
With the centipede twins

Opposite attracs,opposite attracs,
Watch us interact.

Opposite attracs,opposite attracs,
Watch us interact
The centipede sisters,
The centipede sisters,
Let’s watch them interact,
As opposites attracts

The centipede sisters,
The centipede sisters,
The story just begins
With the centipede twins

The centipede twins (x4)


2008.09.06 – Dolores O’Riordan’s birthday (6.09.2008) - posted by Dess

Happy birthday, dear Dolores O’Riordan! “We love you just the way you are”! Thank you for everything you have made for fans! Your voice is the most beautiful, magic, powerful & weakness thing in the world! Russian fans wish you the best, and hope that you are specially happy in this spacial day. 

Everything is changing, but your voice, your talent are forever! And our love is endless too. Be happy, dear Dolores! We love you!


2008.07.25 – Dolores O’Riordan’s letter to fans (25.07.2008) - posted by Dess

Dolores O’Riordan has send the letter to fans on her site:


Thanks to everyone for all your support, messages, and kind words. Sorry it’s been so long but I’m happy to share there’s lots going on!!

21 new songs, in the studio working away, a brand new website in the works with all the things you’ve been asking for from forums, your own fan profile pages, videos, tons of exclusive stuff, interactive areas, chat room, contests, live webcasts, 24/7 radio, regular updates from the road, a mobile site, even the occasional live video chats and a lot more!

There will be more announced soon, so keep checking back here until we announce the launch of the new site!




2008.07.13 – Download clip “Senza Fiato” (13.07.2008) - posted by Dess

Download New clip Dolores O’Riordan & Giuliano Sangiorgi “Senza Fiato”.

Download clip here. (21 mb) Thanx to forum for the link.



2008.06.30 – Site Update (30.06.2008) - posted by Dess

Video-section & Audio-section works again! You can download stuff right now.

We continue to share with rare and great Cran-Dol videos:

- Download videos here:
- Live at Sessions At West 54th – Linger & Desperate Andy
- Live at Sessions At West 54th – Promises, Zombie, Dreams
- Analyse (performance 2002)

- Download video:
- Interview in studia 1996
- EPK – Making video-clip OD 2007


2008.04.28 – Dolores’ songs in russian radio broadcast (28.04.2008) - posted by Dess

Dolores O’Riordan’s songs Accept Things and Black Widow were in the radio broadcast on Russian radio. It was in “Top-sales” program at Radio Culture (Moscow 91.6 FM)  on 31 – March. The program was devoted to Dolores’ album. And it is already very good. However, reviews of course not so great, but at the same time, and relatively not bad. Remind you that in the active rotation radio seen only 2 singles with a solo album Dolores  Ordinary Day and When We Were Young. Скачать передачу в mp3-формате можно Здесь . Download the program here.


2008.03.19 – 1.000.000 hits! (19.03.2008) - posted by Dess

Our site has been visited 10.000.000 times! is the second Cran-Fan-site in history who has reached such result! Thanks that continue to visit actively us and help with development of our site.

In the nearest several days we shall please you with really super, exclusive and rare stuff! Do not pass!


2008.03.08 – Congratulate all women! (7.03.2008) - posted by Dess

Dear Dolores O’Riordan and girls, girlies, women all over the world! On March 8, we would like to offer you the best and warmest greetings on behalf of all the men in this huge world and tell you what we think about you deep down inside, but unfortunately, seldom or never say that out loud. Each of you is exquisite, special and extremely charming. You’re so patient while bearing the brunts of life, tolerating all the whims of your men, but still your eyes stay ever young with the years passing by just like your souls as well. Let every minute of your life be bright and exciting, let men always embrace you with care and loving tenderness, and their eyes shine at you with the never-ending admiring glance!


2008.02.28 – New Fergal’s Blog (28.02.2008) - posted by Dess

Fergal, former drummer The Cranberries, has got personal blog on Myspace:
Fergal writes, that he wants to drum again. We wish, that the blog will be conducted actively, it would be desirable to receive a news from Fergal even once a month! We wish Fergal the best!

There an interesting inscription on the main page “Who I’d like to meet”: with video of Dolores on Paris 1999 concert! (song “When We Were Gone”) Obviously, that Fergal wanted to say that he miss The Cranberries.


2008.02.22 – The second anniversary of our site! (23.02.2008) - posted by Dess

Today we are celebrating the second anniversary of our site ” The Cranberries In Your Head “! From the date of creation of a site, we were created new sections, the information was added in many sections, codes of pages were processed, the site was automated. We tried to write all news about The Cranberries and Dolores O’Riordan, and shared rare and exclusive materials with pleasure.

We are grateful to all fans who helped us with development of a site! We appreciate your help! We will continue run the project because we feel support, and we know, that our site is interesting to thousand fans of the most remarkable group on the Earth! Within two years our site have visited more than 176 thousand people (972000 hits). We are glad, that many people are interested in group!

The Cranberries always will be in our hearts, The Cranberries always will be in our minds! You can leave your congratulations happy birthday a site, wishes, offers in Guestbook or at the Forum.


2008.02.17 – Places in hit-parads and nominations (17.02.2008) - posted by Dess

- Dolores O’Riordan’s Song “Ordinary Day” has got an active support of admirers borrows and is 1 place on radio Radio 31 (Kazakhstan)! Continue to vote for a song!
- On Radio Maximum Dolores’ song “When We Were Young” has fallen with 8 to 16 place. So let’s vote actively! Let’s lift again a song on high places.
- Solo album Dolores O’Riordan “Are You Listening?” Has been nominated in a nomination “ Best Irish Female ” (details Here). And yesterday results of voting have been announced. Unfortunately, Dolores has not won (Cathy Davey is the winner). But all the same it is pleasant, that Dolores was among applicants for a prestigious rank is already a recognition of her musical merits in solo creativity. The theme is discussed at a forum Here.


2008.02.07 – Download concert in Bolzano 2003! (6.02.2008) - posted by Dess

Finaly you can download complete record of RARE CONCERT in Bolzano 2003! It’s one of the latest Cranberries’ concerts. Special thank to Leopold for sharing this video! Download the concert! You have to Register in our Forum for Download!! Enjoy!

Plz, don’t copy links to the concert video to your site w/o permission!


2008.01.29 – Site Update (29.01.2008) - posted by Dess

• Gallery is updated. We have added 1400 Dolores’ photos in section “Dolores’ Photos”.
• Section “Site Teams” is updated. The list of site-team is corrected. And also we have added site description here.


