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We Are Not Interested In Being a Fashionable Band (2001)

Source: Click Here
Translated from Spanish by cristóbal

Mexico City, June 25th. The Irish band says that the audience will see, in the National Auditorium, today and tomorrow, a full of rock energy show, where they will perform their most important songs. Although they made the press wait for over an hour, but the whole band was more accessible than ever, and they answer the ‘empty’ questions and those more prepared.

They say their songs always have had a social part, they’re conscious about the social problems in the world: We speak about the human relationships and about couples relationships; we have social content in our songs also, although we’re not able to get over the terrorism or to change the world, but we can make the people to know about some society problems.’

About other ideas, they said although the critics have always said the band sounds the same since their first album, they don’t have in mind to change their style: ‘We have never been interested in changing to be in fashion. Indeed, we have never been a group which writes songs to be in force; when we compose, we let the inspiration starts. If we experiment with new sound, it will be when we have solo projects, which could be soon.

That answer produced certain unquiet, the band said that the contract with their actual record company is to record a couple of more albums, and then, they will do other things, ‘but with no meaning the band will dissolve. Between us, there has always been freedom, so if someone of the band wants to start a solo career, or experiment with other things, that person can do it’.

About the music in these days: ‘A lot of people complain the pop music dominate the music market, but don’t forget that will finish someday, that isn’t forever, so we have to be a little bit patients to celebrate the Rock’s return’.

Finally, before say good bye, Dolores O’Riordan expressed her happiness about being in our country (Mexico): ‘Aside coming to promote our new album, ‘Wake up and Smell the Coffee, we’re interested in have contact with our fans. When I was pregnant, I had a lot of time to check out all the messages that the fans were sending to us on the internet, and I noticed we have a lot of fans in this country, which is very nice. Aside that special sweetness of people in this country, I like this country because of the brandy, the Corona beer, and the pyramids.

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