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To The Faithful Departed: Reviews (1996)

No fear of being unhappy

Source: Magazine “Showbizz”, 1996
Translated from Portuguese by Cranspektrum

The Cranberries want to save the world by the sound of rough rock.

Ready to ransom the thematic of protest that the pop world had abandoned since the time of Barry McGuire, Peter, Paul & Mary and Joan Baez, the third Cranberries’ album – produced by the “hard hand” Bruce Fairbarn – still arrive manifesting its intention in the self-explained “War Child”, “Bosnia” and “The Rebels”.

Adequately, crisped guitars and a frenetic marking stimulate the tracks “Salvation”, “Forever Yellow Skies” and “I Just Shot John Lennon” – all of them sounding almost punk if compared with the melodic suavity that had marked the last recordings of the group. A swerve of style that reverberated until in Dolores O’Riordan’ vocals, the diva (sic) with no fear to risk by the dominions of the asperity and of the strident.


The Cranberries “To The Faithful Departed”

Source: Click Here
Translated from Spanish by cristóbal

In this album is where Cranberries put all the meat in the broach, giving all from theirselves to create an excellent album. Starting, they change producer, leaving their work in hands of Bruce Fairbairn, one of the best Rock producers, that have work with Aerosmith for example, which means a harder and more solid sound for the album.

O’Riordan decides to convert the album in a generational manifest, writing all songs, except for a couple ones that write with Noel Hogan.

Songs titles tell everything, “War Child”, “I Just Shot John Lennon”, “Bosnia”…songs that complete with guns shots, painful melodies, and songs full of low tunes. The great single “Salvation”, has a special interest, preaching against heroin, and talking about this subject in a deeper way.

O’Riordan takes the themes with sincerity, screaming and twisting her voice when she sings the songs, being her voice less instrument and more speech and political signature.


The Cranberries “To The Faithful Departed”

Source: Magazine Dynamite
Translated from Portuguese by Cranspektrum

In this new album, the irish Cranberries got to keep the melodies in melancholic accent proportionated with much heart by wonderful Dolores O’Riordan – that was the tonic of the last work, and still putting a bit more of enthusiasm and energy in the songs, just enough to give a look in the excellent hit “Salvation”. This merit only can be of the producer Bruce Fairbairn, expert through the good work with great bands like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and others. The ballads are very sweet and permit to dirty the chatterers, but the greatest merit of them is to be a band that don’t sound like these bands produced in series by the island, and they didn’t americanized their music. Point for them..

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