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The Cranberries Return to Spanish Stages with New Album (27/11/01)

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Madrid, November 27th, ‘01 (EFE).- “Wake Up and notice everything you have”, that’s the message The Cranberries have chose to identify their new album and they announced today in the press conference in Madrid their new world tour, which will have them back to Spain In March, to Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian.

“We will start the world tour on February 17th in Scandinavia, we will complete the tour with whole Europe, and then we will go to USA, in a set of performances that will take us to Madrid on march 13th, Barcelona on march 15th , and to San Sebastian on march 16th” promised today a more relaxed than ever Dolores O’Riordan, because of her equilibrated family life. “Everything have changed a lot after the band members have become parents. Now the priority are the children and the familiar stability it’s from we recover energy and calm to work.” , confessed today Dolores, disposed to balance the tour obligations with her personal life.

The Cranberries were insisting today in the fact that they’re facing this new phase after a maturity period that was after a dark time, or at least, a confused time.

“Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”, is a phrase made American which tries to say, enjoy the moment, was explaining today the band’s guitarist Noel Hogan.

“We have reach maturity after ten years of some success moments, very bad moments, and moments of a lot of confusion, and now we are adopting that philosophy, to notice everything you have, of the luck you have, and to enjoy everything, because maybe it can be the last chance you have. And that’s what we do, enjoy the album recording process, the concerts, everything!” In 1992, and following the way like another Irish artists like U2, the band released their first album, which sold over one million copies only in the United States and which has follower albums success (in ten years of career they have sold 33 million albums said their producer), and a long and exhaustive tour with the album “Bury The Hatchet”. Because of that album, number one in 17 countries, they performed for last time in Spain, in a extensive tour in 6 continents and over 110 concerts, that resulted exhaustive, they even suffered a crisis with their vocation, and Dolores had serious health problems.

But there were still worst moments, said Dolores, who was saying that in 1994, after a 2 years long tour, they were in the limit of stress.

Now the band has return, in a certain way, to their origins, because Stephen Street, the producer of their first two albums, has return to produce this new album with the sound of that time. “The album represents an evolution, because it contains a lot of new things from our life, the lyrics in this album are very real, they are what Dolores feels, what she see at home, what happens to her children or friends, but at the same time, it recovers that sound which all of us know perfectly”, they explain. With these things, the band, which is preparing a “Best Of” album, for the next year, it’s thinking about make a tour with songs that they have not played lately, returning in some aspects to their original and primary sound, but still having a spectacular production.

The last year, their concert at Jerez De La Frontera was cancelled (“the producers called us when we were ready and hoping to play, and they said us because of the rain, if we didn’t want to electrocute our selves, we couldn’t perform”, were explaining today), that’s the reason why The Cranberries want to play very soon in Spain.

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