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Zombie Is A Hymn (2002)

Source: Click Here
Translated from Spanish by cristóbal

Ten years have past since “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We” release. Since then, grunge fallen, the indie group assimilations from the audience, and a lot of more things have happened in the rock world, but The Cranberries are still in the top, with no betray their style. A band leaded by Dolores O’Riordan, which has a peculiar and particular voice.

Ten Years with The Cranberries, how do you feel in the middle of this celebration?

Dolores:: I think it’s a great moment, because we have 12 years together –ten since we released our first album-, it’s one of the moments we feel more comfortable actually. With the first album, we haven’t anything clear about what we were doing, later we were famous, and that was very strange too. With the second one, it was harder, because the success was even bigger. The band wasn’t very happy with their personal lives, because we lost a lot things related with our private lives. Later, in 1995, we took a big rest and I had my child in 1997. And we went back to record, but with more peace, with no pressure, and with no time limitations with a release date. So now we’re enjoying of that recovered freedom that we lost after the first album. We are doing this again, just for fun.

It’s incredible the fact that your first album was released ten years ago, and the people still listen to it like if it’s an album released a couple of months before. Did you planned to make music which could be listened during many years?

Dolores: We always thought that our music, and the band, had something “aged”. He have had a lot of luck, because being 12 years there and with the same original formation, it’s something that doesn’t happen very often. I have seen a lot of bands that have been formed, and then, they disappear in a few years, like the Spice Girls…

There’s no comparison…

Dolores: Well, when they formed the band, I was pregnant, and we had released 3 albums, but they disappeared some years later, that made me think that sometimes, you can predict which band will last and which one won’t.

The things have changed a lot in your personal lives in the last 12 years, but, do you think the band has changed its musical establishment?

Dolores: I think we have changed in some aspects. Eventually, now we feel more sure playing our instruments, and in the stage, but I don’t think we have changed a lot as a band, we still play the same instruments. I think our formation, is the basic one to make Rock n’Roll; bass, guitar and drum. If u took out this, you’re leaving the rock element. If we want to make something experimental, we would do it in the studio, but I don’t think that would be The Cranberries, maybe it could be something interesting for a soundtrack or something like that.

There’s something of the new music you’re interested about?

Dolores: The music that has been done for films, I think it’s pretty good. I like some experiments which mix rock with new sounds. But we’re not of those bands that says “Oh!, we have made a great album, we will change completely our sound!”. That’s something weird, we prefer to change slowly than to change really fast. Of that way, the changes are more “believable”.

In a few weeks, will be released the Cranberries greatest hits album. I suppose it wasn’t so difficult to chose, because appear all your singles on it, but who decided to release the album? The records company or you for the fans?

Noel: It was the best moment to do it, we have past over 10 years since we released our first album, so this was a great moment.

There are two new songs also, one of them, is a love story…

Dolores: It’s about the personal relationships, and how much difficult they can be. You have to search in the deepest part of you, to find some answers to certain relationships questions.

And the other one Is about New York…I suppose influenced by September 11th

Dolores: It’s so sad, we just have celebrated this bad and sad anniversary…And the truth is that I didn’t want to watch television, to not get depressed. It’s very sad what happened, the song was written after we were in New York City for a presentation some months after September 11th. I didn’t have any intention to write about that, but I had a CD, recorded with the music, and it results spontaneous after the concert.

Will you make videos for these two songs?

Dolores: Yes, we’re working on it. It will be a very delicate video; we will record it in the country side of Ireland. It will be for the first time in some weeks.

Returning to the tenth anniversary celebration, what comes to your head when I say “Zombie”?

Dolores: Hymn


Dolores: An awful video, I hate it.


Dolores: Salvation is the resolution..


Dolores: Divorce.

“I suppose the greatest hits collection will be the end of a first career part. What are the next plans?

Dolores: We will finish the tour in Christmas, then we will see if we want to continue with it, or if we must to stop for six months, and then, maybe, we will back to studio.

How do you prepare your tours now you’re parents?

Dolores: We are two weeks on the road, and then one week at our home. Always. Two weeks out, two weeks inside…In that way, you don’t get bored with the band, and you don’t forget your home…

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