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The Cranberries Make History On The Net (1999)

Source: Click Here
Translated from Spanish by cristóbal

After 3 years of not playing in Canada, The Cranberries return to the stages, the next 8th may, they will be performing in Toronto’s Massey Hall. This is the first time that a band sells all the concert tickets on the internet.

‘The fans are very important for us’, says Fergal Lawler, Cranberries drummer, ‘we wanted to give to the fans, the opportunity of buy the tickets from their houses, to not wait for those long linesЕ’

The tickets started to be sold on April’s 22nd, in the Cranberries official site, where the interested people were connected with Ticketmaster. The concert was sold in only 4 hours, because no one wants to lose the tour, which has as the principal objective to promote their fourth album ‘Bury The Hatchet’, which was released days before.

Definitely, The Cranberries are a innovator band.

The Cranberries ‘Promises’ premiere was during the Peace Nobel Price, in December 1998. After two years with no performances, The Cranberries returned in December 11th 1998, to play two live songs ‘Dreams’, one of their first hits, and the new and powerful ‘Promises’. The Norway kings and the Nobel Prize winners assisted to this show. The concert was transmitted to over 600 million people around the world. When the event finished, the band returned to their ordinary life in Limerick, Ireland.

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