2008.01.24 – Wonderful Fan-Art! (24.01.2008) - posted by Dess

• It’s time for amazing things! Our dear Lisa sings 3 songs in Dolores style, she imitates Dolores voice SO GREAT! You know, it sounds just like Dolores sang in 1990-1991 demo-records! It’s a really wonderfull performance! Listen to all 3 tracks and you will see that it’s beautiful and really sounds like Dolores’ singing!
- Lisa – Umbrella (time – 4:31)
- Lisa – Gomenasai (time – 3:43)
- Lisa – Umka (time – 3:13)

2 Dolores portraits are added to section Fan-Art. Big thanks to Ainaven ELF! These 2 portraits were given to Dolores by our Fan-Club when Dolores performed in Moscow on 10.11.2007! She was really glad and amazed!

| Discuss in Forum


2008.01.19 – Site update (19.01.2008) - posted by Dess

• Fans have sent new pictures of Dolores and The Cranberries to us. You can find 8 new pictures in Fan-Art section.Special thanks to Griboedov, Anya, CranGirl, Ayline and r0bert for these great works!
If you have your own portraits of Dolores or Cranberries and you want to share, just send us. We will place them on the site.

| Discuss in Forum


2008.01.13 – Dolores’ Interview in her house in Canada! (13.01.2008) - posted by Dess

Download new Cool Interview with Dolores! Dolores rides snowmobile, plays the piano, and performs the part of new song!!!
And there is the text of new song:
“Looked out the window, it rained today (…………..) so far away.”



| Discuss in Forum


2007.11.25 – 276 great photos from concert in Moscow! (25.11.2007) - posted by Dess

You can Download 276 photos from Dolores’ concert in Moscow in our Gallery right now! Hi-res photos, good view, great Dolores…;) We will add more photos soon!

Authors of therse photos agreed to support our Fan-Club, and it’s exclusive stuff specially for our site! We allow to everyone place some of these photos on your sites, but DON’T delete site-mark & don’t change file-names (cos there are names of authors in file-names).


2007.11.23 – Dolores has got our letter (23.11.2007) - posted by Dess

As we wrote before we have send the letter to Dolores and also asked Denny DeMarchi to give Dolores our letter on 17.11.2007. And we have got an answer from Denny:
“Lovely letter…Dolores appreciates your thoughts.
Keep well, and hope to see you again.

Thank you very much, Denny! It’s great to know that Dolores has got our letter.


20.11.07 – Dolores’ tour is cancelled (20.11.2007) - posted by Dess

Dolores cancelled her world tour. After her mealing poisoning in Russia & 2 cancelled concerts she gave 3 gigs:


But jne fan from Switzerland wrote that Dolores has got injection and then she performed. She was ill during last 3 concert. And polish press writes that Dolores has pleurisy. It’s not a dangerous illness, but Dolores need to treat herself and have more rest.

And there is the official letter from Dolores:


Hello to all!

Just a note to say sorry for canceling the tour, I need to rest a while as I have been traveling and touring for the better part of a year. The Doc says rest and I�ll get better. I will come back in the new year.

Love to you all and Happy Holidays!

Sorry once again.

-Dolores XX

We wish Dolores get well again! And we hope that fans will understand if Dolores does something, that means that she really need to do. Let’s support Dolores!


17.11.07 – Dolores’ concert in Russia (17.11.2007) - posted by Dess

Dolores O’Riordan has visited Russia with concert! Russian fans are so active! There made a lot of photos (more then 200), many video-audio-records in high quality. We will share by it a little later. Russian forum is crazy of it. She was there. We made 2 portraits of her and gave it to her. And also we ordered a special medallion with her face and also gave it to her. And we gave her 45 daffodils with words “… and the daffodils look lovely today”.
We hope she will return someday to our country and I will be there too.

• We learned a food poisoning occured and two canceled most expected Italian gigs. We have sent a letter to Dolores. There we express our deepest regret on the occasion of this incident.
• Download 149 photos from russian concert in our Gallery (other photos will be uploaded there later)
• Video & audio from concert will be on the site a bit later. Keep visiting our site.


07.09.07 – Dolores’ concert in RUSSIA! (7.09.2007) - posted by Dess

   Dolores O’Riordan, former The Cranberries singer, will perform in Russia (november, 10) for the first time!!! Information about future concert in Russia appeared at official Steve Demarchi’s site (Steve was the guitarist in The Cranberries, and he plays with Dolores now):
Concert will be in Moscow, november 10, club BI MAXIMUM CLUB.
We are waiting for other news about concert in Russia. And we will write details as soon as possible!


06.09.07 – Happy Birthday, Dolores! (6.09.2007) - posted by Dess

Today is the Birthday of our lovely Dolores O’Riordan! We wish you be yourself forever! You are so amazing and great! Your songs give us so much emotions! Thank you! You’re doing so much for us!
- We are glad to tell you, that Dolores has got the letter from russian The Cranberries’ fans for the first time! Our letter was recorded to CD with fans congratulations (thanks to Irishgirl). This CD is the gift to Dolores to her Birthday (6th of september). Cran-fans gave the CD to Dolores personally! Accoding to fans (who gave her CD), she was happy to get it. Now we are sure that Dolores will read our letter and find out that russian fans love her and can’t wait to see her!!
The last version of our letter you can read here.
And this is the card which we sent to Dolores: Postcard.


22.08.07 – Site Update (22.08.2007) - posted by Dess

Sorry that there wasn’t updates for a long time. But we back and we are ready to make a lot of updates, as we did before.
- Download super Dolores video-concert in Koko 2007 (19 songs).
This concerts was uploaded before, but the sound was crap! We changed the sound by HIGH-quality records (from this concert!). And now we can download great concert record in really HIGH quality!
- Keep visiting our site. There will be new great & rare video of The Cranberries & Dolores’ concerts soon.


18.06.07 – Review about our site in populal magazine (18.06.2007) - posted by Dess

Popular russian music magazine “Play” (“Play Station”), №98 wrote complimentary review about our site (section “Bootlegs”).

We hope, that thanx to this review many russian people will visit our site and listen to live versions of songs. You all know that Dolores sings really great! Maybe live-performances make people buy The Cranberries’ and Dolores’ albums!

You can download high-res scan of review, just click here.

Remind you that popular russian hit-parad Hit-parad of 2 capitals (radio Maximum) praised our site on 05.05.2007. You can listen to this record Here (in russian). It’s great that people like what we do!


13.06.07 – Site update (13.06.2007) - posted by Dess

New chords and tabs are added to Chords-section:
- I Don’t Need
- I Just Shot John Lennon
- In The Ghetto
Thanks to Lypis for help!


