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The Great Awakening of The Cranberries (2001)

Source: OKAPI (France) 2001
Translated from French by Lornzo

Do you know what a “canneberge” is? It’s a wild berry eaten in northern countries with chicken or turkey. And they call it a Cranberry in English! With this bitter little fruit, the Irish band managed to make a musical recipe which scored a bull in the early 90s.

As an entr?e: a soft pop infusion in the 1980s’ style, and some folk arrangements with Celtic accents. Finally as a main course: the powerful and affected voice of the singer, Dolores O’Riordan. When she was still at high school Dolores would win singing contests all over Ireland. Her charisma with the mike and her lyrics full of sensibility have made the rest. With their 10 year career and 33 millions album sold, the Cranberries are feeling great!

Okapi’s opinion: There is a peaceful breath of joy passing through the album produced by Stephen Street (from Blur). The melodies inspire calmness. In this album, The Cranberries share all their tranquillity with you.

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