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About Site

Site was lanched on 22 february 2006 . It’s the first russian international resource, devoted to The Cranberries (first russian site with English Version). Our site is the follower of All information from this site is here, but we have added a lot of stuff and sections! There you can find information about the band, songs, hot news, biggest Cran-gallery, great multimedia archive and more. It’s the biggest and the most popular site, devoted to The Cranberries, in the world! Site has many updates, we change code structure, and make it better! We are open for collaboration with all fans & we mark your help for sure! We run our site for Cran-fan sake, cos we believe, that songs of such great band will live forever in our hearts and our minds!

Site team:

DESS — creator of site design, php-coding, html-coding, provides financial, technical and informational support of this project, adding news, adding stuff to all site-sections, forums admin.

-AFC-INGVAR — provides financial and informational support of this project, upload big stuff to hosting, forums moderator.

DEMON — provides technical support, php-coding.

Special Thanks To

Chijman — provided financial support in spring 2006.
MB — forum moderator, helped with stuff upload to the site.
Eugene — provided financial support in summer 2006.
JV11 — he was an active cran-fan and admin on and he found a lot of information about The Cranberries.
CranUkraine — He translated Dol’s biography and made Dol’s discography.

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2.02.2010 |
Posted by Dess