01.06.07 - New Video! - posted by Dess

We keep on upload new video. Download video:

- Analyse - Live at "Hit Machine" 2001

- Crazy - Minnesota 1996

- Planet Rock Profiles 1995


17.05.07 - Our Interview with Fergal - posted by Dess

We contacted with administration of The Low Network official site (new Fergal' band), and asked Fergal to answer for 15 questions of Cran-fans.

The Low Network's admin answered:
"Fergal will be happy to answer any questions for you. If you e--mail a list of questions to this address I will ask him to answer them and email them back to you."

Write you questions for Fergal in Our forum or E-Mail. Send you questions during a week!

13.05.07 - Site Update - posted by Dess

We keep on upload new rare video (first ever online). Download video:
- Rockstoria MTV Brazil 1996

- Zombie - Roxy Bar

07.05.07 - Download RARE-things! - posted by Dess

Thanks to Kar'sa we have opportunity to listen to Demo-album "Watercircle" in better quality! It's almost CD-quality!

Click to download:
- Sunday
- Linger
- Crown Paint
- A Fast One

29.04.07 - Book LOUD & CLEAR WORLD TOUR 1999! - posted by Dess

Download scans (photos) of book "LOUD & CLEAR WORLD TOUR 1999"
(thanx to Loeki for scans):

Cover Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Cover-back

26.04.07 - Download Dolores' Concert! - posted by Dess

The first video-concert is accessible for free download since summer 2003 (the last The Cranberries' tour)! Dolores gave the concert for press, and it was so AMAZING!

You can download it for free.
- Download this concert in mp3
- Download the concert video (92,9 mb).

The duration is 30 minutes. The quality is not the best (4- from 5 points), but it's only 92,9mb, and it's not so hard to download it. It was recorded professionally with several camers.

The concert is really great, powerful, emotional!

Track list:
1. "Loser"
2. "Angel Fire"
3. "In The Ghetto" (Elvis Presley)
4. "Linger" (Cranberries)
5. "When We Were Young"
6. "Ordinary Day"
7. "Apple Of My Eye"
8. "Dreams" (Cranberries)

This video was compressed by special codec. So if you will get problems with lunch of it, try to install the new version of K-lite codec and open it by BSPlayer or Windows Media Classic (these programs are free). If you don't know where to find these programs or still have problems opening it write to us on and we will help you.

22.04.07 - News - posted by Dess

• Fergal takes part in new band The Low Network.
Just look at the band photo with Ferg! You can listen to several their songs. Some cran-fans tells that it reminds them sound of The cranberries "EEIDISWCW?" album.
Their official site is

p.s.: surely we do not try to compare new Fergal's bad with The Cranberries. We just glad for Fergal, he has opportunity to play music again! It's great! We wish the best to Fergal and his band!

05.04.07 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• We made a very big update in "Gallery". There you can find 15 new wallpapers!


19.03.07 - Vote for Dolores! - posted by Dess

Single song of Dolores O'Riordan "Ordinary Day" is in hit-parad of radio "Maximum"! If the song will get high place it would be in program "Hit-parade of 2 capitals"!
We ask you to support Dolores O'Riordan and vote for this song!
You should vote here: Poll
Poll Results: Resultes

"Hit-parad of 2 capitals" is the most popual russian chart!

08.03.07 - March 8! - posted by Dess

Dear Dolores O'Riordan and girls, girlies, women all over the world! On March 8, we would like to offer you the best and warmest greetings on behalf of all the men in this huge world and tell you what we think about you deep down inside, but unfortunately, seldom or never say that out loud. Each of you is exquisite, special and extremely charming. You’re so patient while bearing the brunts of life, tolerating all the whims of your men, but still your eyes stay ever young with the years passing by just like your souls as well. Let every minute of your life be bright and exciting, let men always embrace you with care and loving tenderness, and their eyes shine at you with the never-ending admiring glance!

21.02.07 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• Our site was launched 1 year ago! It's the first site birthday! During this year we made many-many big updates, site is much bigger now! We have got many letters from our visitors. Your gratitude made us keep running during this year & and help was the best present for us! It's so great that our work is important for you, dear Cran-fans! Our site will live during long years! We still want to provide new cran-stuff, and we try to do our best to make our site a little better! Thank you for your support, Cran-fans!

During this year our site was visited by more then 80000 visitors (438000 hits). I'm glad that so many people are still interested in The Cranberries! The Cranberries are always in our hearts, The Cranberries are always in our heards! The best band for all times!

If you want to you congratulate on our site birthday and wish smth or write your requests, just write it in our Guestbook.

24.01.07 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• Read full Band biography 2005

• 1 video-performance is added to Video-Section:
- Dreams - Live @ Pbs Sessions

• Information and song interpretations from WUASTC & Stars you can find here:
- WUASTC-interpretations
- Stars-interpretations

• 2 pictures are added to Fan-Art section

13.01.07 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• 1 audio-bootleg is added to Audio Section (sum total 30 bootlegs):
-  Zombie 1994

• 1 video-interview is added to Video Section:
- Los 40 Principales Interview 1999 (Spain)

New wallpaper by O'Bender is added to Gallery.

• Read 2 new cran-artlices Here:
- New York Times: About The Band NEW! 28/03/94
- Irish Times: Interview with Dolores NEW! 24/09/94

07.01.07 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• 2 audio-bootlegs are added to Audio Section (sum total 29 bootlegs):
-  Waltzing In Holland 1995
-  Wake up Vienna 2002

• All links in Video-Section and Audio-Section must work! If you will find broken links or absent links, Contact us, and they will be fixed during a day!

04.01.07 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• New Section "Most Wanted Video" is added! There is a list of video which we are looking for. We can buy it or trade for it. So if you have this video (full or just part of it), Contact Us, and we will make a deal for sure!

• You can find Tattoos, devoted to The Cranberries in new Section "Tattoos". These cran-fans really love The Cranberries!

31.12.06 - Happy New Year! - posted by Dess

• Dear Cran-Dol Fans! Our site congratule you on New Year! 2007 will be a special year for all of us, cos our Dolores releases her solo-album on 08.05.2006! We want to wish you, Dolores, Noel, Fergal, Mike the best, we hope that new year will make all your wishes come true.

