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The Swanking Berries (2002)

Source: GUITARPART (France) October 2002
Translated from French by Lornzo

Dolores O’Riordan has an insane self conceit. The latter and Mike (the bassist) are promoting “Stars”, the first Cranberries Best Of , but she is doing it in an offhand way, which is a shameful conduct for someone who claims to be a professional. Move along, there’s nothing to look at anymore!

Don’t urge Dolores too much. She’s ok to do some advertising, to talk about her new album (in fact a Best Of), but only if the questions suit her. Yet, what on earth can we say about a compilation of old singles? Not much apparently. The rebel girl, whose speeches have lost credibility since she pocketed millions, cleverly avoids the subject. In fact the release of this Best Of album would have nothing to do with any marketing preoccupation but it would be “the result of a real wish of cooperation between the band and their recording company”. From now on the Cranberries are considering “giving a new impulse to their career”. What impulse? Mike “doesn’t know because unfortunately the band has no time to think it over for the moment”. Moreover, Dolores is tired of promoting. The fact that people dare to think that she and her colleagues artists can live in an eccentric world irritates her. “There’s nothing glamour in waking up four times a night because your baby is crying”. Moreover “it’s very difficult to live in your suitcase. You take the plane, arrive at the hotel, change clothes, make up your face, do the promotion, come back to the hotel, change clothes again, pack your luggage and leave again. Being a star is a lot of work”. Dolores is moaning, she has a headache. We let her have a rest while we ask a question to Mike. However the latter doesn’t answer for “he is a boy, so it’s no use asking him a profound question”. Dolores is the only one laughing. When we start again the interview, she pretends not to understand. So when we ask her about the most drastic remarks she has said concerning abortion and death punishment, she is automatically turned against us. “Coming back to the past is not the work of a journalist. I don’t see where all that is leading us”. Right in the wall, darling. And now I must leave, I do have work too.

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