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The Cranberries Renovated (2001)

Source: Click Here
Translated from Spanish by cristóbal

After a long silence season, the Irish music band, The Cranberries, with their new album “Wake up and Smell the Coffee”, make arise their vitality, and in this occasion, they talk about the fervor in this renovated group compromise, as a result from the peak they got during their first recordings.

“Analyse” is the last single, from this Irish band last album. The title of this new music album is a clear allusion to their lives reflection, not only as singers, also as normal people. Is a very optimistic album. It’s not a very politic one. It’s very different. It’s like a experiences collection. It’s the anthology of dreams since the last 10 years. According to O’Riordan, It’s a lot more thorough.

The irresponsibility, drinks, and more stuff, are part from a past the band leaves behind, although they recognize the old work conditions were not the best. Because in some occasions, they even didn’t had a microphone to record.

Steven Street, the producer of the first albums which make the band very famous worldwide, has returned to produce this work. This week, The Cranberries are filming the video for “Time Is Ticking Out” in Dublin. The video will be directed by Maurice Linnane, who has directed the “Beneath the Skin-Live in Paris” concert.

In this moment, the band is trying out (their setlist for the shows) in their country, to prepare their next trip to Northamerica.

According to an interview to Dolores O’Riordan, the vocalist, The Cranberries will make a tour in Southamerica around February 2002, including Chili, Argentine, and Brazil. United States, Argentine and Australia, are part of the long tour that the band has programmed to promote their new album. The next year, in February, they start the tour, until a year later, or before Christmas.

The Cranberries will return to their international promotion tour in November. This trip will include many live performances. And they also will participate in TV promotions, radio and press in Northamerica.

What’s the difference in this album? (WUASTC)

We felt the necessity of make something more mature. Suring the first music productions we were too young and we had to see another people and trying to grow up and to experiment. For us, was important to see and learn of another people. Confidence and maturity are the facts that come with the age, and they are showed in this album. I think the sound, the content, everything in this album; it’s more mature and very different.

What experience is behind “Analyse”?

We try to work with a different life style, and to find holiness in that same life style. The album recording was refreshing, like to take a fresh water shower, and to have a new breath as a band. Obviously, that the personal changes like to have had children, have influenced the lyrics in this new album.

What you leaved behind?

We learned some lections at an early age, in our lives stage we felt weak, sick, incapable, with no peace, when you always see just in black or white. You also feel it’s a great career and a great work, but that’s not your life, and it really disappoints you.

What’s new now?

Now we don’t think only in the band. You enjoy more when you have children –she has two kids- . If your band is all your life, you feel you have something that’s real, and that represents a big challenge. There’s a new enthusiasm.

It was hard?

We have a history that many new bands don’t have. This is our fifth album, not the first one. It was a very hard time for us, ‘cause our first single didn’t have the results we expected at first, but I believed in this band although we didn’t believe in the music industry. I lost my faith in the world. I just had 18 years. Today, things are different.


Dolores: An awful video, I hate it.


Dolores: Salvation is the resolution..


Dolores: Divorce.

“I suppose the greatest hits collection will be the end of a first career part. What are the next plans?

Dolores: We will finish the tour in Christmas, then we will see if we want to continue with it, or if we must to stop for six months, and then, maybe, we will back to studio.

How do you prepare your tours now you’re parents?

Dolores: We are two weeks on the road, and then one week at our home. Always. Two weeks out, two weeks inside…In that way, you don’t get bored with the band, and you don’t forget your home…

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