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The Irish Group Would be Coming Through The Island in September (07.11.02)

Source: El Mundo El dia de Baleares (11 of July 2002)
Author: Fernando Merino
Translated from Spanish by Magda

>Palma, Mallorca, Spain.- The Council of Mallorca (Mallorca is an Independent Island in Spain) has practically closed the deal for the stellar concert in the agenda of the commemorative acts of the Day of Mallorca. Between the 11 and 14 of September, the exact date is yet to be confirmed, the Irish group will be performing in our island, coinciding with the released of the Treasure Box, which contains the first 4 albums of the Limerick group lead by Dolores Mary O’Riordan Burton ( voice, guitar, keyboards),

The cranberries is a late band ( appearing in 1990) of the powerful Irish generation that positioned it self with authority in the international spectrum staring in the 80’s of which U2, Clannad, Enya, Sinead O’Connor, Chris de Burgh are part. In the initial months of 1989, before O’Riordian came into the band, the lead of this healthy factory of elegant guitar pop was in another neighbor of limerick, the charismatic Niall Quinn. Around that time they were known by The Cranberry Saw Us.

Since then the lineup has stayed the same and has 5 studio albums starting from their debut whit Everybody else is doing it in 1993. Playing guitar is Noel Hogan, Miki Hogan on bass and Fergal Lawler in drums.

Following the Tour.

If an agreement is closed the band will be coming to Mallorca once they are done with the tour they are about to embark on, they will be reaching different cities of the Far East.

The unconditional fans and curious people in general will find in Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (2001) a discography reference. Not only because it is their fifth studio album, but because it marks the returned to the roots by being produce by Stephen Street, who was present while the debut album was on the works and later on No need to Argue from 1995.

From WASC, Analyze and Never Grow Old stand out. In certain passages you might be reminded of the characteristic sound of the Smiths. This is not surprising if we take in consideration Stephen Street’s trajectory, who has signed his passing by the recording studio of the British band and on the solo work of Morrissey. From him the Cranberries recognized the stability that they manage to get across with the 15 cuts that complete the repertory. In the contemplated “rarities” section you will find their version of In the Ghetto, a pretty respectful rendition.

This is one of the 2 additional songs gather in the album, while Salvation, the other one, is a live recording from Paris that transmits the potential of the Cranberries on stage.

The Present of the band from Limerick weights in fundamentally on Wake Up And Smell The Coffee. In this piece of work they returned to the most pleasant sensations of life, a reflection of the emotional moment in which Dolores O’Riordan, author of most of the songs, is going through. So the four albums are presented with new studio processes, in The Treasure Box. The revised albums incorporated in its totality the recording sessions, circumstance that makes this real treasure box in a must have item because it adds 21 cuts to the ones already known.

At this moment it still to be known the date and place for the encounter with one of the proposals of the hybrid pop more exiting of the last years, a band which is also politically compromised.

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