And we want to present to you some Rare and High-quality video stuff:
- Just My Imagination (cut) - Bolzano 2003 (10,0mb)
- Empty, Daffodil Lament - Olympia 2002 (82,1mb)
- Hollywood - Olympia 2002 (54,9mb)
- Zombie - Printemps de Bourges 2002 (66,1mb)
- I Really Hope, Salvation - Printemps de Bourges 2002 (34,4mb)
- Promises, L&C - Eurockeennes des Belfort 2000 (87,3mb)
- Linger, JMI, Zombie - Festival des Vieilles Charrues 2000 (142mb)
- Linger - MTV Most Wanted 94 (71,2mb)
- Sunday - Woodstock 1994 (60,1mb)
- Dolores in Film "Click" (23,0mb)
Intreview - CNN Music Room 2002 (87,5mb)
- Intreview - Mexico MTV 2002 (40,1mb)
- Intreview - Week in Rock 2000 - from Dol's House! (99,6mb)

• 102 high-quality screenshots from video Dolores in Monaco 2006 are added:
- Performance of "Away In a Manger"
- Performance of "Angel Firer"
- Performance of "War Is Over"


25.12.06 - Dolores' Solo News & Site Update - posted by Dess

• We have all 3 video recordings in GREAT QUALITY from Monaco 2006:
- Away in a Manger
- Angel Fire
- War Is Over
Special Thank to BadJoe for this video!

• 3 audio-bootlegs are added to Audio Section (sum total 27 bootlegs):
-  Pretty 1995
-  Tears And Roses 1995
-  Swiss Dreams 2002

24.12.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• 1 video-performance is reuploaded. Direct link for download:
-  Stars & Interview - 63,9mb

• 2 audio-bootlegs are added to Audio Section (sum total 24 bootlegs):
-  No Need To Linger 2002
-  Is This The End? - 2003

22.12.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• We are going to place all audio-stuff in archives without any password. We have already reupload songs from "Rare & Demos". So all songs can be open w/o any password. If you have find broken links Contact Us.

• 2 video-performances are reuploaded. Direct link for download:
- I Will Always & Wanted - 2 Meter Session 1993
- Never Grow Old - Unplugged 2001

• 2 audio-bootlegs are added to Audio Section (sum total 22 bootlegs):
-  Loud & Clear in Tillburg 1999
-  French Dreams 2002

20.12.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• 5 audio-bootlegs are added to Audio Section (sum total 20 bootlegs):
-  Little Fruits 1999
-  A Sort of Homecoming 2000
-  Loud And Clear 2000
-  Live In Berlin 2002
-  Astral Attraction 2003

18.12.06 - Site News & Update - posted by Dess

MB_Number5 is a new Member of our Our Site Team! She helped us very much during last months, and we are sure that she will be a very important member in our site time. BTW, She is the first member from another country (not from Russia), so our site team is international now.;) I need to say once more that our site has so much stuff only cos of combined work of our site team! MB_Number5, it's so great that you're with us!

• Download Demo "Nothing Left At All" / 1991 in GREAT QUALITY in Audio section.

• Bootleg "Irish Coffee 2002" is added for download to Audio section

15.12.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• There is a little mistake with password for some audio. Some files from audio-section "Rare & Demos" has password another password: "". So use it to open files. If you have problems write to us and we will help you.

• Bootleg "KROQ Acoustic Christmas 1994" is added for download to Audio section

• Video Concert in Bolzano 2003 is reuploaded and you can download it now. The only concert is still is not reuploaded is Fleadh Festival 1994.

• 3 videos reuploaded in Video-Section:
- Zombie, Linger - Musical3, 2002
- Stars - Top of the pops-15.11.02
- Salvation - Sanremo 1996

• Some video-files aren't still reuploaded. You should remember that all files with mark "Password..." under the title accessible for download! And all files w/o such mark are still offline.

12.12.06 - 2 New Songs by Dolores O'Riordan! - posted by Dess

• Dolores O'Riordan appeared three times during the Christmas concert on December 9.
    You can download Here. She sang the Christmas song "Away in a Manger", her new song "Angel Fire" and participated in the performance of John Lennon's "War is Over".
    We have the recordings of Away in a Manger and Angel Fire. Thanks to Italian fans Tipsy, Irishsoul, Free to Decide. The quality of these mp3s is not very good. But we can realize the beauty of Dolores's singing. We can realize that her new song is incredible! And we will really happy if the whole album will be so great.
    This concert will be broadcasted on Italian TV on December 24. After that we'll get the video and audio in an excellent quality. We hope so.
    And now we'd like to thank our beloved Dolores for her beautiful strong songs, for her significant voice. Thank you, Dolores! You are still with us! We wish you good luck, and more great songs!

Audio-section works again! It didn't work for a 2 weeks, cos of our site was removed to new hosting, and we needed some time to reupload the stuff. We add new bootlegs almost every day. So don't miss updates.

30.11.06 - 100% Cran-video-FREEDOM! - posted by Dess

• Our site was moved to new hosting yesterday. That's why site and forum didn't work yesterday. And also links to some video are fixed to this moment. We need time to move all audio to new hosting. So Audio-Section is underconstruction right now. All will be restore.

• Our forum is on old address:

• We moved our site to new hosting, cos previous one was very unstable, there were many times when databases didn't work (and our site main page use database), it was always overladen, there were many glitches during last months. New hosting has a very good reputation among russian hosting, specialy for good stable. We hope that our site won't be online cos of hosting problems as it was before. Have a good time with our site!

21.11.06 - 100% Cran-video-FREEDOM! - posted by Dess

• We decided to return free access to video-section. Before you need to register to enter Video-section. Everybody can enter and download video w/o registration! We did it cos some cran-fans had problems with access for some reasons (only 2 fans). You can register anyway to get all last important news about The Cranberries and our site updates! I hope that all of you will enjoy Cran-Video now!
Don't forget that the password for video & audio:

• We reuploaded links to 3 video-concerts:
- Fairfax 1994
- Milano 2002
- London 2003

Cristobal is our new Hero of Month! He trasnalted 36 articles for our site!

16.11.06 - And the winners are... - posted by Dess

Our contest "Era or Articles" is finished. We thank to all participants, you did great job! There were not many participants, but result is great: 69 articles, 162kb (it's 1/3 of middle book size!)
Many articles were found and added.
Our Collection of english articles has 79 articles+many reviews+many little articles now (there were 36 articles before contest), russian collection of articles has 47 articles (31 before contest beginning)
Cran-fans who take 3 first places will get DVDs (1-3) with cran-stuff what they want from our collection and another will get an opportunity to choose some stuff which we will upload to our site.
All participants:
1) cristóbal - 36 articles, 87,8kb (he gets 3DVDs)
2) Cranspektrum - 21 articles, 25kb + many articles (he gets 2DVDs)
3) Magdа - 4 articles, 17kb (she gets 1DVD)

4) Sergey Frolov - 2 articles, 11,5kb
5) Nico - 2 articles, 11,4kb
6) Samira - 1 article, 4,8kb
7) Florence Corfiotti - 2 articles, 2,6kb
8) Liuyu - 1 article, 1,9kb
Sum total 69 articles, 162kb (54 pages)

notice:1 page in Microsoft Word, 14 font takes 3kb

• All translated articles you can find in Article-section. We just added 6 new articles (№36, 37, 38, 47, 48, 8)

12.11.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

Attention! If you want to concact with us (specialy about Translations of articles) to Mail-box DessOriordan(dog) during last 4-5 days, write once more, cos it didn't work for some technical problems. And now it works OK.

