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OOR Concert Review

Translated by MB_Number5

Armed with enough provisions for a week, Jessica van Kessel planned to sit out the marathon broadcast of Woodstock ’94. But after one day of watching TV quite bored, she knew she wouldn’t take it. Until that moment late at night when a very young band entered the stage. “From the first tone I was suddenly awake, with that obstinate voice, those exclusive lyrics and beautiful arrangements The Cranberries obviously distinguished themselves from all those predictable set bands from the 90’s. They made the biggest impression with Zombie, that became a hit because of that gig. Then I turned the TV off, I was convinced that I’d already seen the highlights of the festival. The following years I’ve seen the band performing about 8 times myself. It ranged from the 013, a very old 30’s theatre, big arenas and a mixing studio, to the inner-court of a castle in Dublin. I think their concert in the Heineken Music Hall is one of their best. The sound was rubbish now and then, but the enthusiasm of the band and Dolores’ energetic performance made it up. It was very obvious that the band really enjoyed what they were doing, and the audience picks things like that up very quickly: the first 15 rows were jumping all the time, and sang along with devotion from the beginning till the end. During this tour The Cranberries change their set list very often, and they try to play songs which are never heard live by most of the fans. Friday night it were Joe and The Concept. The balance between the typical sharp Cranberries songs like Ridiculous Thoughts, and modest and fragile songs like Daffodil Lament was really perfect. By the way, the gigs of The Cranberries aren’t boring in any case, because of their renewing tackling. I could see them every week!”

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Posted by Dess

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