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“Stars” Album Reviews (2002)

The Cranberries “Stars”

Source: Click Here
Translated from Spanish by cristóbal

In September 2002, is released the album “Stars: The Best Of 1992 – 2002”. In the first week of release, the album got very high spots (Number 4 in Spain), although in almost on country it got the first place. An album full of their greatest hits, such as “Zombie”, “Ode To My Family”, and “Animal Instinct”.

This collection album includes also “Daffodil Lament”, plus 2 new songs “Stars” and “New New York”. The single that was chosen to present the album was “Stars”. In other aspect, Fergal was father again, he had another boy.

An album that can’t be out from your collection if you are a big fan from this Irish band.


The Cranberries “Stars”

Source: Click Here
Translated from Spanish by cristóbal

In this “anthological albums fever”, the Irish band The Cranberries, gave their selves some time to collect ten years from their intensive career. They add two new songs and a live EP to give more taste to this subject. The “practice” starts in those soft and innocent days of “Dreams”, when the radios in the entire world were fascinated about a girl call Dolores O’Riordan who was conquering the world with the first single from their first album “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?”. The trip continues with the maturity of “Wake up and Smell the Coffee” (2001), the album which changed the rush of those crazy days of “To The Faithful Departed” (1996, with the hard “Salvation” as the greatest hit of the album), with songs like “Analyse” and the “playful” “Time Is Ticking Out”. The unpublished and powerful “New New York”, with the not so worked “Stars” close a first decade to hoard up. It’s time to go for the second one.


The “Evergreen” Cranberries

Source: Unknown
Translated from French by Lornzo

“Zombie”, “Ode To My Family”, “Linger”, “I Can’t Be Without You” or “Salvation”, nobody needs to enumerate the whole list of hits that the Irish Cranberries have been bringing to the top charts for 12 years. 35 millions of albums sold! Simple melodies and yelling guitars, wrapped by Dolores O’Riordan’s (see photo) grazed voice. Tattooed and anorexic when she feels like it, this former punky-rock girl from the south-west of Ireland proudly shows her hair either in indigo-blue, or canary-yellow, and a worked look from the polka dot trousers to the leather skirt over thigh boots. From now on, her hair is brown and she has calmed down. She was often reproached her conservatist or nationalist ideas, but that’s a common feature in Irish bands (like U2 in their time) who are seldom ashamed to glorify the eternal Ireland and faith. Today, in her wise thirties, Dolores only speaks about songs, her two children and the nostalgia of her childhood in a rough but cordial Ireland. However, on stage, she hasn’t lost anything of her infuriated voice and of her mythic clothes.

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