• We added 19 big articles, many album reviews and many not big articles in our Article-section. All new articles have mark "New!"

08.11.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• Our Era of Articles about The Cranberries will end on 15.11.06.
We will give
- 3 DVDs for first place
- 2 DVDs for first place
- 1 DVDs for first place
You have a real chance to get the 3d place at least and win 1 DVD with rare cran-video. You just need to translate cran-articles. The size of articles should be no less then 12kb (in notebook). Nico takes the third place now with 2 articles (11,4kb). And cristobal on the second place (more then 40kb), Cranspektrum on the first place (more then 70kb).

• We reuploaded 5 audio-bootlegs:
-   Fields of Gold 1999
-   A Sort of Homecoming
-   French Dreams 2002
-   Irish Coffee 2002
-   It's Dolores, Jim, But Not As We Know Her 2002
Download it Here.

05.11.06 - Site News - posted by Dess

• 2 audio-concerts are reuploaded:
- Lucky Charms 1994 (Minneapolis 94)
- Little Fruits 1999 (Hamburg 99 & other)
Download it Here.

03.11.06 - Site News - posted by Dess

New forum address is


02.11.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• Our audio-bootlegs were placed on free web. Unfortunally this free web was down about 2 weeks ago. We are reuploading all this stuff to our hosting. We have already reuploded 11 aduio-bootlegs. So you can download 11 audio-bootlegs now in our Audio-Section.
All bootlegs are archivated by Rar with password
If you will find broken links Contact Us, plz!

• Also we fixed link to the most part of our video.

• We changed the top picture on the main page, as you can see. I hope you like it. All 30 stuff will be fixed soon.

15.10.06 - New Dolores' Song! - posted by Dess

   New song by Dolores and Badalamenti "The Butterfly" is accessible for download! You can download it HERE.
We are shocked by one cran-site who tried to show that this song is "leaked super-mega-rare thing, first ever placed on their site".
   Let's tell the truth. In fact, "The Butterfly" was uploaded by BADALAMENTI for free on his official site. Thank you, Badalameti for your work with Dolores and that you shared by this song with people!

07.10.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• We are proud to present you a new Band Biography 1990-2001, made by Asjemenou Loeki Lion! It's really a great work!

• Added interpretations of songs from albums NNTA, TTFD, BTH, and information about Albums Creation! You can find it in Lyrics Section.

• We added information about CD-singles and CD-promos in our Discography Section

• We have got many problems with video. The most of links are not working right now. But all will be restored soon. Be patient, plz!

28.09.06 - The first results of our ACTION - posted by Dess

• We have got about 15 offers to help in translation by now. And also we have first results of our action.
The First 5 places at that moment:
1) cristóbal - 13 articles (25,4kb in text notepad)
2) Nico - 2 articles (11,4kb)
3) Magda - 2 article (6,05)
4) Samira - 1 artcle (4,76)
5) Florence Corfiotti - 2 articles (2,63kb)

• We added 18 big articles and many little articles! You can find new articles in our Article Section.

• The main prize of our ACTION is 3 DVD's with Rare Cran-Video!
• If you want to take part in translation and search of articles Contact Us for details, plz!

21.09.06 - Era of Articles about The Cranberries! - Dess

• Our site announces Era of Articles about The Cranberries!
As you can notice our site collects cran-articles. It's very interesting to read about the best band in the world! We collected 40 articles in english by now, but there will be much more in near future. Unfortunally many articles are in spanish, french, italian and another languages. We are looking for cran-fans who can help us with translation from different languages into english. We really need in your help, dear cran-fans! There are many cran-fans who want to read new articles from different periods about the band (including us), but they can't read many great itmes in spanish, french, italian and many other magazines. Let's help each other!
- The main point of action is translating articles into english or seaching articles in english which are not in our Article Section.
- Cran-fan who will translate or will find the most number of cran articles will get 3 DVDs with RARE CRAN-VIDEO from us!
- The results and the winner of action will be announced on 15 november.
- If you want to take part in our action Contact Us for details, plz!

15.09.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• We are glad to present you OUR NEW HERO OF MONTH! He is Michiru! This guy made so much for our site! He translated a lot of information from english into russian and inside out, sent us many joke about The Cranberries in Russian, translated all cran-lirics into russian. You can find information what he did for our site There.

• 8 new Video-Interviews are uploaded to our site. Download them in Video-Section:
- Interview at Charlotte Roche's Fast Forward on VIVA 2
- M6 Le Dossier Feature 1996
- MTV Europe Weekend 1996
- MTV House Of Style Calvin Klein Photo Shoot 1999
- Much Music Fax Interview 1996
- Nobel Interview 1998
- Taratata Interview 2004
- BBC's Wogan's Island Interview 1994

• Section Site Map is updated. There were some changes on our site during this time, some sections were added or removed. Site Map is 100% correctly now.

12.09.06 - Italian Cran-Meeting & Site Update - posted by Dess

CranberriesItalia and I Still Dream invite all cran-fans to visit:
First Italian Meeting Fan
Friday 22nd of September 2006
Rome (Italy) at Stazione Birra, Via Placanica 172 (Morena, Rome)
---You will see---
memorabilia, band history, tribute band live (I Mirtilli, Loud&Clear and Hollywood)
for further info:

• We add new section "MULTIMEDIA". There you can find many interesting things for your computer: wallpapers, icons, avatars, Windamp-skins, fonts.

• 2 new wallpapers by O'Bender are added to our site. Click Here

06.09.06 - Today is Dolores' Birthday! - posted by Dess

• Сongratulate our dear Dolores O'Riordan with her 35th Birthday! We hope you have a great mood today, Dolores! Years won't change you, you will be always are dear Dolores, so kind, so passionate, so lovely and unforgettable woman! Thank you for all that you have done for us and will do for us (we mean your solo-album)! Your voice is the best thing in the world! We hope that people around you will make you feel like a queen in that special day! You're so perfect the way you are! We made our present for Dolores even before her Birthday. We bought new hosting and domain, and made this site ONLY FOR YOU, DOLORES! We hope you will see our present.;) We're you BIG FANs! It's not just a word which many people say after they fond of some band during 2 years... We are totaly falling love with you during last several years! Be happy on your birthday and forever!

