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Stars & Web (2002)

Source: RS2
Translated from French by Florence Corfiotti

The release of the best of “Stars” could say that it’s the end. But it will be without the Irish obstinacy of the cranberries and their singer icon.

When it discovers the cranberries in 1994, the world falls in love with the Dolores’s voice, truly diamond crimped with the guitars fury of “zombie”. After U2, the Irish rock has found theirs new ambassadors. The forever tunes: ode to my family, linger… but one day, the enthusiasm runs cold…Some of the fans are forever in love but the others are disappointed, wearied by the new cranberries sound who judge them easy listening, too “poppy” for their fan’s ears.. Or the sulphurous declaration of the singer. The cranberries would be, at that point, given up. But the four Irish held on and has continued to record hits.

The new mom “her second career”, Dolores isn’t read the press anymore, believe in her work, and look for new ideas near in her family. “Stars” has nothing of a goodbye “for me, this best of is the end of an era and the beginning of the other. I haven’t sure yet what will be next but it will be very different. The next record could be even not one of the cranberries; it could be release in a form of new identity, soundtrack for example. I could decide to take a new direction and try to be an actor for a year. You know, it’s like to be with someone for a very long time and make always the same again and again: there are all the new things that we would try. So we begin now. Spread our wings and go somewhere which never went before.”

The Dolores‘s voice on a alternative rock? We bear dreaming of….

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