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Treasure Box Review

Translated by MB_Number5

I’ve got mixed feelings with this box. On one hand this is a real exemplary release, on the other hand I wonder who is actually waiting for this. In this Treasure Box are the first four albums of The Cranberries, each completed with a few bonus tracks, remastered and provided with a complete new design. The lyrics of all songs are printed in the inlay and there are liner notes of the designer. The bonus tracks mainly consist of B-sides and songs which are recorded for other projects, like Ave Maria (with Pavarotti). Most of the songs are not inferior to the album tracks and there are real pieces of gold among them, like the marvelous Fleetwood Mac-cover Go Your Own Way, they could only have left that weird remix of Zombie behind. Treasure Box perfectly reflects the development that The Cranberries have been through over the first ten years of their existence: from the Indy-pop from the debut, through the atmospheric No Need To Argue (maybe not the best, but according to the undersigned definitely the most beautiful album of the last decennium), to the sturdy To The Faithful Departed and the polished Bury The Hatchet. It’s too bad that there’s only one song from the debut album on it, but that does not alter the fact that this box is a wonderful document of this marked band. Too bad that the price (just as much as the original records together) and the fact that the majority of the fans already have these songs a long time make this release slightly dubious.

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2.02.2010 in category items | No comments
Posted by Dess

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