And in this great day we are listening to your great song "Every Morning". We are agree with every your word! You are always the prettest and the most interesting woman in the WHOLE WORLD!
I paid a price, sacrificed, it was worth it then
My time has come i now feel young, begin again.
Happy birthday
- Dolores O'Riordan

• We ask all people who love, respect Dolores O'Riordan write your congratulations Here. Let's show our love to Dolores in this wonderful day!

• Sections "Dolores" and "Simular to Dolores" are removed from this site to And also section "Important News" where were news about Dolores' solo is removed to our new site. All last news about Dolores will be only on If there will be some important news about The Cranberries someday we will restore this section, but The Cranberries are not together during last 3 years and there wasn't any important news about band during last 3 years...:(

28.08.06 - SUPER NEWS: Our New Site Works now! - Dess

• As we told, we about new hosting for our new site on 14.08.06. We made new site, devoted to only Dolores O'Riordan We are sure that our site will be the biggest and the best DOlores O'Riordan's site. It will be like, there you can find many videos, audios, full biography, lyrics, tabs and another interesting information. Site will be much bigger in future.

But it doesn't mean that we won't make updates on often. Now we have a CRAN-DOL-PORTAL which will be interesting for all The Cranberries' and Dolores' fans!

14.08.06 - SUPER NEWS: New Hosting, New Domain! - Dess

• We bought new hosting. It gives us 100.000 mb of space and unlimited traffic! It's not a joke it's a real! We have now 2 hosting.
Totaly we have 100.000+3.000=103.000mb!
As you all know we had problems with free hostings. Many our links became dead, even we reuploaded video and audio for 2-3 times. That's why we decided to buy hosting. We bought new hosting FOR A YEAR (we have already payed for it). So all our video and audio will be accessible for all cran-fans every day! We will reupload all our video on free hostings to our new hosting.
• We want to help cran-fans who don't have own hosting or don't have enough place on it. We can place every cran-video or cran-audio on our hosting. You can place links to your video and it will live for a very long time there (for a year as minimum). We ask only 1 thing for exchange: you allow us to place link to your video on our site with mark of your providing! Just contact us.
• We bought new domain! Don't worry, we won't do like some another people who buy domains and use it only for redirecting to their sites... We have already begun make new site, devoted to Dolores O'Riordan where you will find all her solo-works (video, audio) and much more! We are working hard, and hope to finish it very fast.

10.08.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• Added 483 new photos in Our Gallery. There are 3774 photos in our Gallery now.
• We uploaded HIGH QUALITY VERSIONs of NNTA and DMD from Jools 1994. Download it HERE
• We divided into 6 parts our Video Section. It will be more easy to find what you want to now.
• We uploaded last 2 cran-bsides on our site: Stars and New New York. You can find them Here
• We made a very detailed Cran-Biography in 2004! Read it HERE.
• Added A story by Niall Quinn (former singer in The Cranberries) about The Cranberries in 1989! • There are 9 new wallpapers in Fan-Art Section. Thank to Diman, Rayns and Tanna Shaknovsk for these works!
• We added Information about EEIDISWCW release and interpreations of cran-stong from this album.
• We updated The Wall Of Fame (included marks about help of Michiru, Rayns, Diman.
• We updated forums to the newest versions, and also site-reigstration is more impenetrable for hacker-atacks!

15.07.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

MB_Number5 and Marimer33 are Heroes on this month for their great help to our site! More details about new nomination is Here
MB_Number5 made THE BEST DOLORES' PORTRAITS I have ever seen!!!!!! You can find them in Fan-Art Section
• Super Rare concert San Francisco 1993 was provided by Marimer33 for our site. Download it in Video Section!
Marimer33 shares with Cran-fans by concert Planet 2Nite! Download it in our Video Section!
• We uploaded video La Riviera, Madrid, Spain, 22-4-99 for you. It's also in Video Section.
• We made new Interview Audio-Section! There you can always find many Dolores' and Band interviews in many languages! You can find a lot of interesting information about the band at first hand!
• We REUPLOADED all Audio-bootlegs and Karaoke songs!!! You can download 30 audio-concerts ABSOLUTELY FREE only on our site! Just visit our Audio-section.
• We finished update of our Cran Audio and Video lists! We have 15DVDs. As you know you will get all stuff that we have if you will be a member of Our Community, and you can find out information about all stuff that you will get!
• welcome to 4 new members of our cran-community:
Rustem, Alex, Irina, Lex-T.
• We updated sections Community, The Wall of Fame and Trade
• We added 2 women like Dolores in our section Simular To Dolores:
- Kimberly Williams
- Kristin Davis

12.07.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

We have got a little problem (as I thougth). English version of forum was hacked. We haven't made back-up during 1,5 month. We asked our site hosting support if they have more new back-up. They asked that they have back-up on 16.06.06 and 10.07.06. The last back-up was made when database of english forum was already hacked. That's why I asked them to restore this database using back-up by 16.06.06. But they made something wrong. After their database restore all databases (4) was disappeared! That's why our site wasn't working during last 1-2 days (english and russian verions use databases).

And now they resored all, but all these databases was on 16.06.06. I made back-up for all databases in 08.07.06 and updated database. But information about all users who registered after 08.07.06 was lost! So if you registered since 08.07.06 you should register once more.

And about english version of forum. All messages during last 3 weeks are lost, cos of hacker attack. I should make back-ups more often. I promise that we will make back-ups no less then 1 time in a week and we will make more reliable sistem of our site and forum database protection.

Hackers really like our site. It's the second hacker attack during 4,5 months. But all that doesn't kill us make us stronger!

Don't worry. New great updates are waiting for you! Problems won't stop us!

23.06.06 - Site Update - posted by Dess

• We uploaded EXTRA RARE concert Milano 2002! You can donwload it in Video Section. It wasn't ever online!!! Don't miss it really rare thing, you can get it FOR FREE!

17.06.06 - Site Update and Dol's solo news - posted by Dess

• Is summer now. Dolores' solo release is deferred to the end of 2006, many fans spend their times not at home. But I will spend it at home. So we don't want let you get boring or so... there will be many updates on our site in near future, including VIDEO-VIDEO-VIDEO!!! Super Rare video! We declare the share of new rare-cran-videos for free download!

• We uploaded a really great and EXTRA RARE concert FAIRFAX 1994! You can donwload it in Video Section. It wasn't online as minimum during 3 years, only one song from this concert was online. It's a great that Dolores has NNTA-image! She has short blond hair on this video! So don't miss it really rare thing!


12.06.06 - OUR SITE REACHED 100.000 HITS! - posted by Dess

• First of all I should say that our site reached 100.000 hits yesterday! We are REALLY GLAD that you are interested in our site and visit us so often (about 910 hits per a day!). We do our best to keep the site useful and interesting for you!
• We keep hard work on our site and it means nothing that there wasn't information about update on our site during last 2 weeks, we just didn't write about updates there:
We added a new panel in top right section "Sections". There are links to section like in left panel:
• New sections:
- Section The Wall of Fame
We value your help our site! That's why we decided to create a section devoted to all people who helpr our site. There will be full information about all your help! If we forgot smb's help just WRITE US and we will mark your help!
- Section Simular to Dol
This section is devoted to all kinds of simulars to Dolores. It contains simular pf face, voice, conver-performances and so on. Enjoy!
- Section Awards
There we are gathering information about all awards which The Cranberries has got! I think that it's very interesting to find out all awards which they get. I'm proud for The Cranberries!
- Section Site Map
There you can find information about all our sections
- Section FAQ
There a can find a lot of answers for all popular question. If you're beginer fan, you just NEED to visit this section!
• We uploaded:
- full concert Milano 1999
- Promises - Top of the Pops 1999
• New fan-work "Alternative video-clip Zombie" by Dess is accessible for download now!
• We added:
- 46 new high-quality scans! Exclusive.
- Scans from magazine "Easy English"
- Screenshots from WUASTC-documentary
- 11 new interesting articles were added to section "Articles"
• We fixed links: - 15 audio-bootlegs from 30 in Section "Audio"
- All video excepting concert in Hamburg 1999 in Section "Video"
• We updated
• Section "Links": - Unworking link to Cranberries Shrine was replaced by wroking one
- Dead site was replaced by french pretty site "Stars Cranberries"
• Dolores' letters were added to Section "Official Letters"
• 3 fans entered our Fan-club:
- Anastasy (Russia)
- Marimer33 (Spain)
- Sharp (Ukraine)

30.05.06 - The Site News & Updates - posted by Dess

• We started reupload video and audio. We deleted all unworking links in video-section and add new working links to video every day. I think we will restore all stuff very soon!!! I just want to say that it wouldn't be hard to find working links in video-section now.

And about audio section. I didn't deleted unworking booltegs, cos it would be more easy to changed broken links to new working links.

We reuploaded 2 bootlegs at that moment:
Ireland 93 - Coming Back To My Family French Dreams 2002

And videos:
- Concert Underworld 1991
- Concert MTV Unplugged 1995
- New New York. Milano 2002
- Empty. Albert Hall 1995
- Zombie. Live on Saturday Night Live 1995
- The Sun Does Rise. Live Jool Hollands 1994
- I Can't Be With You. Live Musiqueplus, Canada 1999
- Nobel Peace Prize, 1998, Dreams, Promises
- Salvation. MTV Music Awards 1996
- Zombie. MTV Most Wanted 95
- Just My Imagination - Leno

So as you can see we are working hard and soon all links will be fixed and we begin upload new videos.

It's a big problem when you upload about 5000 mb on free web and it become broken, but it we do our best to reupload all stuff and help cran-fans.

14.05.06 - The Site News & Updates - posted by Dess

• We celebrate the Day of Great Victory VICTORY over Nazism!
And ONLY during 1 month from today if you enter to our Cran-community you get discount 15%, so you need to pay 60$ for 14DVDs instead of 70$ for 12 DVDs. All details are in Community-Section
Dolores Rules send us a really Fan-Art Section If you have your own fan-works send us them plz! We really appreciate your creative works!
• Information about 5 new members of our Fan-Club was added. They are: lalie, Paula Not Sorry, LoekiDolores, Fantasyk, Geburah. If you want enter our fan-club you can find information about registation HERE
• We have got a problem (maybe you mean this one):
unfortunately, we have only 3000mb of space on the site. And we uploaded the most of audio and many of video-files on free web cos it borrows too much, but it's impossible to download something from it during last 10 days...:(((
But you still can download mp3 form section with Dolores' Solo Songs, Rare & Demos songs, B-Side songs, cos they are on our hosting.
It seems like we need to try to find some free host-sites with unlimited time.
We also will reupload them on some another free site.
• Audio-section is accessible for all users, cos there was problem with accept of some our members for unknown reasond (all si working for me, for example) in this section.

03.05.06 - The Site News & Updates - posted by Dess

• Design of main page was reconstructed, as you can see... And it occupies about 300 kb now (and it was more then 400kb before)
- Added sections:
Cran-confession (tell us what does it mean to be a cran-fan!
- Fan-Club (this section is devoted to Cran-fans!)
- Community (this section is instead of Special Offer. There you can find all information about our community!)
- Membership (this sections is about 3 kinds of membership on our site!)
- Our Help (there you can find all information if you need our help)
- Your Help (if you want to help our site you can find the ways how you can help us!)

Look at the right panel on the main page:
- Important News: You can find all last news about Dolores and The Cranberries in section "Important News" in the right part of the main page.
Also we added "Advise to Visit" where will be links to new and interesting sections.
You can enter your login or register in the top part of the main page.
• Our old GuestBook was hacked about month ago. Demon (he is our site team as you know) made new GuestBook. So you can visit it and write your opinions about our site!
• We fixed all links in 3 in Audio Sections (they became broken after remaking if these pages into php, but the work now). If you will find broken links contact us.


25.04.06 - The Site News & Updates - posted by Dess

• Enter our cran-club! Write information about you!! You just need to answer for 8 questions:
1) Your nickname
2) Your real name
3) Where are you from
4) How old are you? (the year of birth)
5) When you became a fan? (year)
6) How did you become fan?
7) The best Cran-song
8) Some another interesting facts

And send answers to us.

20.04.06 - The Site News & Updates - posted by Dess

Audio-Section is only for registrated members now. If you will have problems with registration you should contact us and we will help you.
• We added 1 full concert and 2 video-performances in Video-Section:
- Underworld 1991 (full concert)
- Zombie (Most Wanted 1995)
- Zombie (Saturday Night Live 1995)
• We added 2 gallery sections in our Gallery - 51 scans from magazines
- From Interview DVD Paris 1999
• The new function was add on Our Forum:
- Quote


10.04.06 - The Site News & Updates - posted by Dess

We made registration on our site. Only registrated members can visit Video Section now. Registration is standart, like on every PHPBB-forum, but if you will have problems you should contact us and we will help you.
• We added 11 new videos in Video-Section:
- Time Is Ticking Out (Live 2002)
- Zombie (Late Show with David Letterman)
- Promises (Viva Interaktiv 1999)
- Ode To My Family (Live on Saturday Night Live 1995)
- The Sun Does Rise (Live in Jool Hollands 1994)
- EvilEnko film (the end with Dolores' vocal)
- ICBWY (Live Musiqueplus, Canada 1999)
- Dreams (Session at West 54th 1999)
- Dying In The Sun, You & Me (APH Music Awards in Prague, 2000)
- Ave Maria (Sanremo 2004)
- Linger (Swing Version) - Vaticano 2005
We made cran-chat on our site. So you can talk with another cran-fans online now:
- Chat
• The new function was add on Our Forum:
- You can add files to messages now


06.04.06 - Dolores' Solo News and Site News!!! - posted by Dess

• Music industry site A&R Worldwide (Yahoo! cache, snapshot) reports that Dolores O'Riordan is working with Tony Ciulla, former manager for Marilyn Manson, to manage her solo career.
  Ciulla is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. He was the president of Nothing Records, owned by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, until he became Marilyn Manson's (also a Cleveland native) manager in 1996. In 2000, Ciulla and Manson founded Posthuman Records together, but they parted ways in late 2005. He has also worked with Rammstein and The Rasmus, and his other current clients include The Lovemakers.
  A&R Worldwide also reports that Dolores is looking for signing and licensing of her completed solo album in various territories around the world.

(Source: A&R Worldwide,

• New Videos were added to Video Section:
- Salvation (MTV Music Awards 1996) - with new sound!
- Empty (Albert Hall 1995) - with new sound!
- JMI (Leno Show 1999) - with new sound!
- New New York (Milano 2002)
• As you can see, we remaked the top picture on the main site page. Also we made new banner for our site.

21.03.06 - The Site Jubilee!!! - posted by Dess

• Today we celebrate a jubilee! Our site is working during a month! We didn't expect that our site will be so popular among cran-fans (more then 3100 people were on our site and they visited more then 27000 pages)! Thank you for your support, cran-dol fans! This site is for you!
And surely we want to make a GREAT present today! :
• We uploaded great videos for you, they are all in Video Section:
- Fleadh Festival (with NEW PERFECT sound! Don't miss it!)
- Dreams and Promises (from Nobel Peace Prize, 1998)
- I Just Shot John Lennon (Letterman Show, 1995)
• We uploaded 5 great audio boolegs! You can find them in Audio Section:
- bootleg "Zombie 1994"
- bootleg "Tears And Roses 1995"
- bootleg "Live In Berlin 2002"
- bootleg "No Need To Linger 2002"
- bootleg "Astral Attraction 2003" (Bolzano)
• We have got 2 great pictures from Hollywood Sav and D.N. and we added them in Fan-Art Section.

14.03.06 - The Site News & Updates - posted by Dess

• We added 2 videos in our Video Section:
- SELECT MTV, Germany on March 6, 2000 (Interview)
- Salvation (Sanremo 1996)
• We added new article in Article Section:
- Moving In (2004)
• We will upload 5 audio bootlegs on this week and maybe we will upload video Fleadh Festival with HIGH-QUALITY sound! Do don't miss our next updates!

08.03.06 - The Site News & Updates - posted by Dess

• We congratulate heartily all women in the word! We wish you love, happiness and we hope that all your dreams will come true!
• I'm glad to tell you that we add a new section:
- Official letters section:
there you can find a lot of Fergal's letters which were on official site before. I hope it will be useful for you!
• We added a new video in Video Section:
- Never Grow Old (Unplugged 2001)

07.03.06 - The Site News & Updates - posted by Dess

Video Hamburg 1999 in Video Section NOW!
Today is the day before the 8th of march! We congratulate heartily all women in the word (especially Dolores!!!). And we make a present for all cran-fan-girls! We uploaded full concert in Hamburg 1999! You can download it in Video-Section on our site! More presents you'll get tomorrow on the 8th of march!
• We corrected some mistakes in Dolores-Section and Audio-Section, all links to audio files are correct now! Also we corrected some broken links in Gallery.


01.03.06 - The Site News & Updates - posted by Dess

• We add 6 cran-videos to Video Section:
- Linger (Vatican- 2002)
- I Will Always и Wanted (2 Meter Sessions)
- Salvation (Making the video 1996)
- Yeats Grave (Fairfax, USA, 1994)
- Clip "The Sun Does Rise" (1994, Dolores & Wobble)
- Clip "Uncertain" (the first 40 sec.)
• We fixed links to 2 videos from Video Section (there were only parts of these videos before):
- Adeste Fideles (Dolores & Gianluca Terranova, Vatican 2005)
- Zombie, Linger (Musical3, 2002)
• We fixed links to cran-lirics Lirics Section
• There were added new style and a lot of new smiles on Our Forum
• If you can draw well and you want to help our site we ask you make for our forum a pictures for the top. Send your work on this

25.02.06 - The Site News & Updates - posted by Dess

• I'm proud to present you a new member of our site team!
Welcome, -AFC-Ingvar! Together we will make our site better!
• There were added 3 great videos in Video Section (Chocolate Brown from
Prague 2002, Zombie and Analyse from Bolzano 2003).
• We launched a Site Forum. All the newest links to cran-video and audio will be on our forum before they will be added to Video section. Don't forget to visit our forum!
• Link section was added by the link to Ingvar's site, there you can find a lot of cran-clips and some other videos too.
• We corrected some of mistakes (in Dolores' Biography, Links, Fan-Art Section, Book-scans section). z
   If you find more mistakes WRITE TO US<

21.02.06 - The site is working NOW! - posted by Dess

We are opening a new cran-site! I hope you'll like it! It's a site made by fans for fans. You can find a lot of interesting things here for you, including videos, audio-bootlegs, items, scans, pictures, fan-art, and information about Dolores O'Riordan and The Cranberries, cos we know what cran-fans want! We have 3000 megabytes of site-hosting at the moment and we have also uploaded some of the audio and video to free hosting sites. We have a big cran-collection, and we have a GREAT WISH to help you, Cran-Dol fans! We still remember times when and were giving us so much pleasure. Let's have fun together with The Cranberries!